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Modern Bedroom 2

By 1zmim
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3d max, vray.. rendered and designed by me...

For other view of the room :thumb153087088:

For more 3D models and 3D architectural scenes, you can visit my turbosquid page:…

picture is…
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I didn't know round beds were a "thing"! Looks great though- I want one
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Eye Catching Design. Very Beautiful & Looks Amazing!
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I really like this! I don't know why, but I've become a huge fan of round beds these days. This rendering in particular really caught my eye, the colors are warm and just that it's inviting! I want one! XD
Do you have any more pictures besides these two of different angles of the room? I'd like to see more of this room. :3
I showed this picture to my sister and we're both curious about the area behind the bed. Is that another room or just a nook for the plants?
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There is hottub part of the bathroom separated with a sliding double glass door  behind the bed. The plants are dried plants are found inside the double glass. And thanks for your good words. I am glad you like it. 
Don't you wish your bedroom was hot like that?
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the shoemaker's son always goes barefoot :)
That's not modern it futuristic
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hei that's pretty cool like this mate
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nice lovely ambiance with lights :)

check my gallery [link] i'm a newbie
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why didnt you apply physics to the cover sheet, it looks unnatural, for the rest is OK :)
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Thanks for the comment!
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you welcome!
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A super cool looking design. A few thoughts I hope will be beneficial to you:

How do you turn off the lights when going to bed? Where can you charge your phone? Where would you put an alarm clock? Where would you put your clothes, or luggage if this is a hotel design. Where are the power outlets? Where would you set that breakfast tray if you didn't want it on the bed? Are those table like things located in such a place that someone will bump into them or knock them over getting into or out of the bed? How low to the floor is that bed? Is that bed easy to get in and out of? Is that headboard wood, plastic, other? Whatever it is, what about bonking your head trying to get into this odd shaped bed? I guess money is no object as both the bed and sheets will be expensive. If for a hotel, is this housekeeper friendly...changing sheets looks like quite the task, as well as care for the plants. Is there heating/AC nearby, thermostat? I hope that is just a mirror behind the bed...otherwise it will detract from privacy.

Again, it IS a great design, and looks beautiful...same with the rest of the room in the picture. You have a great imagination.
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Good detections, but this is only one corner of a space...I would happen to wonder if the existence of door is asked or not during reading your comment. I think more than half of your questions are answered by the below link directing you to another corner of the same room.
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This is A-MAY-ZAAAAAH! :D :D :D
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thnaque yuoe!
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