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whack and blite for cursorxp

By 1stf00t3r
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whack & blite

quite simply a conversion to cursorxp of these beautifully crafted daily deviated cursors by:

original cursors can be found here:


preview image also by Bouzounours



No objections to a conversion/release, be my guest!

A link back to the original deviation anywhere you release the new package would be much appreciated. :)


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there is no install button please help

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These are very nice!
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I have ALWAYS loved your cursors dude,.. always will,.. Can you tell me what you know of current builds of Cursor FX for Vista x64, SP1? I want to be as sure as possible that it'll work on my rig without issue. Have read on some forums it's 50/50 good/bad,. only adding to my confusion,... any advice? Thanks man,. I look up to you,... So give me whatya got,.. please. This default cursor SUCKS big-time. Thanks! :aww:
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thanks for the kind words m8! sure appreciate it ... i know nothing of vista, except
that i will never install and use it (too many issues) - apologies i couldn't be of more assistance
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Thanks for the honesty; may your good fortune with your work continue. :) Peace.
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Nice! bro congrats ;)
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Hello, firstfooter
Im Japnese.
I cant speak english. sorry^^;

I like this cursor :)
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I like 'em. Nice Work.
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very nice mate
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hehe anytime :D
more cursors are welcomed, nice
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more coming very soon! ... stay tuned and thanks for the support :D
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Welcome sweetpea :hug:
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