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(German version below)

Hey there!

I'm still quite new to DeviantArt, so I'm just finding my way around.

I'm neither a designer, an artist, nor a photographer, but I try out different things, for example taking photos, drawing a little and writing from time to time. What I'm sharing here is of course mine, but therefore not professional. (Please don't just use something from me without asking. Thank you!)

Most important for me: I dared to post the story I am writing (those of my OCs Veidja and N'Arahn). Yes, even though it might not be the part of my work that gets the most (or any^^) attention, it's still my heart-and-soul-project. :heart:

So, just take a look around if you like. I hope you can find something that catches your eye!

Please be aware:

I'm really glad about every fav, watch, comment or llama and will certainly pay a visit to your profile, should you make yourself noticed here.

But: Please do not expect watch-for-watch, nor fav-for-fav. The other way around I don't expect that either. ;)

The best to all of you!

Esidh (1spatzinderhand)


Hallo allerseits!

Ich bin noch relativ neu bei DeviantArt und finde mich daher erst zurecht.

Ich bin weder Designerin, Künstlerin noch Fotografin, aber ich probiere Verschiedenes aus, fotografiere zum Beispiel, zeichne ein wenig und schreibe hin und wieder. Was ich hier teile ist natürlich von mir, aber daher nicht professionell. (Bitte nutzt trotzdem nicht einfach was von mir, ohne zu fragen. Danke!)

Für mich am wichtigsten: Ich habe mich getraut, die Geschichte, die ich schreibe, hier einzustellen (die um meine OCs Veidja und N'Arahn). Ja, auch wenn sie nicht der Teil meiner Arbeiten ist, der die meiste (oder überhaupt^^) Aufmerksamkeit bekommt, ist sie weiterhin mein Herz-und-Seelen-Projekt. :heart:

Also dann, schau dich einfach um, wenn du magst. Ich hoffe, du findest etwas, das dir gefällt!

Bitte beachte:

Ich freue mich über jeden Fav, jeden neuen "Watcher", jedes Lama-Badge und jeden Kommentar und werde ganz sicher auf deiner Profil-Seite vorbeischauen, wenn du dich hier bemerkbar machst.

Aber bitte erwarte kein "watch-for-watch" oder "fav-for-fav". Anders herum tue ich das ebenfalls nicht. ;)

Alles Gute für euch alle!

Esidh (1spatzinderhand)

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Noch aus Kindertagen: "Ein Brief für den König"
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Terry Pratchett
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250 Watchers Celebration! by 1spatzinderhand, journal

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Aww, thank you all so much for the favs! :la: I'm a bit overwhelmed lately. ^^; Please don't be mad at me, but I'm not able anymore to thank each one of you one by one. But I'm so happy and thankful for every fav I receive! It's just: Wow! :love:
Hello all of you out there! It's time again! :D Ah, I'm still so happy. There are really generous people here on dA, for example: @CalvarexDraws :heart: She offered to draw requests for her watchers, and my Veidja was chosen! :love: Look at this wonderful portrait of her! This hair! This look in her eye! Oh my, you can clearly see her predatory nature. ^^; Thanks so much Cal, again! :hug: @all: Please consider visiting @CalvarexDraws 's profile, there's a lot of great art/ wonderful OCs to see. :) Best wishes and have a wonderful time, Esidh :sun:
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Hello all you out there! Can't wait to share this with you: @SketchyRae made sketch pages of my two and what I thought would be a little treat for me turned out to be sooo great. :happybounce: Look here: :dummy: I almost wrote a little novel as comment. ^^; So much to see! Such wonderful sketches! Rae, I know I repeat myself, but thank you again! I love these! :heart: @all: Please consider taking a look. :) @SketchyRae made sketch pages of so many other characters too and of course has own OCs and a lot of awesome full fleshed art that maybe could be interesting for you. ;) Best wishes, Esidh :sun:
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Again so soon? Yes, I'm quite lucky these days! :D Hello all you out there! I took part in a raffle of @SkadefroDane not long ago and had the great luck to win one of the prizes! And what an awesome prize I got! :la: Look at my demonlord N'Arahn in all his full winged glory! :happybounce: I'm still quite speechless and even more happy I won. :love: Thank you so much, SkadefroDane, again and again! :hug: @all: Please take a look at @SkadefroDane 's profile, there's so much to discover (but please be aware there can be blood and such shown in some drawings)! Over 100 OC's, amazing works for others (and I think she's open for comms ;) ), comics and fun collabs with others. So, if you like, leave some favs/ comments or just take a stroll through her gallery. :) Wish you all the best! Esidh :sun:
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Hello all of you out there! I'll keep it short this time, promised. ;) @Gosh-Heck challenges herself by trying to doodle a lot, her own characters but those of others also (if she likes to). :la: These doodles are cute and funny and wonderful, so I recommend to check them all out. :heart: Especially... yeah, of course. :D I was honored by Laura; she included my two in her doodles! :happybounce: First N'Arahn in January (look at part 10): And then again (this time Veidja) in March (the tiniest battleangel you've ever seen :heart: , in part 12): (Thank you so much, Laura! Love to see my two popping up in your doodle dumps! :love: ) But, as I wrote before, there are so many doodles that deserve your attention, and a whole bunch more in February. ;) So, if you like, take a look (and there's so much more to see on @Gosh-Heck 's profile! Wonderful OCs and a whole comic around them!). :) Have a great time! Best wishes, Esidh :sun:
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Hello all of you out there! If I'm a bit silent these days, there's nothing to worry about. Just being busy and between... taking some really needed short breaks. ;) But! I'm here for the important things! :D Look at this cute portrait of N'Arahn that the generous @DannyelGray drew for me! :la: Isn't it cool how his provoking and self-confident nature is showing through in this grin, even though I want to pinch his cheeks cause he's so cute? :D (And of course the other guys are cute too! ;) ) Thank you again @DannyelGray for drawing my demonlord! @all: Dannyel has a lot of other cute artwork and for example some nice YCHs too. So if you like, take a look around on his profile and maybe leave some favs/ comments. Maybe even consider commissioning him? (He has a hard time lately, so everything to cheer him up a bit would be nice, I think. :heart: ) Have a great time! Best wishes, Esidh :sun:
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Woot woot! :la: Thank you so much, and take all the time you need ;P

First I was confused, but now I know what you were answering to. ^^;

My pleasure! And well, I promised August the latest (but I didn't say which year... ;P).

Oh whoops! It used to be a separate text box area just for point donations and I had no idea dA moved it to your profile until just now, apologies for the confusion ^^; But glad you figured it out! xD

That is true, I should have specified ;P But either way, I've waited longer for art :giggle:

Yeah, I thought of something like that, cause I don't know you as someone who randomly throws their answers wherever they land. :D And no problem! At least we both learned something. ;)

Hrhr. Nah, just kiddin. Will try to work at it asap. Already doing research. :meow:

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Hellooooo SpatzInDerHand! Thank you for your interest in my work! Freut mich, dich kennenzulernen und danke für den Watch :)<3

Na, herzlich gerne! Danke dir ebenfalls für's Watchen! :love:

Thanks for the fav:w00t: