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Hallo allerseits!

Ich bin noch relativ neu bei DeviantArt und finde mich daher erst zurecht.

Ich bin weder Designerin, Künstlerin noch Fotografin, aber ich probiere verschiedenes aus, fotografiere zum Beispiel und zeichne ein wenig. Was ich hier teile ist natürlich von mir, aber daher nicht professionell. (Bitte nutzt trotzdem nicht einfach was von mir, ohne zu fragen. Danke!)

Für mich am wichtigsten: Ich habe mich getraut, die Geschichte, die ich schreibe, hier einzustellen. Was daraus wird? Ob sich jemand dafür interessiert? Mal sehen. :)

Alles Gute für euch alle!

Esidh (1spatzinderhand)


Hey there!

I'm still new to DeviantArt, so I'm just finding my way around.

I'm neither a designer, an artist, nor a photographer, but I try out different things, for example taking photos and drawing a little. What I'm sharing here is of course mine, but therefore not professional. (Please don't just use something from me without asking. Thank you!)

Most important for me: I dared to post the story I am writing. What will become of it? Is anyone interested? We will see. :)

The best to all of you!

Esidh (1spatzinderhand)

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Terry Pratchett
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Dear visitor,

I'm very happy that you have found your way to my profile. :la: Welcome! Hopefully you will find something that you like. :heart:

I'm really glad about every fav, watch, comment or llama and will certainly pay a visit to your page, should you make yourself noticed here.

But: Please do not expect watch-for-watch, nor fav-for-fav. The other way around I don't expect that either. ;)

Have a wonderful day and many great experiences here on dA! :hug:

About gifts

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Hey all you out there! How are you doing? I'm feeling blessed and happy and honored. :D :love: Maybe you know about my "Gift someone" Raffle (if not, I'll attach the link at the end of the journal) or have noticed that I'm giving away a few gifts myself right now. The raffle and the gift giving honestly already feel great, I'm just so happy when someone else is happy! :happybounce: But! Now I myself have also been gifted! Just like that! :la: And for that I would like to thank (again ;) ) in this journal. :heart: Can you believe it? @xVitalix has drawn a crossover with his OC Lucius and my OC N'Arahn (both demons), which really made me laugh: :giggle: There are actually three versions, so don't miss checking out the others too! Plus, he's drawn N'Arahn for me before as well: :dummy: :heart: And because it's appropriate, I'd also like to thank again very much for the following two gifts. @LeightheFae drew my two main characters Veidja and N'Arahn some time ago and
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Hey all of you out there! I lately won some points in a contest, enough for a month of normal core membership (and a bit more). So, I‘m not that interested in core, but maybe some of you? :dummy: If you like to get a month of core membership (or the points) from me, think about joining my "Gift Someone" raffle. It will be about beeing nice to others (the niceness raffle of @BeckyKidus inspired me in some kind, and the lovely @wotawota, who shared their price in the contest with me), so you have to do something for the points (yeah, I know, it‘s never that easy ;P ). Okay. Interested? Yay! :happybounce: Here are THE RULES (please read carefully ;) ): - The time to bring your entries up starts at 00:01, September the 1st 2021 and ends 23:59/ 11:59 PM, October the 31th 2021, my time zone (UTC+1). - If you are my watcher or want to be, I‘m happy, but it‘s not necessary. - So, what will you have to do? Create a gift, a piece of (fan)art for someone you like, upload your creation to
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Hey all of you out there! Do you know these days when you're crazy and kind of depressed, but for no reason at all? I know, tomorrow will all be good, so don't feel sorry for me. ;) But today... I'm mad, sad, angry, grumpy and more of such. I don't like that! It's exhausting and pointless. Everything annoys me. Do you want to know, what silly kind of things are annoying me? Just here on dA: - Seeing great and wonderful art, because I know I will never get to this level (right in this moment I think I will get to no good or even average level at all) -> *jealous* - Seeing great but underrated artists, getting no or not enough watchers, attention, comments, favs... -> *angry* - Seeing my, meh, "art" (yes, I'm all negative) getting no/ not enough attention -> *sad and needy* (that's even the dumbest feeling, because I got some favs and comments in the last hours. And I know, nobody has to like what I do and actually I'm doing this all for me. And there are so kind people supporting me
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Thank you for the fav ! <3

Sehr gerne! :D

The wings look amazing, I had to fav the drawing. :dummy:

I see, you had no choice;)

The wings are the point, made for the DA's Tutorial Creature Wing:D