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Awful english colour based story No. 1,139,920,201
Black Bird
Somewhere in the black void of space was a small vibrant world orbiting a star. It was a very tranquil place filled with stunning various colored animals and plants. At first the only black thing in the world was a round meteorite that had fallen from space recently, turning the land around it a dark black colour with the shockwave caused by its hard landing. After a year of sitting by itself doing nothing a small black bird no bigger than a robin broke out and began feeding off the plants around it, causing them to turn black and die in seconds.
After a month the bird was now the size of a chicken, pecking bugs and small creatures off the ground now as well as plants. It left black footprints where it had been before; nothing grew around these as though the bird was somehow poisoning the earth.
A second month went by. Larger animals like the various deer now ran off in fear every time it became apparent that the black bird was nearby them, ready and waiting to
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Eanraig in cave by 1sidedownand2up Eanraig in cave :icon1sidedownand2up:1sidedownand2up 3 1 Koda speedpaint by 1sidedownand2up Koda speedpaint :icon1sidedownand2up:1sidedownand2up 2 1 Monochrome enviroment by 1sidedownand2up Monochrome enviroment :icon1sidedownand2up:1sidedownand2up 0 1 Velvet under willow tree by 1sidedownand2up Velvet under willow tree :icon1sidedownand2up:1sidedownand2up 0 1 Miyoko speedpaint by 1sidedownand2up Miyoko speedpaint :icon1sidedownand2up:1sidedownand2up 1 0 Kian in tower by 1sidedownand2up Kian in tower :icon1sidedownand2up:1sidedownand2up 2 1 Somethingraptor attempt by 1sidedownand2up Somethingraptor attempt :icon1sidedownand2up:1sidedownand2up 0 1 Tarryn by 1sidedownand2up Tarryn :icon1sidedownand2up:1sidedownand2up 3 1 Anthro wolf/horse hybrid by 1sidedownand2up Anthro wolf/horse hybrid :icon1sidedownand2up:1sidedownand2up 2 0 Vector Calcophony by 1sidedownand2up Vector Calcophony :icon1sidedownand2up:1sidedownand2up 3 0 Oddly glowing rat by 1sidedownand2up Oddly glowing rat :icon1sidedownand2up:1sidedownand2up 2 0 Frensel character sheet by 1sidedownand2up Frensel character sheet :icon1sidedownand2up:1sidedownand2up 3 0 Just floating by 1sidedownand2up Just floating :icon1sidedownand2up:1sidedownand2up 3 1 Parsley in savvanah by 1sidedownand2up Parsley in savvanah :icon1sidedownand2up:1sidedownand2up 3 0 Pterodon Mk 2 by 1sidedownand2up Pterodon Mk 2 :icon1sidedownand2up:1sidedownand2up 4 3


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I can't really draw stuff when I have craptons of engineering assignments to do and have to play the game of pulling various numbers from component datasheets which is not easy when some are from obscure or dead companies or crappily scanned in.

If I have to see another power MOSFET again today I am going to just shut off, not that the vast majority here know what those are without googling.

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United Kingdom
I have been doing proper showable art since I was 15 and mostly do digital art of fantasy things but have made inroads into real animals and humans.

I don't bother responding to faves, however I do respond to watches.

:iconpointcommissionsopen: :iconrequestsopen: :icontradesask: :iconcollabsopen:


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Tiny pixel 80x80 avatars.


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