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AT: Classic Peach by 1Schadenfreude1 AT: Classic Peach :icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 4 6
AT: Warmth
After nearly 20+ years of marriage, it was easy for Michele to notice the nuances of Franco's behavior. She could practically see the stress pulsing beneath his veins. Despite the support they got from the so called Four Flag Gang, Franco often came home late at night, discouraged, despaired. 
Of course he never spoke of this to Michele. In Franco's mind they were still living in Italy, where big Sicillian women bustled through the kitchen, tending to their husbands and their pots of simmering tomato sauce. 
Michele had long ago given up on making an American out of Franco. With slender, deft fingers she wove their lives together as best as she could, creating stability, a home. The smell of savory coffee alone was enough to relax Franco's nerves, to give him a sense of stability. Even here, thousands of miles from his birthplace, there was home. 
He lingered a moment at the door, lost in his head, collecting his thoughts. His home was a completely different world f
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Gurls' Pride by 1Schadenfreude1 Gurls' Pride :icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 5 4 Gurls by 1Schadenfreude1 Gurls :icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 6 6 AT: Jane by 1Schadenfreude1 AT: Jane :icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 5 5 More colorful demons yay by 1Schadenfreude1 More colorful demons yay :icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 1 2 Comic: He's scary by 1Schadenfreude1 Comic: He's scary :icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 2 2 AT: Galaxy gal and small child by 1Schadenfreude1 AT: Galaxy gal and small child :icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 2 4 AT: F*ckface by 1Schadenfreude1 AT: F*ckface :icon1schadenfreude1:1Schadenfreude1 2 3
AT: Birth
In the beginning there was a tunnel of darkness. The creature had no clear concept of
...anything, really. It merely existed, it just was. It heard whispers, voices, sounds. The walls of this tunnel were cold and hard. 
For just a moment, the creature's limited mind conjured up the feeling of mother. Feeling the walls of mother's warm fleshy birthing canal. Feeling a distinct absence of the safety and security that mother's womb provided. It was at this moment, at the climax of the creature's birth, that it knew it was different. 
And then suddenly there was light, flooding the creature's eyelids, forcing it to see. It felt cold air rush in, felt it's skin materialize, it's nervous system develop in only a minute. The voices and whispers had only grown louder, surrounding the creature, but now they had taken on a sharper quality, as though breaking to the surface after being underwater for so long. 
The whispers evidently belonged to
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Pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.


Hi ya'll I'm Aro and I am not an alcoholic. I've been drawing since I was small and have only gotten marginally better at it lol. I also write stories and poetry

I really facking love cartoons especially old 1930s style stuff. Talk to me about Mickey Mouse and I will love you forever.

Please look at my art and validate my existence thank you and have a nice day

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(This is Harold. Love him.)
[CO] - Harold by Skoryx


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