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How to fold a regular pentagon by 1sand0s How to fold a regular pentagon by 1sand0s
How to fold a pentagon from a square sheet of paper.
Dashed line = Mountain Fold
Dash-Dot line = Valley Fold
***When in doubt, look at the next step to see what the result will be. Many times you don't even need instructions doing this.***

1) Mountain fold from tip to tip.

2) Only pinch at the white marks; you don't need a full crease. The blue lines are marking the halfway and quarter lengths.

3) Fold the X on the lower edge to the X on the higher point you just pinch creased using the valley fold line as a guide.

4) Line the lower edge with the right most edge and crease along the valley fold.

5) Valley fold the top layer back onto itself; note that this is simply bisecting the angle.

6) If you've done everything correctly to this point, the top layers should be a straight line; mountain fold the bottom layer along this line. The valley fold on the right needn't be folded yet but is there to clarify which side will be folded later.

7) This is the valley fold from 6 and should be a right angle.

8) Cut along the last fold. (and by these scissors, you can tell why I'm a traditional and not a digital artist. :) )

9) If instead of cutting, you fold the entire top portion and open up the sheet, this is what it looks like.

10) The finished product! Remember, the more accurate your folds, the more accurate the pentagon will be. For all intents and purposes though, it is a regular pentagon.

This tutorial is just a rehash of a common method of folding a regular pentagon from a square. There are other methods but from what I understand, this is the most efficient. And I apologize for all the writing but it's my attempt to idiot proof it and answer any FAQ's before they are asked. ;)
bear48 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2007  Professional
My mind is a whurr, I can already see 10 ways I can use this.

Thank you
jhubert Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Added to the Art Tutorials Wiki as well.
Loucife Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehehehehe, I remember folding something like this awhile back, to make a bowl or something. Though, I could never get the folds quite as close as you have xD Then again, that was probably because I wasn't too interested in making it for fun, rather, I was just testing my abilities =P
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