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Roll your mouse over the image and you get your nav/stat display.

Touch screen ipods aren't a new idea, but i think this way you get a better idea of what it might feel like.

The movie still shown here is Old Boy, a must see by the way.

You digg it?: [link]
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way to predict the future
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DAMN. if they really worked like that i would think about getting one. that is damn sexy. great job on this.
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Whoa. :wow:
This is too cool for words!
I would so totally buy this :D
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Wow, the day I come across this, is the same day I actually SAW a touch screen iPod on sale at Target.
I am also going to go buy it. XD
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You're a genius
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Steve Job's stole your idea?

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lol, this is sexyyyy ;p
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i love this movie! :P

es un caño :D
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dude, this is strange, i had my first ipod 3 years ago and i called it myPod:D
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that screen is just asking to get scratched up/cracked, but gotta say, its frikin awesome and i wished i had one.
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it looks really nice!

but thats not what its going to look like.
more like this: [link]

good job though.
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nice stuff man
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I love this design so much.
And I must say this, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!
I favored this deviantion a loooooong time ago...Since then I have grown to love such movies like Old Boy, but I have never got around to actually watching that movie....But then a while ago I decided just to browse through my favorites and came across this deviantion again, where you mentioned the movie Old Boy.
So I was finally like, eeeh what the heck! Why not finally download the movie...
To my luck I found a full DVD of it original audio(I love there accents) and english subtitles...
Holy CRAP! I love the movie so much!

Thank You!
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This is pretty awkward, I paused on a scene really really close to the one on the ipod....Weird....
Anyways, back to the movie... :D
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i think the new ipod is going to be an mp6

which is the same as an mp4 but with multi media quality

so basically a much better picture
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This has to be the next step for the Ipod, Because I had the same Idea!
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wow where do I buy one??!?! nice work :D
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