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Eowyn and the Nazgul

By 1oshuart
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challenge in artorder Eowyn and the nazgul
desafio en artorder Eowyn y el nazgul
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he'd better kill her
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I never understood why every time someone stabs a Nazgul, their hand is in pain.
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It's a curse upon the Nazgul that whatever touches them is poisoned. 
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So wouldn't Mary and Eowyn both have died then if they got poisoned, or is the poison not lethal just painful?
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Merry was poisoned but Eowyn wasn't. The blade Merry used when he stabbed the Witch-King was an enchanted blade (Merry was unaware of it though), the enchantment lifted the Nazgúl curse (the curse was that no mortal-made weapon in the world could harm the Witch-King in any way) which made it easy for Eowyn to behead him without being poisoned.
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Actually Eowyn WAS poisoned. More or less like Frodo was in the first movie / book. Eowyn was found quickly and brought to the houses of healing, while Merry stumbled after them through Gondor. Pip found him ( much like in the movie ). Only the healing touch of the rightful heir to the throne could heal then. In other words Aragorn. As for why Eowyn was able to kill the witch king, it has to do with Glorfindels prophecy. The elf looked atthe Nazgul and mentioned that no living man will kill him. It's in the appendices. The Witch King references that in both book and movie.
People should ' ve read the books.
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I'd assume it was just extremely painful, or that Merry and Eowyn were cured of the poison afterwards, perhaps by Gandalf.
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It has something to do with them being supernatural creatures.
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This is the description of the book haha everybody hurts it also receives damage, the Witch King
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Hi! :wave:
This is a copy-paste message to let you know that this piece has been featured in the fourth edition of ~Valadix's Random Art Feature :squee:. You can view the article here.

It would be absolutely AWESOME if you could :+fav: the article.

Thanks for your time...and artwork! :tighthug:

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thank you very much :D I really appreciate it
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And I appreciate your skills! You're welcome...
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is Witch King based off the cartoon version?
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the truth is that no, I did my head just taken as reference the description of the book. Resembles the cartoon version?
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muchas gracias ^^
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Its great and i have nothing bad to say, but you do know it had a helmet right? i know this is your art, just pointing that out
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yes, she had a helmet but was removed to represent the hair
thank you very much ^^!
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I meant the guy attacking her.
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ohh in the original book, he only has a crown, has no helmet
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I love lord of the rings.
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