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Darth Vader Redesign fan art

hello everybody, I made a redesign of Darth Vader.

you can buy a print here:…

I hope you like it 

you can keep my work and studies in my Fb

other works : 

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Funfact: The reason why Palpatine and the Sith hate and want to destroy the Jedi is because the Jedi orchestrated the "Sith Holocaust" Where the Jedi attempted to exterminate the entire Sith race! Hence the title "Revenge of the Sith" because Palpatine wants to avenge the billions upon billions of unarmed innocent Sith that were slaughtered and butchered by the hypocritical Jedi Scum! The Sith Holocaust was the event that fueled Palpatine's hatred and vengeance towards the Jedi!!! Palpatine would request the creation of the Clone armies and the protocol Clone Order 66 to avenge the once proud race who became victims of genocide by the Jedi and the Republic!!! The Sith Holocaust resulted in billions upon billions of innocent unarmed Sith being slaughtered and exterminated to the brink of extinction! While the Jedi Purge or Clone order 66 resulted in only thousands dead!!! Tell me everyone who is more evil!? Palpatine and the Sith who were persecuted and forced by the Jedi and fought a war driven by hatred and revenge for the Holocaust or the Jedi who continue to ravage the lives of countless species across the Galaxy!? Let us never forget that the Jedi also commanded armies of clone slaves and sent them to die in the worst battles and wars losing blood, limb, and their souls!!! #SithLivesMatter #CloneLivesMatter #TheSithHolocaust #RevengeToTheFallen

Darth Vader didn't want to upgrade his suit because that will make him unrecognizable. If Vader upgrades, he transforms into a barely recognizable, more powerful version of himself.

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I'm now scared of sonic

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Lol das sieht so cool aus

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It is darth vader, rather it looks like darth malgus

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if he got a suit upgrade

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but it looks alike by the appearance of the head and body

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Amazing design!! I wish his helmet was actually like that.

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I really love this design and your level of detail, especially on his face underneath the mask - A fantastic alternate design of Darth Vader :D :D

Amazing Work :D :D

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I am not so sure about the whole armor.
But if the Helmet would have been like this... it would have made Vader look more intimidating and cool.

I never really knew how to feel about this goofy looking Helmet.
Especially since there are so many "Droids" in StarWars after all.
To me he always felt like an evil Robot more like an organic Villain.

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This piece is phenomenal!!!

I almost wish it were DV himself!

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This looks rad as heck.
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Reminds me of Darth Malgus (which is a very good thing.)
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Damn, this is really good. Good job!
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I like this, most people complain that this isn't intimidating. I say a guy that can choke you out without even touching you is pretty damn scary. The one problem i see with this is the fact that the glass would probably be suceptible to lightsaber strikes, or the force.
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Desain looks fantastic!! 
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