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Perry Mesa

[Image: A painted photo study of Baby Canyon, as its creek meanders through Perry Mesa. The distant mesas are painted green with spring, while the night sky casts deep purple shadows over the canyon mouth. In the foreground, the spindly branches of dessicated shrubs reach into the sky while smaller, herby annuals crop up in their bones.]

Photo reference: Baby Canyon at Perry Mesa, by sedonajohn

Spending the year indoors has been tough for me, but the desert photographers I follow around the internet have made it a lot more bearable. So, I reached out to the photographer sedonajohn over on tumblr and he kindly let me do some photo studies of his fantastic work, to shrug off the cabin fever. Please check out his work! It's a loving portrait of the area and I can hardly do it justice in words or in painting.

Here is the other photo study from this set. This one's just pure art therapy, hah. it comes with a timelapse, too.

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It has a windy atmosphere, and I bet it is not a photo despite looking like one.
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Aw, hell. Thank you for the kind words! (And it really is out there. Nothin' to stop the wind for miles around!)

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Then I want to be there! I would enjpy every second while in there uwu
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aaaa looks like a lovely place!!

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It really is ;_; Thank you so much!!