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LGBT+ people I wanna meet

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[Image: A banner depicting 6 different vertical compositions, each modeled after a color in the rainbow pride flag. From left to right:

In red: A graphic designer at a highway margin, overlooking the Senqu (Orange) river near Quthing, Lesotho. In her laptop display is one of many butch pride flags.

In orange: A photographer and his husband hiking the Verde river in Sedona, Arizona, in the U.S.. Reflected in his shutter is the rainbow pride flag.

In yellow: A writer at Treasure Hill, on the Xindian river in Taipei, Taiwan. Depicted in their typewriter is the agender pride flag.

In green: A wildlife artist and her partner at the cliffs of Cruachán, Ireland. A selection from her sketchbook depicts the rainbow pride flag.

In blue: Two lovers singing and strumming under the aurora at Iqaluit, in Nunavut, Canada. Depicted in the interior of the guitarist's instrument is the bi pride flag.

In purple: A Chilean weaver at the loom, with her grandchild, somewhere in northern Chile. Half-woven is the trans pride flag. ]

whew. Surreal.

I was approached back in May to do banner artwork for dA's pride event (you can check out the journal here.) This piece was a challenge for a lot of reasons, emotional and compositional, but I think I like what I arrived at. I wanted to try to capture the joy i've experienced in connecting with others in the LGBT+ community, worldwide. To that end, I tried to select places I had at least some, small connection to, by way of the folks I've met over the years.

I hope you find something that looks familiar in it! : -)

To close, some songs that helped rear this to completion, and which make my heart full:

  • Love is Love, Pt. 2 by Quantum Tangle. If you know me in any personal capacity I've probably rec'd it at some point, because it makes me really emotional. To be terribly honest-- probably the only manifestation of the phrase “love is love” that made me cry.

  • Colors by June LaLonde, a beautiful little pride flag anthem. I love that she draws on natural imagery to describe the flags... And I dare you to find a song that rhymes “chromatic aberration” so artfully x-)

  • Les Fleurs by Ivy Sole. I am very new to Ivy Sole's full discography, but Les Fleurs hits hard and cuts deep, in the best way. Very “bring me flowers when I am living” energy.

A final acknowledgement that I want to make, in the spirit of transparency and out of respect for my own feelings about monetizing this part of my identity... I was paid 500$ for this piece, which I intend to put away so that I can hire a diversity editor for my webcomic, Ghost River. Barring disaster, any remaining amount will be donated to an indigenous sovereignty effort (in the spirit of GR) and a LGBT+ nonprofit-- I haven't decided which organizations, yet, but I'm eyeballing the Black Visions Collective. Suggestions always welcome : -)

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SkrzynkaPandoryHobbyist Digital Artist

amazing art!! the colour palettes and the way you used them makes all of these so nice to look at.

i especially love the ones where the flags stand out more

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Blackbird-ANew Deviant

Thank you so much for including the Bi pride flag! This piece of art is amazing! :heart:

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Blackbird-ANew Deviant


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gissslnoirNew Deviant

so coolllll!!!

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mantisngo2468Professional Photographer


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Thank you!!

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i love art that give me happy thoughs like this one ( ; u;)

makes me excited for the future and reminds me how beautyfull life can be rainbow heart {big}

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I'm over the moon to hear this!! ;_; There's a wide and wonderful world out there with lots of loving people in it, this I believe! Thank you!

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I guess straights are left out.. cool piece of art still tho!

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m0kuseiiHobbyist Digital Artist

hey! i know this comment is good intentioned but straight people arent included in pride related things because LGBT people have gone through so much just to get a pinch of validatio and cishets have never ever been as widely oppressed as LGBT- no hate intended,just wanted to educate! :]

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m0kuseiiHobbyist Digital Artist

You seriously need to get a life dude. Its not people’s fault that they’re lgbt,it’s GENETIC. Go grab a beer and go back to reading your little bible.

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aw shoot, I was gonna hide that comment but this is really sweet, thank you for taking the time to explain : -)

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m0kuseiiHobbyist Digital Artist

no problem! i love educating people so that they don’t accidentally offend others,i just want all of us to be nice to eachother y’know? :]]

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My apologies, it’s just sometimes we feel a bit down with the pride stuff, I know we should be proud that we don’t need that, but, idk. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been hurt and beaten down, I just wish to see some unity among all sexualities..

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m0kuseiiHobbyist Digital Artist
it’s alright,no need to apologize! i’m glad that you understand now! i also hope for some unity among us all,both heterophobia and homophobia are stupid and need to be abolished and fast. have a good day dude! :]]
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m0kuseiiHobbyist Digital Artist

you too,just try to abolish the lgbt community and see how far you get. Spoiler alert: not that far,actually

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nyanachanHobbyist Digital Artist

This piece is beautiful. The way each of them has their own story, reflected both in the drawing and in the description you wrote is so incredibly touching. They're people, with stories and a life beyond the artwork, and that's incredible.

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Oh, this is really sweet ;_; That's all I could ask for with my work-- that it feels lived-in. I'm glad it found you so well!!

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really awesome!!!!

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Thank you! : -D

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PepperoonieHobbyist Digital Artist

I adore this piece

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