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Hello. I'm Lore and I make desert art. More information about my work is here. Catch me on M0R1BUND, my art blog, or my art twitter. My TWWM Player Profile is here, as well.

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This is a Sadryn account, now

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Excerpts from a sermon undelivered


Moribund is a terminal world of gods and faith, deserts and history, with themes of love, home, and family. It's home to most my works, and maybe some acts of violence against the very fabric of reality, too.

Experiment I wanted to do for a while. YEHs look like a fun challenge to make cohesive, and I wanted to make one where every individual “slot” could be isolated as a standalone piece. Once I’m done there’ll be the final piece-- the goofy chaos you see here-- and also a pared-down version that’s just your esk. (example) Slots: Takkobat #4130 Cóilí #2574 Imberflos #4196 Many Barks #4900 Nephele #333 CLOSED All done for now! Thank you everyone for offering your guys for this experiment!! To claim, fill out this form and comment below. You can fill it out multiple times for multiple slots, if you like. Your Esk’s Tracker: [link!] Slot: [#] Rate: [0$ - 30$ USD] Notes: [Anything else you want to tell me!] Slots are pay-what-you-can 0$ – 30$ USD. Monetary payment is handled through Paypal, and the handler of the account must be 18 years or older. At the 0$ USD level, I accept non-monetary forms of compensation in the form of acorns, facts about the natural world, random acts of
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This is just to say that it’s raining in the desert right now, and I woke up to an extraordinary act of kindness this morning. Not naming names, but to that individual: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for the privilege of sharing space (even if only digitally) with such a bright-hearted human being and for spending time with my work. There are no words big enough to contain my gratitude, but it truly means the world to me. And this goes for everyone, too. Not to Make It Weird, but storytelling and the arts are like a first language to me and are really core to who I am. BUT. like any form of communication, you can stick the landing with varying degrees of competence—even if you love it a lot and do it a lot. So for someone who has a hard time communicating due to brain reasons, and also, just, personality reasons, it means a lot to me when people spend time with my work. Even when it’s weird and niche. Even if it’s only a few moments. Thank you thank you thank you for letting
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It’s staff appreciation week over at @ThoseWhoWentMissing! Being that college is out for my blood, I haven’t been able to do the creative things I want to do to show my gratitude… BUT. I am a habitually longwinded person and I will be using that to my advantage here. This is my community loveletter that I will try to keep up with through the week! Is now a good time to say thank you? Because thank you everyone at TWWM! I can safely say that the game came at a pivotal time in my life, and I don’t think I would be the same without it. dA broke group icons so now I have resorted to high crimes and misdemeanors. help Alright. Alright. Let’s see how sappy I can make this… To the Founder: It’s pretty fitting that I found you, @witherlings, through the eponymous Witherlings bestiary. Geez, I was young at the time. Not really sure of myself or what I wanted to do at all. Chasing the earth sciences was hardly a blip on my radar, but I have no doubts that these little guys (along with your
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Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your art! It's so full of emotions and I love the colours you use and the way you use them! Everything you make is just so pretty to look at! You're amazing!

Oh hell, that means a lot to hear. Much the same to you-- thank you for spending time with it and for taking the time to share this, it means more than words can express!

I admire your artworks. I admire your style. That's really beautiful, stunning! Wonderful and gorgeous <3<3

Beauty for my eyes

;_; This comment made me smile really big! Thank you so much for saying so!!

Thank you for posting such awesome art ^^

: -O Many thanks, do-gooder! This made me smile!