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YAYYYYYYY WE DID IT!! THANKS FOR GETTING THEM IN EVERYONE!! stream this weekend, see time below. update from now till friday all u want, spam me!!!
UPDATE: Due 4 hours from now!! Hand in whatever you got before the deadline. If you wanna update before stream then you're still welcome to email updates!!
UPDATE: stream time is updated in the middle of the journal!!
UPDATE: checked off people who have submitted
You have a little over a week to complete and submit!
UPDATE: see below for how to submit when you're done
UPDATE: The names have been drawn so check your email to find out who you got!
Remember the tentative deadline for finishing your piece is Jan. 8th!
Have fun!
UPDATE: reminder wish list due in one week!


HEY 1K!!!

Secret Santa season is creeping up real fast. We're gonna do a Secret New Year DOODLE exchange this time around to fit everyone's busy life schedule.

What you draw:
- just DOODLE anything to your heart's content as long as we can tell what it is (ie. no stickman... don't hurt your friendo's kokoro, we roast each other on a daily basis already ; ) )
- this isn't a formal event so don't stress out! it's more about having fun together as a 1k squad

Sign-up period: now till wish list deadline
Wish list deadline: SUNDAY, Oct 16th @ 10 PM PST
Assignment: Either Oct 16th after everyone has handed in wish list or some time on Oct 17th
Deadline: Jan. 8th, 2017 @ 11:59 PM PST NO EXTENSION
STREAM TIME: Jan. 14th, 2017 @ 9 PM PST sharp (if you can't make it PLEASE TELL ME) :new:
^ this doesn't mean deadline is extended-- it's more for cushioning if someone can't draw then someone else can sub in <:3c and this is the next earliest weekend so LMFAO but YA I trust yall so all good ; ) If you already submitted on time but you wanted to ADD or UPDATE your SS between 8th~13th, you're welcome to.

Wish list submission procedure:
1. Discord Zince or note 1k group your email address!!

2. You'll be invited to - check your email to confirm and join. No need to sign up.

3. Craft your wish list in stash, or any other place you prefer (journal/tumblr, etc.)

Wish list content guide:
At least three single OCs with varying design elements (ex. light/dark color scheme, gender, level of detail, etc.)
OC requests, can be yours or friend’s
Idk you can ask for fan art too if you want?? :0c Not gonna limit to OCs this time!

General information to include:
Character name
Visual references
Personality key words
If couple, what kind of relationship do they share?
Any other additional information

4. After you join, you can link your wish list on the site. Just pick whatever gender/age cos it's irrelevant. On the next page, you'll see the actual wish list page - leave your wish list LINK in there and SAVE.

5. Wait for the day of assignment and the site will draw the name automatically.

The site will still draw names even without wish list, so to avoid delays for your artist, please put up your wish list before the deadline... SUNDAY, Oct 16th @ 10 PM PST

After the names are drawn by the website, your artist will be able to access your wish list and even ask you anon questions through the site!! Convenient! Have fun drawing and thanks for joining!!

:iconaltairria: :iconcheckmarkplz:
:iconizince: :iconcheckmarkplz:
:iconkomao: :iconcheckmarkplz:
:iconchocoanillaberry: :iconcheckmarkplz:
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:iconmidnight-lies: :iconcheckmarkplz:
:iconluvdinosaurs: :iconcheckmarkplz:

sry huge check mark LOOL


Email --- (at) gmail (dot) com with this form

SUBJECT: 1k SS 2016
Who you drew for: link:

Don't use attachments please!! We'll do a live stream reveal and look at them all together. Make sure your link works cos I won't open the link till the day of reveal~
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late night party
party hard

INVITE-ONLYYYYY!!! not ur reg rp grp!

:iconespurrstareplz:wat u gonna do when it comes 4 :iconespurrstareplz:







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