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Shoot For The Stars

Entry for the Hugo Boss contest ([link])

Fuckin' saved over the full size psd file after I downsized it for DA, so no idea how/if I can still save it :(

Hope you guys like anyways :)


Edit: Uploaded the version without the skyline instead because I prefer it. Since I fucked up the full-size version for the competition anyway it shouldn't matter anymore...
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Haneen-lady-in-black's avatar
Always a strange perfume advertisements
FerdiCildiz's avatar
fucking awesome!
rynja's avatar
Oh, i really LOVE this piece of art :D

*btw, it's been posted on HongKiat Tech Blog: [link] *
1NNU3NDO's avatar
Bedankt! Ook voor de link :)
FredericoFelix's avatar
nice concept man keep it up:#1:
MarcoTulioDesign's avatar
excelent job my friend, please visit my gallery and view my version
rosalindharrison's avatar
great work!well maybe restor...?look in your registry?
awakenasleep's avatar
this is cool, voted, gona have to check it out myself, can you only design it on the offical site?
1NNU3NDO's avatar
Nah man, that's just some feature for people who don't have/use photoshop etc
awakenasleep's avatar
cool.. will have to mess with one , if i got the time.. this is the best one man!!
1NNU3NDO's avatar
Go for it dude!
EviLEkA's avatar
Fantastic, you are a genius.. :heart:
Yourmung's avatar
Do you have my vote pal...
thegenome's avatar
nice.... voted you 5* :) ... there are some terrible ones highly rated :(
tomasbrechler's avatar
nice work, im planning to do something for next round/s
cogwurx's avatar
I dig the concept. I think that if you are using those "half tone" shadings that they should be prominent throughout. It feels like you started in that direction, but abandoned it for more solid color work.
1NNU3NDO's avatar
Yeah I get your point. I kept a bit inbetween. I've tried with more halftones but it didn't make me happy. I def wanna try a more extensive halftone piece sometime soon :)
cogwurx's avatar
That'd be cool to see what you come up with.
Espador's avatar
Omg it looks super!! Gl with the contest, i'm contributing to :)

to bad with the psd :|
halfanedit's avatar
nice one.
bummer for the psd.
i see my 'collegue' timic featured you on phase02 :) cool stuff!
arterie's avatar
stuntarts's avatar
great work mate, i hope you win!
1NNU3NDO's avatar
Thanks :D I'm sure there will great works in the contest though.
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