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June 8, 2007
Cause an Effect by *1NNU3NDO - I can't quite decide whether this piece is retro, or new, so maybe we'll settle with 'modern classic' and leave it at that. Suffice to say that this is so full of style it's extremely hard to to just sit there drooling over its mixture of abstract and graffiti.
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Cause an Effect

Collab with *theartofHOUSE which was a lot of fun. He usually does 3d stuff and did a fantastic graffiti styled render, which I then totally fucked up because I've grown a liking to working with 3d renders and turning them retro/2d. Thanks a bunch man!

For Evoke's 12th artpack "Evoke" [link] check it out.

:icontheartofhouse: :icon1nnu3ndo:

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h3design's avatar
Hello :)
I´m a graphic designer and at the moment i am creating a mockup for bag designs.
It looks like this:

I still need some designs for preview purposes and i wanted to ask you kindly if i can use this artwork for it.
I will not sell or print your design in any way.
And of course i will feature you in the description of the mockup, so that people get linked to your design.
Thanks in advance, i´m looking forward to your reply :)
i love the fact that it looks like graffiti mixed with modern art!
max-n0d3's avatar
I like how its edged, whats up with these bots bellow me?
1NNU3NDO's avatar
max-n0d3's avatar
the, 'great work', 'awesome', doesn't really give any feedback =\
1NNU3NDO's avatar
Ah yeah, I know what you mean
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suprnaut's avatar
Cause and effect, my love. Cause and effect. Pretty nice wp!
1NNU3NDO's avatar
Not in this case ;) I've had "Cause an Effect" in my head for a long time instead of Cause and Effect... why do something and wait for the effect if you can directly cause the effect yourself :)
mrkola's avatar
Nice interlace effect... Love the whole thing ^__^
pickupjojo's avatar
Wowowow, nice colors. :)
pickupjojo's avatar
Wowowow, nice colors. :)
pickupjojo's avatar
Wowowow, nice colors. :)
kcure's avatar
good job guys, congrats for the DD
A-Storywriter's avatar
This look so great.
I love this kind of design and those 2D retro graphics look very good.:+fav:
xMOOXMOOx's avatar
is this somehow connected to the Chaos Theory? :D
cause I liiiiike. very sleek.
Dimpled's avatar
wowie, wicked picture, wonderful design.
HyperCannon's avatar
Awesome work guys!! Greatness :+fav:
3xlifestyle's avatar
i loved...
congratulations to both...
caloroin's avatar
that is horrible, wtf
ink-rose's avatar
That's so awesome! Great job! :+fav:
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