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October 16, 2003
Because we can't just get enough of photorealistic drawings, here's another dose of some high-class sketch work. Drawing of Russell Thayer by ~nimra is a stunning portrait, rendered with one of the most basic tools in the artist's toolbox - a pencil.
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Drawing of Russell Thayer

Pencil Drawing of Russell Thayer

15” x 22”

This is the last drawing in a series of people that I am paying homage to. Russell was a teacher of mine who put a human face to art, I great artist himself, thanks Russ!

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© 2003 - 2021 1nimra
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miteshmhatre's avatar
amazing artwork :) loved it
Nieseln's avatar
Your portraits are like photographic reproductions. But you already know that :)
orinoco1973's avatar
Perfect in every way
yash2506's avatar
Your work is amazing !! so real !! love the amazing details in your drawings
cundrawan's avatar
So real! i love it
ZornxIV's avatar
nice rendering looks real :)
paulmellor's avatar
Amaterasu--Omikami's avatar
That's truly amazing! :wow: Hard to believe that this is a pencil drawing... Skillzzzzzz!!! :faint:
stevelilart's avatar
Stunning, don't know what else to say just brilliant. Love to see it in real life.
FrankGo's avatar
Nice drawing, looks alive. Whatta great talent you have. Superb!!
AngelOfTheEast's avatar
Absolutely STUNNING! Incredible detailing, incredible patient artist!!! The lighting is PERFECT.
I just love how you did on the wrinkles, spots, hair,... The skin looks so real...


Greetings from Belgium.
1nimra's avatar
thank you Pauline
AngelOfTheEast's avatar
You're very welcome.
farshidkhalafi's avatar
very nice...good job dear
GOTYCKI's avatar
Neosun7's avatar
What an amazing tribute! Such a beautiful pencil drawing! I love the photo-realism!
Malfoylover's avatar
Omfg, this is just... just... AMAZING!! :love:
fractalhead's avatar
krigl's avatar
Amazing technique.

You can take any comment that states it's a fake as a complement...:)
1nimra's avatar
and i do still its the principle of it i guess, that someone would challenge without even seeing to original, small minds suppose. thank you

AfroAfrican's avatar
fake... it's not drawing there are too much details on the skin
1nimra's avatar

Oh my God I’ve been caught; I have nothing better to do at 54 years of age than the fake people out.

By the way this work has been shown in many museums and galleries including Baylor University, Eastern Illinois Unevenly and Center Michigan University just in the past year. There are a lot of people here at DA who have seen this work in person, before you accuse someone of being “fake” maybe you should get some facts.

Get a fucking life
AfroAfrican's avatar


your comment made me cry


anyway prove it
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