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Drawing of Clint completed

Title: Beyond the Pale, pencil on illustration board, 32” x 40”

Its strange what one feels when completing a major drawing like this. You would think it would be a happy time but instead it’s a mixture of relief, regret, satisfaction and disappointment. As in all my work I’ve strived for perfection only to realize once again it’s not going to happen, but as long as I still strive it’s worth it. Yet there is a certain satisfaction with a job well done, what was only a concept a little more than a year ago is now a reality, real flesh and graphite

“Beyond the Pale” is an old expression meaning beyond the boundary, beyond the accepted norm, A pale was a wooden stake placed as a marker indicating a property line. The subject in this piece is a dreamer, a bohemian, left-thinking, artist-type whose views where once a part of our culture and now are discarded along with lava lamps, black lights and bell bottoms. His old, like-minded comrades are now attorneys and bankers who have become of the same money-changing ilk they once all spoke against so many years ago. Yet he stuck to his beliefs, still yearning for “death to the machine” and continuing to desperately claw away from the system he has fought against all these years. Self-portrait? …Maybe.

Thanks for looking

Armin Mersmann
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This is a great piece. I like the way the eyes capture the image and the way they make him look , lost in thought, miles away, the thousand yard stare. I think this could be the self portrait of any dreamer, because I could actually see myself in this picture as well, relating to him.  Technically, I would say you need not worry about perfection or imperfection, as it were, as you are the only one who finds it. Noone eles is seeing anything but fantastic results here. You are in the highest bracket of talent, someone I can say I am inspired by in my own journey as an artist.
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Not only is there a great portrait here but also great artistic and mastery of words.
Once read another look at what is presented and it totally changes what you see. self portrait? Without knowing I cannot say but the language sure points to that.
Thank ou for showing us 
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Scary real!, Wow..........
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Not only is your drawing simply fantastic but your description is riveting! I can't possibly describe how much I love this!!
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You are very welcome!! :happybounce:
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A man after my own heart, and a positively beautiful portrait. The real him shines through.
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oh my...u're the greatest in realistic genre. I wish to know ur name.
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Wow!! Your work is amazing :squee: !!
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When I hear the music of Toto, then I think of this drawing. Don't ask me why, but some expression of Steve Lukather is shining through.
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don't know much about Toto except my hero Ian Anderson has worked with them quite a bit, actually seeing Ian on Saturday at the State Theater in Detroit a grand old place to see a grand old dude...doing thick as a brick one and two
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Are you gonna meet him personally?
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not sure if its in the cards we have had dinner a few times but its was more planed then me showing up after the show, its quite a feat for a 65 year old rocker and then to hang with me afterwards, no i like him to much to endure that...LOL
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How long does a piece like this take for you to do?
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this one too about 1000 hours until that tree one i just got done it was my longest
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Utterly Stunning Armin
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I think you should be a world known artist ! You top every contemporary artist i know or learned about . You create beautiful pieces every time. Congratulations for that :D
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thank you Sena

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