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Alright. A .gif of the Tropical Octav3 dance. I still don't really know how .gifs work so here was my shot at this. Let me know if this is sufficient.
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"Shake, shake, shake senora! Shake your body line! Shake, shake, shake senora! Shake it all the time!
Work, work, work senora! Work your body line! Work, work, work senora! Work it all the time!"
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Is there any audio in this? Cause I don't here time, can you remake this with the audio from the animation song?
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I'm listening to the song "Pizza Power" while watching this and, weirdly enough, it's fits.
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One two three Tavi dance with me, though we're lost at sea depressed is just no way to be! Come on lets take things slow help is on it's way i know so with nowhere to go! 
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It's not a tropical song, but this song immediately came to mind when I saw this GIF. When play this YouTube clip in the background, it not only sounds cute but is right in sync with the animation.  "Despicable Me" fans will recognize it immediately.
 be doo be doo be doo 

"Boogie Fever" by The Sylvers on "American Bandstand", 1976
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animation james is great
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This will never stop being cute as heck <3
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Hahah, that's so funny and cute!
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Watch this gif while listening to this:…

It's perfect! I am a dummy! 
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how do I save this to work, and set it as my screen saver??
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I was wondering where this came from!
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how i drag in rocky to dance
:dance: :party:
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When I listen to the song, I'm totally gonna synchronize!
I absolutely ADORE it! My two favorite ponies, dancing. Just simply amazing.
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hahaha so cool and funny xDD direct to fav xDD
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LOL, listening to this song right now!
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ok its official. its going to be my live wallpaper for my droid phone
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Think you can make this a screen saver?
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love it and the sone that is with it
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