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Entertain Me

Short little gif loop of Rainbow Dash chewing some popcorn or something.

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Wolftamer54's avatar
She just looks so done. Lol.
AceWissle's avatar
bunniball2867's avatar
This is so smooth and well done. Very nice!
scoutbonkps3's avatar
She's just watching the entire fan base fucking the show up six ways from sundays
pinkiepieschoolpony4's avatar
You sure love your popcorn don't you RD yum yum :D this gif loop is pretty good & well done /)
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
AwesomePrime343's avatar
FirestormDangerDash's avatar
Current spirit animal.
ThatGrayCartoonPony's avatar
This has to be a TF2 spray. x3
Chickun030's avatar
CookieGem's avatar
Cool animation!!! :3
Animatorsnake's avatar
...I'm using this is the future now
ShiftyTheChangeling's avatar
mlom mlom mlom mlom mlom
Paradomix's avatar
Nice animation but her eyes are so still
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Guess nopony ever told Rainbow Dash that it's not polite to chew with your mouth open.
BassBeastJD's avatar
I like it. 10/10 would let loop again.
buttsqaures's avatar
Me waiting for the action scenes in a movie but all they do is talk.Bored 
Bouncer1996's avatar
When a couple start fighting in front of you
Salt01's avatar
Cool story bro. *munches on popcorn*
Darkagumon2000's avatar
Discord Icon 2 HEY!!! GET YOUR OWN POPCORN!!!!
zapplebow's avatar
Dat little ear flop.
PaintingJo's avatar
Waching the U.S. presidential election debates be like
ChaosPhantasm2000's avatar
"I'm bored!!! Entertain me." - Ruby, RWBY Chibi's
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