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Wukong and Thresh FanArt by 1mew635 Wukong and Thresh FanArt :icon1mew635:1mew635 0 0 League of Legends Fanart#1 by 1mew635 League of Legends Fanart#1 :icon1mew635:1mew635 0 0 Idk What the Hell This is by 1mew635 Idk What the Hell This is :icon1mew635:1mew635 1 0 Totally Not Blitzcrank Fanart by 1mew635 Totally Not Blitzcrank Fanart :icon1mew635:1mew635 0 0 Azir Fanart by 1mew635 Azir Fanart :icon1mew635:1mew635 0 0 Eren the Stalker by 1mew635 Eren the Stalker :icon1mew635:1mew635 3 0
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Her Father's Influence :icon1mew635:1mew635 0 0
Mature content
Dare: Sleep Buddy (Reiner x Reader) :icon1mew635:1mew635 43 19
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seagull by Catherine211998 seagull :iconcatherine211998:Catherine211998 1 0
{Kenpachi X Reader} A flower among weeds Pt.2
{Kenpachi Zaraki X Reader}
    You ran alongside your squad mates, brimming with excitement. You hadn’t a real chance for combat since you joined Squad Eleven so this was a welcome relief. Hollows were causing trouble in one of the less populated residential districts. It was strange but not completely unheard of. You hadn’t noticed when it was exactly but you were several feet ahead of your squad mates and already in the midst of the fight. You had set to work dispatching the first bunch of hollows not with you zanpak-to but with your bare hands- and well, feet as the first you planted your foot dead center in a hollow’s mask and shattered it. You shot past the others, striking each where it counted.
“Wow.” Ikkaku said as they followed, handling a few hollows of their own. “She’s got some moves.”
“And she hasn’t even drawn her zanpak-to.” Yumichika observed.
:iconenthaga:Enthaga 139 11
{Kenpachi X Reader} A flower among weeds Pt.1
{Kenpachi Zaraki X Reader}

            Kenpachi yawned as he propped his head on his hand. He was bored. A month of peace and now he was back to his usual, tiresome routine. Today, however, should hold something interesting; he thought. His squad was receiving a new fourth seat. If there was someone who the head captain deemed strong enough to be on squad eleven, no, to be the fourth seat on squad eleven then that was enough to get Kenpachi curious. Though he was unsure as to how much merit Kyoraku’s opinion had, he wanted to see what this person had that made him so special. So he laid back in wait, the whole squad crowding the room; Ikkaku and Yumichika at his sides.
“Damn, it’s just a new squad member.” Someone whined. “Why does the whole squad have to meet the new member?”
“Come on, don’t say you’re not the least bit curious ab
:iconenthaga:Enthaga 229 37
Kenpachi Zaraki x Reader - Bleach Ch. 2
Accidental Bride
Voices; there were many of them in your head, but their words made no sense. It was not the most comforting feeling you had ever felt, but at least you were not alone in the void of inexistent dreams. You honestly had no idea of how long the stasis of your mind had lasted, but it seemed like ages had passed by ever since you had the chance to open your eyes.
You had tried to make sense of what was going on; you really tried. However, waking up to the expectant looks of a bunch you did not know was not precisely the most reassuring welcoming you could have ever asked for. Not to mention the unsettlement you experienced by finding yourself in an unknown place.
“She’s waking up!”
Seeing the faces of those strangers, practically hovering above you with curious expressions, unsettled and flustered you to the point you nearly took off running, screaming. It was not every day you woke up to this peculiar sight.
“The newcomer!”
:iconxenarhapsodos:XenaRhapsodos 123 20
Kenpachi Zaraki x Reader - Bleach Ch. 1
To the Stars
It had been quite some time ever since you had been transported to the spirit world and, to be honest, life on the other side was not what you had expected back in the Human World. The Soul Society, as everyone called it, was far from the mythical stereotype of souls leading an existence of sublime and eternal rest. Oh, no. Whereas life was much better, it was not the type of paradise it was cracked up to be. Of course you were not complaining, but maybe you had been expecting a little more. At least, you were here and not doomed to the eternal darkness of Hell.
Life was very much alike to that of the human world, saving differences. There was work to do; there were obligations and duties to attend much like in your former world. Despite the passing of time not being the same as in the world where humans dwelled, souls could not afford losing it as such a thing would mean the decadence and downfall of this ancient society. Who would take care of the most menial and
:iconxenarhapsodos:XenaRhapsodos 164 13
Follow Me (Zombie!Toshiro Hitsugaya x Reader)
They are wrong.
All of the books, comics and movies have everything wrong. Authors and directors thought they knew, thought they had everything sorted out, but they didn't. Of course, no one ever expects anything written in books or playing on-screen to actually happen in real life.
But this did.
Shoot them to the ground, they eventually get back up. Smash their brains in with a shovel, they slow down, even temporarily black out. But they keep coming. Dismember them, they still move.
No matter what is done, the zombies do not stop.
Days without Human Contact: 24
It's strange, walking through the empty streets of Karakura. Not a month ago, you would have been walking to school with friends, relaxed. Real, living friends. Ichigo, and Rukia, and Orihime.
The only warning was the siren. It was blaring, loud, dangerous, and you'll never forget the intimidating ring.
People started dying, just dropping like flies, only to reanimate and kill those dearest to them in a frenzied h
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 300 52
Follow Me Alt.Ending (Toshiro x Reader)
This is an Alternate Ending. Please visit the original oneshot so you can understand what's going on. Link is in the description.
Days Without Human Contact: 175
You're lying in a cave. The ceiling isn't interesting but you're staring at it anyway, lost in thought. You're not angry anymore. Not sad, not happy. You're just...nothing. Have been for God knows how long.
It's not any easier.
It's not fair.
It's not right.
Why did you have to lose him again?
You're clutching at straws thinking about how it was even possible, but why does it matter? It doesn't. You can't cry anymore. You eat and drink, as often as you can, but you don't feel it's worth it. Still, something's driving you on. Telling you to wait. But for what?
Toshiro may have miraculously turned back into a human, but he was murdered by the undead again anyway. He sacrificed himself so you could get away. Now you'll never get him back.
Why did you run?
You'd have rather died with him back there. But the pan
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 241 39
Edd (Double D) x Reader Chapter 5: Part 2
Edd (Double D) x Reader
Chapter 5
Originally by: scv25~~~and Continued by: LoveMySockhead12
Meanwhile, Ed and Eddy had woken up shortly after Double D left, but Eddy couldn't care less about where his parents thought he was, so they grabbed their supplies and followed after him, figuring he went home.
They busted through his door, finding him scrubbing away at his walls, wearing his trusty rubber gloves.
"What're you doin'?!" Eddy interrupted. "We gotta get down there! We have a load of customers waitin'!" He finally took a look around. "..What happened here? What a mess." He shook his head in disapproval.
Double D only grunted in response.
"Come on!" Eddy grabbed him by the shirt collar, ignoring all scolds of objection, and yanked him back out the door. "You can do that later."
You opened the door of your new home, breathing in the fresh air. It was a pretty nice day. You wondered what would be in store for you as you stepped onto the sidewalk. Y
:iconlovemysockhead12:LoveMySockhead12 86 25
Edd (Double D) x Reader Chapter 5: Part 1
Edd (Double D) x Reader
Chapter 5
Originally by: scv25~~~and Continued by: LoveMySockhead12
"Yes, Double D?"
"There's um... something important I think I should tell you..."
"And what would that be?"
He looked deep into your soft, (E/C) eyes as he brought up a hand to gently caress your cheek. He leaned forward, drawing you in.
Your eyelids slowly began to drop as you got closer. His breath was just so warm..!
"I..." You were only a few centimeters away from each other's lips,
Closer... Closer....

"FredFredBurger, FredFredBurger, FredFredBurger~! Yes."
You both snapped apart at the sound of that dreadful singing.
You sighed exasperatedly and turned your head only to see some strange, green, demon elephant.
Wait, what?
You yelped in utter horror as you quickly sat up, finding yourself in your own bed. You heaved a sigh and looked down, realizing you'd been hugging a pillow very tightly during your sleep. "Eek!" Tossing it onto the floor, you f
:iconlovemysockhead12:LoveMySockhead12 84 18
Edd (Double D) x Reader Chapter 4
Edd (Double D) x Reader
Chapter 4
Originally by: scv25~~~and Continued by: LoveMySockhead12
You slowly blinked your eyes open, your eyes now adjusting to the surrounding darkness. 'Where am I? ...and what the heck is that smell?!'
You quickly covered your nose and mouth with your hand. You attempted to look around your surroundings, when you heard something stir.
"W-Who's there...?" You called out.
"Nice goin', Lumpy!" An unfamiliar voice snapped. "You scared her! And why'd you turn the lights off?" You heard various clashes and clangs from the direction the voice came from, along with mumbled curses.
"H-Hello?" You greeted again. "Would someone like to tell me what's going on?"
"Oh my," Double D? "Please, please excuse us!" He pleaded. "Ed! What's the meaning of this? Are you aware you just kidnapped this innocent-"
The lights flickered on then, and what a wretched place this was! Turning your head, you found Edd was unusually close to you. You visibly tensed
:iconlovemysockhead12:LoveMySockhead12 94 35
Edd (Double D) x Reader Chapter 3
Edd (Double D) x Reader
Chapter 3
Originally by: scv25~~~and Continued by: LoveMySockhead12
"Hey, Jonny!" Nazz greeted the boy across the street. He wasn't too special... and he didn't have any hair...
"Hiya, Nazz!" The boy you presumed was Jonny perked up. He was holding a piece of wood with a face drawn on it.
"Lookit, Plank!" He held it up as you made your way to him. "It's a new girl! Say hi, buddy!"
Well this was new.
"Jonny," Your sister brushed it off as if it were normal behavior.
"This is my sister, her name is (Y/N). She's moving in to the Cul-de-sac~"
She repeated the same introduction you've heard several times by now.
"Hi, (Y/N)!" He shook your hand. "This is my best buddy, Plank! ..."
He stopped paying attention to you, seeming to be trying to listen to his 'friend' there. "..He says, you sure are a looker!"
"Ehh..." You laughed uncomfortably, not quite sure how to respond to that.
"Thanks...?" Where are those other two kids you were told about.
:iconlovemysockhead12:LoveMySockhead12 103 17
First Year Hermione by Kuvshinov-Ilya First Year Hermione :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 29,041 1,255
Hunter (DarkiplierXReader) Chapter 7
Dark had been gone for over three hours, he had gone off to state that you were going to join his kind since you were changed from human to a dark.
You were an emotional wreck, three hours was a long time anyway, but waiting for an important statement like this was near impossible to handle.
You were sitting in the kitchen when the door opened, Dark walked in and shut the door firmly behind him, apparently the meeting didn't go over too well for him, he had huge claw marks around his body along with bloodstains lining the claw marks.
"What happened?" You asked worriedly.
He just looked at you and sighed, "Aidan wants to see you, but he's not happy about letting you in." He stated walking past you to get to the fridge.
You turned to look at him, "What do you mean 'he's not happy'?" You asked, he just looked at you as he opened a beer tab.
"Hunters aren't supposed to change humans, its either his job or of someone above me." He stated.
"If you can change people over why aren't you suppos
:iconimmageek4321:Immageek4321 18 24
Hunter (DarkiplierXReader) Chapter 5
You sat in the chair in the kitchen for over an hour, just trying to process all of the information that was suddenly thrust upon you.
You definitely needed something to do, so you decided to take a shower, its been a few days since you felt nice hot water run down your skin.
You stood under the hot water, it felt amazing, it was nice to be fully clean after three whole days, you got dressed and opened the door, you almost screamed when you saw Dark standing there with his hand up as if he were going to knock on the door.
"Sorry, I was just making sure you were okay." He muttered and walked away.
You stuck your head out of the doorway and saw him go up into the attic, you wanted to follow him and ask why he just suddenly bailed like that, but at the same time you didn't want to piss him off again.
You sighed, "Screw it." You muttered under your breath and walked over to the ladder that lead into the attic, you went up and peeked up to see him with his back facing you as he was rumaging
:iconimmageek4321:Immageek4321 19 12



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Idk what I was on...

This is art. by 1mew635

100 1495 by 1mew635

100 1486 by 1mew635

I don't think I've ever used paint so well.
The scene where the ppl are skydiving in Godzilla 2014

That Part in Godzilla where soldiers are skydiving by 1mew635
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