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Wow how long it has been since I updated my DA XD.

Well I wanted to write a little bit about my opinion on the new movie, and I needed somewhere to put it, so why not here :P.

So here is my opinion, please post your own and comment on mine XD.


Overall is was very good, it was to the most part true to the story, which is much more than I can say about other book-based movies (*cough* Percy Jackson, Eragon *cough*).

However there were some things I was a bit let down by. Although the story was rather accurate, there were some things that were un-surprisingly cut. The worst of these was probably the removal of Madge. Although a somewat minor character, I think they could have included her and still kept in the time restraints of the movie. She did not need a big role and they could have added a scene with her giving the pin to Katness without too much effort. But that said it is understanble, as it is a movie and they can't keep everything. So the removal of Madge was a shame but understandable.

Other than that the overall feel of the movie didn't really match the books. Again it was a movie, and will never capture the true story as the book does, but I felt certain aspects could have been made deeper. For example I never really thought that it was really brought across that Peeta truely did love Katness, whereas she up until the very end saw their relationship as part of the game. I think this could have been made clearer. Another minor nag was when Peeta joined the 'career group' (although they never called it this in the movie). The book made it clear, he joined them to try protect Katness from them. But the movie seemed to suggest that, at least to me, he joined them for his own survival and only teamed up with Katness when the rules changed to allow two winners. Which is not the case at all, Peeta wanted Katness to win all along.

I feel the relationship with Haywitch could have been played a tad better too, but again a minor nag.

But I think I was just expecting too much, the scenes were done very well overall, and I have no real complaints. Especially the one scene I was very skeptical about, being Rue's death, but I thought it was done very well.

My biggest annoyance was the fight scenes. I was very sceptical about how the movie would play out (especially since apprently here in the UK our 12a version had certain blood parts cut). There was a lack of blood and I think it could have been a bit more violent, but thats not to say it was overly too watered down (again this may be our version), overall it was still very good and effective.

The worst part of the fighting for me was mainly the fight at the very beginning, when the tributes ran to grab equipment and started to fight, and at the very end when Peeta fought Cato. The scenes for me were pretty bad, the whole blur effect was overdone, and I personally could not keep track of what was happening. I don't know if this was done as a effect to make it seem more dramatic or the opposite to try and cover up the violence to meet the rating requirments. But I could not keep track of it. Especially the fight between Peeta and Cato, I could not even see who was who throughout their struggle.

But I suppose these are nitpicks, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie a lot, but after enjoying the books so much I was always going to be critical.

Overall a very good movies and highly recommended to anyone, whether you are a fan of the series or not.

There we go rant over. I will gladly watch it again, and am glad it wasn't another book-based movie flop.
Manectricity Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2012
Hey it's me, Mane! (In case you don't remember me I used to be Fluff Buddy on PW, still hate the name xD)

I've seen the film and youor thoughts are understandable, but it must have been hard to bring across the feel since it was a first person book. But I think they did well at it.
1Meh1 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012
Oh hi.

Good point.
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