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Tagged by :iconpeacekittyewf:

1->You must post these rules (VERY Important )
2->Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3->Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4->You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5->Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6->No tag backs
7->No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly with all honesty) have to tag 10 people

Well I don't know if I was suppose to post 10 things and answer the questions, but I am lazy and my answers will count as my 10 facts, because pie.

My Answers

1. Favourite animal? White Tiger.
2. Do you prefer writing or drawing? Drawing I guess, although I am not very good at either.
3. Favourite computer game? Pokemon.
4. Favourite cartoon character? Blinky Bill, ohhh the memories.
5. Do you prefer Wii or Xbox? Wii.
6. What is your drawing style? Noob Style.
7. Favourite colour? Blue.
8. Do you prefer flip flops, sneakers/converse/whatever or boots? Sneakers / Trainers.
9. What is the most common thing that you draw? Pokemon and Warrior random stuff.
10. What is your fursona? I guess the closest I have to a fursona is my Warriors character Tigerstripe.

My Questions

1. Fave food?
2. Fave drink?
3. Fave Anime / Cartoon / Show?
4. Fave character of anything?
5. Fave game console?
6. Fave book?
7. Fave movie?
8. Fave song?
9. Cats or Dogs?
10. Do you like waffles?

Oh how exciting they are huh?

I shall tag

:iconshea2468: :iconcharpuppy: :icontwilightmoon86: :iconarithewitchoftime: :iconatrumabyss13: :iconkohanaans: :iconxwondergirlx: :iconjennapwnage: :iconbaby-eevee: :icongoldenrod6:

My Websites:
  • Listening to: Random Stuff.
  • Reading: Warrior Cats <3
  • Watching: One piece, Pokemon and anything good on TV.
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros Brawl, Platinum Wifi Battles
  • Eating: Anything.
  • Drinking: Anything.
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September 7, 2011


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