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Hello People :3.

This Journal is rather pointless, I just felt my journey needed an update, since my last entry was agesss ago.

So yeah, I just uploaded a random sakamoto plush I made while watching the wrong Journey to the centre of the earth dvd I ordered off Amazon. I found the movie Journey 2 for a 1 in a chairty shop last week and thought it wasn't too bad, so decided to watch the first one, but managed to order the wrong one xD. It was enjoyable none the less <.<. I sat and make little sakamoto while watching so alls good.

Hmm what else. I have been updating my site, watching some random anime (currently watching over 10 ongoing ones xD) and reading random stuff.

Oh I hard Obama won the election, that's nice. To be honest I really don't care about politics, English or otherwise, just vote for who seems the least conceited and hope they don't mess everything up. Uhh I won't go into this, but I guess I am happy Obama won if I were to choose.

Well that is about all the blabbing I can think of for now.

So how are all you fine people today?
  • Reading: Icefire
  • Watching:
  • Playing: Pokemon Black 2 but already lazy with it
  • Eating: Halloween sweets I got super cheap after halloween
  • Drinking: Apple Tango
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Submitted on
November 7, 2012