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Please Don't Fall... Grand Rose

I could NOT get rose luck to stand on this ledge.
this is another grand canyon pic with my favorite (and only) blind bag pony. i hope its good enough for the eqd contest.
i would have cropped out my hand but i think it looks better with out her at the very edge of the screen. she's small as is.

thank you eqd for featuring this in the ponies around the world contest
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Oh god Roseluck what the hell oh jesus christ get off there! ;A;
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I remember when I went to the Grand Canyon.
It really is as spectacular as it seems.
And you added ponies.
50% Better!XD
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nah, its so amazing that it actually looks fake. i couldn't get over that it wasn't a picture
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i kowwwwwwwwww. i was scared too