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Commission for :iconbrothergabr:

PS, ~ doherishe hours.

На мелкую фигню уходит много времени, не буду больше мелкую фигню рисовать -_- Особенно когда у тебя скандалы/интриги/расследования, зубы болят, кошка рожает, ты покупаешь новый планшет а кривые китайцы сделали кривые драйвера и ты их пару дней нормально настроить не можешь(так и не настраиваешь) и прочие ненужные вещи... Я рад что это закончилось, ну почти.
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Apart from the messy room, this is me when I'm working on multiple pictures for people and myself at once. 
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Черт, как же о*енно. Пздц
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Amazing details in this piece.
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Good day! I was asked to make a story with this picture without being told where it's from. I found it afterwards. Here's the story:… -- I hope you aren't upset about the picture being used.
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Google translate did not help me understand this description at all :p

But this painting is amazing! So much detail! I want to walk right into it and try out some of the tools in that workshop.
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Beautiful!!!!! 10/10
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Looks so cool! ^^
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Молодец, бра :Р
Затраллел туеву тучу англиков :D
*Речь твою письменную будет в Хухле перевести фактически невозможно*
А так очень даже здорово, ещё и учитывая обстоятельства. Молодец.
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ooooo I love how the light illuminates the subject.

One question: where is the wall that should be obscuring the view?
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Not only wonderful art, but it shows a crafter's workspace so very well.
Lovely, thank you for sharing it.
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Woah!!! Looks so amazing...!!! :wow: :wow: :wow:
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I really like how cluttered the room is.
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Nicely done! I love the pespective and shading looks fine!
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lol, that statue is like "ugh, stop, i don't want to be painted"
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they already hard to paint but using hooves or a mouth wow that add a new level of difficulty!
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That's easily one of the most detailed and difficult pony drawings I've ever seen! Gorgeous job!!!
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attention to detail I like that, nice job!
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The textures... WOW!! Completely amazing! I had to un-"regular"-fave to put in the "all-time-best" folder! XD
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