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По мотивам какого-то там блога на тумблере, где Твай и Сомбра...
В общем это такой эксперимент, я все время рисовал в PTSAI и никак не мог заставит себя попробовать рисовать в PS, на этот раз я каким-то чудом себя заставил.
Все, за исключением лайн-арта  нарисовано в PS, ~12 часов.
Не знаю на сколько калично - решать вам. =)

On the grounds there any blog on tumbler where Sombra and Twi ...
Overall this is an experiment, I would draw in PTSAI and could not force myself to try to draw in PS, this time I made ​​myself some miracle.
All except line art drawn in PS, ~ 12 hours.
I do not know how much this sucks - you decide. =)
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Привет 👀

Можно делать базы и лайнарты из твоих артов? ><

I have a good name for evil Twilight. Twilight Terror, because sparkle is only for a good pony
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Супер арт!
Can you please draw this for me please😁
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Sombra Sparkle or Twilight Sombra. Each sounds awesome.
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Continues to be one of the greatest evil Twilights out there.
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I like this ship! You know where is this fanfic ship?
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One of my all time favorite mlp pieces. More of this, please.
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Wow muy good she is so beautiful I like Calibri is overjoyed [icon] 

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Do you sell your art? I bet you can make a killing out of it in a convention.
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well "sombra" means "shadow" in portuguese, so i think that this should be called "crepusculo", that is the portuguese word for "twilight". trust me on this one, i'm actually from Brazil
Sombra is also Shadow in Spanish and Italian.
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basically the most Latin driven languages 
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this is badass and totally awesome, so awesome, that even Rainbow Dash would scream "AWESOME!"
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Love that armor! OoO
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S.omebody somewhere,did a fanfic about it.
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I don't like Twicorn but.... wow. WOW.
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OMG she looks like she's from WarCraft or some sh*t Princess Luna Like a boss Emoticon 
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The detailing, especially her feathers, are astounding! I love her earrings, the pendant crystal necklace and gauntlets, her armour, and how you've styled her mane. Just superb. Bravo!
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This is amazing.... 
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This is perfect story!!!!
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