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Ужоснах ващеее, я ужас летящий на крыльях ночи!
А вообще клево смотрится эта "дыра в космос" вместо гривы. =)
PTSAI, 16-18 часов.
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The Armour is absolutely amazing!  Damn fine work!  :D
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this is beautiful :o
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THE ARMOR...... IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
AlphaArt123's avatar!! she looks so awesome!!!
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I love her mane and the amour which seems very suitable for a villain.
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Woooooaaahh!!! Sooo dark, epic and spooooky!!! :omg: :omg: :omg:
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Впервые вижу такую интерпритацию гривы - и мне нравится!
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классно рисуешь!
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The armor... oh my god, just sparkling ! Good job !
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Very awesome!~
scary but beautiful :D
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Badass, Nightmare Moon!
I concur... simply amazing... 
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The way you did her mane is very neat.
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Fu****** fabulous!
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if ony nightmare moons armor looked like that in the show that would had been sweet nice work
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the show's animation style doesn't allow it
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holy shit.....
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