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Midnight Blossom

Commission for :icongshgunner:
Armour, Weapon and style of picture based off Lu Lingqi from the Dynasty Warriors game series,

Lu Lingqi Wiki:
Picture Reference:… 
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I wanna learn how to do that O,O
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Your armor detail is breathtaking. 
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This drawing doth runith over with awesomeness! 
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OMG, that's amazing 
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(S)He looks like (s)he's about to give somepony the beating of their lives
Absolutely evil (in a good way)
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Epic armor...!!! :O :O :O
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Its a Final Fantasy pony, characterized by the fact that his blades have blades on their blades attached to the blade.
More like a Dynasty Warriors pony.
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you are correct Mike
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Dynasty Warriors WOOOOO!!
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mhmm, Dynasty Warriors indeed
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That's one amazing ponified Lu Lingqi.
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it's not quite a ponified version of her, more like my Middy in her armour with her weapon, as Lingqi reminded me of her in certain aspects 
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Hmmm, well you could say that. Quite like a cosplay.
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Yeah, though a crossover would be more accurate I would say, because I was having as if she was Lu Lingqi, not so much to has her dress up and pretend, if that makes sense
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Whoa. She looks amazing with that armor.

Awesome work
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Очень красиво)
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