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King Sombra v0.2

By 1Jaz
Comes now the King of Bones?
Костлявый вышел, на ваш суд...
PTSAI, 9 hours.
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this is absolutely amazing  Celestia Clap 
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Sombra looks beast!
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woah this looks badass 
nice work bro 
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Sombra is totally evil.
King Sombra is so awesome.. great pic!
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now that is amazing
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Awesome, great job. :)
so evil... BUT SO COOL XD
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All hail The Great King Sombra! The King of Kings!
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Потрясно ! Мне нравятся черепа на плечах и блики от рога ! Он и вправду злобный !
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Beautiful effects! Creepy and full of doom, love it! x3
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Looks pretty evil all right. Job well done I say.
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Reminds me of the crystal cavern and Seathe the Scaleless in Dark Souls.
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Is this supposed to portray Sombra's initial return during S3 premiere, or is it supposed to be later chronologically?
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epic, jaz. epic.
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