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After the story

By 1Jaz
Commisson for :iconorriannadyre:

PS, ~30 hours.  story:…

Yes... for me it was long, perhaps too long. Don't ask how many thousands of brush strokes went on the damn tree. For this purpose people usually use a custom brush, but it seems that I'm not looking for easy ways. Why?

Happy new year! =)

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so how many brush strokes went into that "damn tree"?
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This is just all so beautifull & amazing! :o
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Красотища! Love Люблю сады.
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I just love how Princess Celestia looks so content and relaxed in her downtime. It's such a lovely, relaxing image overall. Well done!
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First off, he two princesses are fantastic: both quite beautiful and very lively in detail and mood. (It's good to see things worked out so well in the story, though I did skip ahead.) Celestia's contentment just to play with the water is sweet and gives a relaxed feeling; Twilight's glance and smile shows her adoration for her former mentor, especially now that Twilight is so much wiser. I can almost hear the sound of the water and the light gusts occasionally stirring up the petals. The garden itself is spectacular, with so many great items and too many wonderful little details in each to list. The lighting adds a wonderful mood to the scene, a little more relaxed, while also helping me imagine the breeze getting cooler.


So yes, you did an awesome job bringing it to life. Super thanks to you and OrriannaDyre for sharing this with us.
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wow, this is so stunning!
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It's nice of you to upload these in wallpaper usable resolution and not destroy them with a giant watermark... We need more people like you.
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And then Celly went and kissed Twilight...
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how long, in the name of celestia, did this take you to paint?
i see 30 hours in the description but i find that incredible  
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Fantastic piece.

I just have to talk about two things. First is about the water splashing on Celestia's hoof. The water looks like it's turning to cement on her hoof. Just something that's bothering me.
Second thing is that there is something off about Celestia's eye. It almost looks robotic. It could be because the color of her eye (the white part) is of a darker pigment. Twilight's eye is perfect.
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Wow great job on the details. I like that late sunset, it adds to that feeling of serenity that this pic imparts along with the fountain and garden, and I also like the the details on Celestia's regalia. Keep up the good work!
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Wow! This is a gorgeous piece!
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I'm "watching" you this new year! ;) :+fav:
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....such a beautiful picture and such a beautiful story too.
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Absolutely wonderful piece. Fantastic work.
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My Celestia, it's beautiful!
New wallpaper for me now.
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DAmn son this is so pretty I got to use me safe glasses !
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