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”Damn, it’s cold”, Max whispered next to Zero. Pink haired, 19-years-old boy had stood there time that felt like hours, and the damn giant still wasn’t finished with the cigarette.

“Shut up, shorty”, Zero growled as he sat on the bench that had been brought on the balcony just hour ago.  His dark brown hair was tied up to a messy ponytail and his dark eyes narrowed. “Go back inside, idiot. You’ll get sick.”

Max raised one pink eyebrow to that.  “Screw you”, he muttered and sat down next to Zero. Zero glanced him shortly before he sucked hard on the tobacco. The smoke rose to the dark sky when Zero blew it out of his lungs.

“Why did you stay here?” He asked and ensured that there wasn’t anyone behind the window. Group of people he barely knew was still “celebrating” his birthday inside, and he really didn’t want to have any kind of contact to the party. “I thought that you had something planned for this night.”

“Hey, what’s better than sitting here”, Max shivered, “in cold”, this was added quietly, “chatting with you.”

For the first time in the evening there was a verifiable smile on brunette’s lips.  “Go inside, dumbass”, he said and nudged Max’s shoulder with his own. “I’ll come right behind you.”

“But I heard that you shouldn’t be alone in your birthday or you’ll be alone the whole next year.”

“It’s about New Year, idiot. Just get inside.”

“What, did you already get bored with me?” Max asked, a little smile spreading to his lips.

“Yes”, Zero said and tried hard to look serious. It was almost believable, just a little twitching in the corner of his lips told Max that he was more than welcome to a tiny balcony.

“Well, in that case”, Max murmured and smirked, “I’d better give you your present before I’ll go inside.”

Zero frowned. Max’s gifts were always more like practical tricks. He was a total cliché about that, Zero had opened way too many boxes that had a jack-in-the-box in them. He just wondered what kind of trick Max had in his mind this time.

Before he even knew it Max bend closer to him, and Zero’s eyes widened, when he felt cold fingertips caress his stubble roughed chin. He didn’t even have time to breathe before soft lips pressed softly against his in a sweet, almost innocent kiss.

The touch was feather soft, but it turned everything around. It was nothing like Zero had ever experimented, his heart felt like it would explode and his stomach tied itself to knots. He’s hands grabbed Max’s hoodie’s  sleeve and he tried to pull Max closer, but the same moment Max backed away from him and stormed inside.

Zero was left confused and shocked. He could taste Max’s sweet taste on his lips, and his feelings were in total chaos.

Oh, now you are in trouble, he thought to himself as he licked his lips and send predatory glance to balcony’s door.

Bright red blush rose to his pale face at the same time as he turned up his nose.

“Damn that kid.”

Oooooooookay, don't hate me people, i really can't write english, so trere WILL be some MAJOR typos and all that, but i'm having some kind off... stress from school and stuff, and i really needed to blow off some steam.

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Max & Zero (c) me
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I just wanted to ask you (because I do this with most stories I read) would you like me to mention typos in each part so you could fix them? or screw that idea, you're not going back? ._. which?