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Out Of Mind by AquariusAnqel
Jinzo Unleashed - chapter 23Chapter 23Leon had escaped Dawn's cry now, and he was still in the empty house. He was sitting on one of the boxes, still thinking of Cal, who hadn't heard from him recently. He looked angry. More than being upset.Suddenly someone came in stealthily, but Leon didn't care. He didn't want to see who came, and he thought it was Dawn who came in and would ask what was wrong with him. He took no notice of her.- Dawn, get out of here! he shouted. I want to be left alone! Can you hear me?No answer. Several steps were still approaching. Could it be Dawn who didn't listen to him?- Dawn, get out of here! urged Leon sternly. What did I tell you? I want to be left alone!Again, no answer. The shadow approached him, and it turned out that it wasn't Dawn. Who could it be?- Are you talking to yourself?A voice twitched, and he turned and saw how Ren had come with his left arm wrapped around a bandage. He didn't look like his normal self.- Well, is that you? said Leon, staring angrily at him. I thought it was Dawn who had come.- Dawn? Ren said repeatedly, looking sour. There is no Dawn here. You wouldn't be here.- Why? Leon asked aloud. You know I want to be alone! Dawn is after me!Ren snouted.- Stand out then! he snapped. I also want to be alone. No one should be with me. Not even you.Leon got up frustrated and picked up a plank to get him to get out of here.- No, stand out first! he shouted angrily. Do it! I've had enough of people who are after me!He swung the plank in front of him so that Ren backed a few steps.- Damn, what you're rude! he roared angrily. You're the one to stand out first! Not me!- What's happening?A voice was heard, and Dawn immediately came in to see what was going on. She saw Ren wearing the bandage on his arm.- Oh, hey! she greeted and seemed cunning. I tried to talk to Leon, but he didn't listen to me. Can I talk to him?- Dawn! exclaimed Leon, looking at her. What are you doing here?- Get out of here, you two! said Ren, baring his teeth. Or should I attack you if you don't?The tentacles grew out of his back, and both Leon and Dawn stared at them in horror. Dawn held her mouth shut and looked scared, while Leon stared panting at the tentacles.- What the...? he began. W-what happened to you?!- There's nothing wrong with me! exclaimed Ren and smiled wickedly. Should you be here, I'll attack you!Then the tentacle monster appeared out of his back, and Leon and Dawn screamed hysterically and ran from here towards the exit.They ran out of the house and tried to find their way out of Makotyo.- Where are we going? cried Leon along with Dawn.He and Dawn stopped and felt stressed when they were frightened by Ren.- That way! Dawn shouted and ran in the direction she had come from.Leon followed her as they tried to find the path where they had come from.When they ran away, Ren ran after them with the tentacle monster holding on to him.- Run away what you can! he shouted. But you can't hide!Leon and Dawn eventually came to an exit where they came from. But despite that, it was instead a high fence, which was difficult for them to get away.- We're stuck! panted Dawn. There is nowhere to pick us up! It's stop!A laugh was heard from Ren, and Leon turned and saw a couple of large boxes piled up in a pile where the third was next to it.- I've got it! he said. Let's get up!He ran to the drawers and got up.- Dawn! Come up! he shouted. We have to get out of here!Dawn did as he told, and she tried to get up as he grabbed her arm and pulled her up.- You don't want me to scare you, do you?The voice that belonged to Ren shouted, and both Leon and Dawn managed to get up to the last box when they were ready to jump down over the fence. They turned around and saw how Ren came closer with a laugh.- Take us if you can, you jerk! shouted Leon. You have scared us enough!- Why? cried Ren, and got up on the box. I like to scare people what I want!Dawn trembled with fear, and Leon took her hand and was ready to jump down.- Hold on, Dawn! he said.Dawn nodded when she felt ready, and then she and Leon took a leap and jumped down from the drawers over the fence. Ren saw how they did it.- That was crazy! he muttered, climbing through the last box.Leon and Dawn had fallen and got up when they survived unharmed.- Are you okay, Dawn? Leon wondered, looking at Dawn.- Yes, I'm okay, Dawn replied, straightening her hat.- You stay there! shouted Ren who was already up on the top drawer and was ready to jump down over the fence.Leon turned and looked at him.- Ouch! he said. Come on, we're leaving, Dawn!He took Dawn's hand, and both of them ran away to try to escape, and Ren jumped down over the fence and saw them run away. He fell on the ground, but ended up on his feet instead of lying on the ground. He looked angry.- Eediots, he muttered angrily.The tentacle monster looked at him with a wondering look. Ren looked up at it and patted it calmly.- Let them run away, he assured. We have already scared them now. It's good.He turned and went to the fence to climb through it. Could he climb up?Leon and Dawn were back outside the white house, and they had told Quackerjack and Megavolt about what had happened there in Makotyo. Byumaki wasn't here because he was already in his room, so only Quackerjack and Megavolt were there.- Oh really? laughed Quackerjack. Have you been persecuted by Ren? You must be kidding!But neither Leon nor Dawn was amused by his laughter, and Leon looked serious. More than Dawn.- We are serious! he protested angrily. When Dawn came to me to talk to me, she saw that Ren was with me! He did not look healthy! I wonder what's wrong with him!Quackerjack and Megavolt looked at each other. Then Megavolt said:- Nonsense! Ren can't be there in Makotyo just because he is healthy. It's just that.Leon groaned and stomped his foot.- You don't understand me! he screamed. And neither do you understand Dawn!- It's true! Dawn tried. I swear that! Ren is not healthy just because he has a tentacle monster on his back. Leon is right.But even though she and Leon were telling the truth, neither Quackerjack nor Megavolt believed in them. They turned on their heels and immediately went into the house.- You just make up, said Quackerjack with a smile whose teeth were shown. Just calm down, there is nothing to be upset about. Come on in, we'll arrange a lunch!Leon sighed. He was tired of hearing the nonsense of Quackerjack and Megavolt, and Dawn agreed with him. She put her hand on his shoulder.- I understand why you're sad, she said and seemed to comfort him.Leon pulled her hand away from his shoulder.- Nah! That's okay, he said in a reassuring tone. I was angry that Cal didn't come to me.- Cal? said Dawn questioningly. Why didn't he do that? I thought you had finished work in one day.Leon shook his head.- Not without him, he muttered and looked down at the lawn. I had been waiting for him for quite some time. But he didn't come. I decided to be back outside this house. And I left the scrap yard.He looked up at her.- I will talk to Susan and Quesadilla about it, he added.Dawn heard the chirping of birds, and she saw a pair of chaffinches fly towards a tree with a song waiting to attract a female.
Taiyoukei-Gai De - chapter 2424. UraniaUrania seemed to take revenge on the one who did it, and they stood face to face with all nine who trembled with fear.- I have done my job to defeat the sun, they said.- Why did you defeat the sunbeam? cried Florina.- Therefore, I ask you to stay away from the sun immediately! said Urania, sounding stern. Let the fog stay!- Never! Florina shouted and sounded angry. Both Silica and I helped defeat the fog!- I'm doing my job! proclaimed Silica and used her firepower to defeat the fog.She aimed the fire at the clouds, and she pushed it away until the clouds were crushed and turned black until they disappeared, and the turquoise fog began to disappear.Espio, Tikal, Quackerjack and Megavolt saw how satisfying it was.- Wow! exclaimed Tikal.- Stop! Urania shouted and fired their forces that consisted of a strong wind. You can't defeat me and the fog!- Of course we can! Florina shouted and fired her hard blow at him until she met. Sulphere! Iodina! You others! Help us defeat them!The other six did as she was told, and Iodina asked the excavator to stay when she and the five helped wrestle Urania.- Stay, buddy! she urged. We help defeat Urania!- We do it like this! shouted Espio. Megavolt, you stay with me, and Tikal and Quackerjack, you run into the spaceship and activate the laser! Can you do that?He first looked at Megavolt, and then Tikal and Quackerjack.- But..., Tikal began. I don't know how to do it!- Just come with me, and I'll show you one thing! said Quackerjack and asked her to come with him. I don't know if you have done it, but it will be easy anyway.He and Tikal ran off to the spaceship, and Megavolt looked for them. He turned his head to Espio.- Are you sure they will activate the laser? he asked. How do you know that?- You didn't activate the laser when you shot other enemies? Espio asked.Megavolts shook his head.- No, but me and Quacky only tested it when we shot several times before we drove the spaceship, he replied. Honestly...He cleared his throat before continuing.- Let's not waste our time and let the elements be wasted!- We're not going to! said Espio, raising his sword.He drew his sword and was ready to attack. He saw how Silica and Florina tried to defeat Urania with their forces and the grey clouds with the turquoise fog. Sulphere and Iodina had to protect the elements so as not to let Urania try to defeat them.- They're too strong! Silica shouted as she fired several fire comets at him. They will not lose the battle!- I know, it's very awkward! exclaimed Sulphere as she fired several icicles at them.- We help you! cried Espio as he and Megavolt ran towards the other side behind Urania.When they arrived, Megavolt began:- I have to attack first! Then you can chop off the cloud into small pieces!- No problem! said Espio, giving a thumbs up.Megavolt activated his electric power while still standing behind Urania as the elements tried to defeat them, causing them to laugh wickedly and uncontrollably. Eventually he electrified them, and he began to shout very loudly.The elements saw what he was doing. Urania fell off the cloud and quickly landed on the ground when they became unconscious.- It was like the cat! Silica gasped as she looked them lying on the ground without moving.When Megavolt had defeated him, Espio ran to the cloud and chopped it to pieces until they became smaller than just.Now that the turquoise fog didn't have a chance to be here due to the end of Urania, it began to disappear, and Florina controlled the grey clouds until they disappeared, and a blue ray coming from the spaceship was about to destroy the fog clouds. Finally the sun came out, and Florina saw how one of the sunbeams was still broken when she realized that it was impossible to shine.- Hope my family will be happy when the beam is restored, she said and flew up to activate her power.Her rainbow forces went straight towards the beam, and when the colors changed, the beam was finally restored, and the sun shone even more, and it made her happy. The others too.Tikal and Quackerjack had returned after turning off the beam, and Florina had explained to them that the sun was shining. Forever.- It was well done, Florina! said Tikal, clasping her hands in joy.- Thank you, Tikal! said Florina, smiling. I fly to my family and talk to them about Urania. Do you take care of them? They won't get away.She looked at Espio and the six, and they were able to nod.- No problem, Espio said and gave a thumbs up. We tie them down.- See you later, Florina! said Sulphere, waving goodbye.Florina waved back, and then she flew away with the long transparent shawl through the sky.
New Day - chapter 26Chapter 26Yazo, Ginekuto, Seppo and Dakki were with Kaguya now, and when they were in the living room, Pyuso came in with them and sat down on the stool.- Hello guys! she greeted happily. Nice to see you again! Have you heard anything about Masashi?Her smile went out when Kaguya, who was sitting on the armchair, looked at her in surprise.- Masashi? she said repeatedly. What are you talking about?- Yeah, he was arrested by the police... yesterday, Pyuso replied. That's why he had to be stopped.- Actually, he was at large with a couple of guys, Ginekuto pointed out. It seemed like they were freeing him. We had heard that before. They were going to blow up the karate school when Dakki and I stopped them, and after all, the police stopped them. Especially when they stopped Masashi again.Pyuso gasped and seemed shocked. Kaguya couldn't believe her ears when she heard about it.- Holy Moly...! she began.- Really?! exclaimed Pyuso. How did it come about that Masashi was at large? I mean, how dare he have any plans to destroy the karate school?- I have a proof that says that he and the two did it, said Ginekuto and picked up his mobile to show the photo and the clip to her.When he showed the photo and the clip to her, Pyuso stared at them, and then she realized he was right. He had told them that Masashi and the boys had been caught.- Oh, dear! exclaimed Pyuso, feeling a sense of relief. I'm glad he's stuck. Did you see the incident, mom?Kaguya sighed. Not by disappointment, but by shock.- It was like..., she started. Yeah, he had been mean to me, and I was afraid of him. I wanted to make him trust me. But he didn't. Both my ex-husband, Manabe, and Masashi had been mean to me, so I filed for divorce and moved away without either Manabe or Masashi. I was afraid they would attack me again.She sighed and let the tears run down her cheeks, and she wiped them with a handkerchief and sniffed. Pyuso patted her shoulder.- Your husband's not here, is he? said Yazo with a wondering look. I mean your new husband?Kaguya shook her head.- No, he hasn't been with us for several months, she replied.- Where is he now then? Seppo wondered.Kaguya grabbed her forehead and shook her head again. Pyuso spoke.- I think he was kidnapped, she replied. I haven't seen him in a very long time.- What's your father's name? Seppo asked, looking at her.Pyuso pulled the fringe out of her forehead.- His name is Gangaru, she replied, and he had worked with Senji. They did a good job in the laboratory, while Masashi and my stepfather Manabe had done a bad job.- But didn't Tsuji work for Manabe and Masashi? Ginekuto asked, sounding unsure.- Yes, but he thought they were doing a bad job, Pyuso replied, so he decided to resign from the job in the hope of applying for a new job.- He should have worked for Gangaru and Senji, Seppo said with a smile.- Maybe, said Pyuso and hesitated a bit. But it's not certain whether he would work for them or not.Yazo cleared his throat.- Speaking of work, he began. Do you know who kidnapped Gangaru?Kaguya got up carefully as she prepared the food for herself and Pyuso.- I don't know, guys, she said. I can't say who.- I think I know who, said Pyuso.- Say it then! asked Seppo, looking tense.Pyuso sighed.- Dr. Manabe, she replied. I saw how he took dad with him. I recognized the voice, but he was wearing black.- That Manabe, Kaguya sighed and didn't look happy.She looked at all four, including Dakki, who was still sitting on Ginekuto's shoulder.- Please! she asked. Whatever you do, find Manabe. And be careful! There may be strict security guards. I'm convinced they're in the industrial area where Manabe is now. He probably has poor Gangaru left.- Don't worry, Kaguya, said Yazo, smiling. We must be careful. Dakki here knows where the guards are.- Dakki? Kaguya repeated questioningly.- Yes, the little thing sitting on Gin's shoulder, Yazo said, pointing to Dakki with his hand. He's the one who helps us solve problems. He knows what to do.- Yes! He, yes! exclaimed Kaguya, looking at Dakki. How nice! Are you helping the guys solve the problem?She sounded happy and looked curious, and Dakki nodded in agreement.- Sure! he replied. Dakki always helps them do that.- We promise to stop Manabe, Kaguya and Pyuso, said Yazo and bowed briefly. Don't worry. We're here to save Gangaru. We're leaving now!He smiled and walked out of the living room, and Ginekuto with Dakki and Seppo followed him.- Be careful, guys! cried Pyuso as Kaguya went after them.- We promise, Pyu! cried Seppo.Yazo unlocked the door and opened it as he and the three walked out of the hall. Kaguya came to them and waved goodbye.- See you soon! she called. I'm locking up for you!- Okay! No problem! Ginekuto shouted when he and the three had already left.The door was closed behind them by Kaguya.
Szentendre - chapter 77. LiszaViktór and Jonázs were left in the interrogation room when they remained at the table with the woman who remained. Samu also when he stood at the door.- Yeah, you. Lisza, Viktór began to say and looked at the woman. What was going on when you tried to steal the fruit in the square? Can you tell us about it?The woman named Lisza looked up at him.- How do you know my name? she wondered.- Well, Jonázs and I picked up the paper with your name that was on the list, Viktór replied. Since you were suspected of attempted theft, you must admit what you did.Lisza cleared her throat.- I was robbed two days earlier, she started. My friends and I were going to the café when four men came to meet us. They each threatened us with a gun, and they forced us to give them money. Approximately...She thought about it.- Twelve hundred forints, she added.- Twelve hundred forints? Viktór repeated questioningly and frowned.Lisza nodded.- Yes. Twelve hundred forints, she replied. I didn't get my money back. That's why the men who were dressed in black had money with them. They forced me and the others to steal the food and other things.She grabbed her forehead and shook her head in disappointment, and Jonázs wrote everything she said on the paper.- Those damn bastards, muttered Lisza.- These are the same perpetrators, Viktór, Jonázs whispered against Viktór's ear. I'm convinced of that.Viktór scratched his hair.- Why did you say you couldn't afford the money? he asked, looking at Lisza.- Sorry, said Lisza, but it was they, the men, who forced me to steal everything. I wouldn't have done that. That was stupid of me. I could have paid, but I couldn't.- You will get the money soon to buy the fruits, Viktór said and smiled. Jonáz and I will help you do that. We go to the bank to arrange it.Lisza nodded in agreement.- Can I go now? she wondered, not knowing if she would stay or get up.- Yes, you can go now, Viktór answered and got up. Jonázs and I are following you out.Jonázs and Lisza did the same, and before they left, Viktór asked Samu to let him and the two out, and Samu opened the door and asked the guard to let the three go out when the interrogation ended.- Vayk, he said, the interrogation is over. They're going out now.The guard named Vayk let the three out of the interrogation room, and Viktór and Jonázs thanked him and Samu for it when they had Lisza with them.- Before we go to the bank, Viktór started, we have to talk to our boss Odön about it. He's in charge of us, and when our cops are on their way to stop the men who robbed you, we hope they catch them by taking the guns from them.He gestured for her and Jonázs to accompany him to Odön's office, and all three went together after leaving Samu and Vayk.When they were at Odön in his office, Viktór and Jonázs had told him about Lisza who had been robbed because of the four black-dressed men who had ravaged the town every night as well.- Oops! said Odön and seemed puzzled. That was weird! Are the same perpetrators the ones who did it?- Yes, it is, Jonázs replied and nodded briefly. Lisza here has told us about it. The interrogation is over, so we have to help her get her money back.- To buy bananas and apples, of course, Viktór added with a smile.Odön laughed.- Haha! Yeah, at least! I can imagine! he said whose hands fell to his knees.He cleared his throat and said in a serious tone:- Yeah, boys! Since you are going to help her get her money back, isn't it possible to go to the bank to do so?- Yes! Right! We forgot to say it! said Viktor, lighting up. Yes, we'll go to the bank. Or what do you say?- We'll arrange that, said Jonázs and straightened his suit. Right, Lisza?He looked at Lisza who looked unsure.- What if I don't get the right to receive the money, she said gloomily.- It works out, Lisza, said Jonázs. When we're there at the bank, we'll help you declare. We get to talk to those who work there.He turned towards Odön.- Is everything ready? he wondered.- Well then! replied Odön. Go with you, and then come back!Both Jonázs and Viktór nodded in agreement, and they took care of Lisza as they left Odön's office room.
Garry's Mod SFM

Mature Content

Frederika And Margarett Kiss by alcatras45
[SFM] Pardon Me! by TheLisa120
[SFM] Booth vs Drakon by TheLisa120
[SFM] Girls just want to have fun by TheLisa120
Everything Else
Johnny Gat - Hey you forget who I am? III by DashingTonyDrake
Diamond painting - Colourful flower by Gallerica
Diamond painting - Mandala by Gallerica
Diamond painting - Red pink peonies by Gallerica
Only for Jeep Pics, only the Real Jeeps
Screenshot's in Games
Skyrim 8 by TheLisa120
Clay-animation by BryPK
Dark Energy and Chaos by WhiteBoneDemon
Photo Manipulation
The Peacemaker - Well Armed by DashingTonyDrake
Erotic Drawings Mature Arts
Beelze-bun - Halloween 2022 by Marshall123x
Car Pics
Hearts: Ace (Love) by WhiteBoneDemon
Rockstar Games Fan Art's and Pics
Sampboys by humphreylevine2014
Telltale games Fan Art's and Pics
Jeff the Killer in the mirror by Ichthys25
Valve Games Fan Art's and Pics
L4D I Love Horses by birdofyore









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