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The Story Of Kisentsu no. 11TamtamIn the small town Turikin, there was only one industrial area, and it consisted of ten factories, plus a garbage dump and a dump that consisted of only paving stones. On the other side of the industrial area, there was a department store and a grocery store where people took the opportunity to go in and shop with either shopping carts or shopping baskets.Byumaki had brought his moped now, and he took off his helmet and looked around. He was outside the department store.- Interesting, he murmured. I wonder if mom and dad would be inside the department store shopping for goods. But they didn't.He was about to park the moped when he saw a boy his age dressed in a girl with raspberry hair set up in a ponytail with an ice-green stripe in the middle and wearing a black blouse and a floral neon red skirt. He wore a pair of white short socks and grey running shoes. He always wore girls' clothes, instead of boys' clothes, because he wanted people to think he was a girl and not a boy.- Hello there! cried Byumaki. What are you doing over there?The guy looked up and stared at him.- Oh, is that you? he shouted. Why are you asking me?- I'm just wondering! shouted Byumaki. I wonder what you're doing over there!The boy sighed.- My girl buddy forced me to go in there, because she loves to shop, he said angrily. I hate shopping.Byumaki drove the moped to a parking lot for mopeds that were suitable for parking next to bicycles. He parked it, turned it off to lock it and went to the guy.- Do you think it's boring to shop, he said and stretched out his hand as if he wanted to shake hands, so come with me!The boy stared at him and his hand in surprise. He took his hand, and the two of them went to the moped together.- What's your name? asked Byumaki.The boy cleared his throat.- John, he replied. But you can call me Tamtam. It's the name based on a fictional manga character who is a human-like raccoon, created by the Korean Tae Hyun Song. The raccoon is a girl.- Yeah! That sounds nice, Byumaki said with a smile. I don't read manga that often. These are mostly comic books I usually read, and not least fantasy books.He and the boy named Tamtam, whose real name was John, were at the moped.- So you read that, huh? said Tamtam questioningly, looking at him.Byumaki nodded.- Yeah, I usually read manga and draw things like that when I'm free from school, Tamtam added. It's my hobby. Isn't reading your hobby too? I mean fantasy books and comic books?- Yes, Byumaki answered and picked up his helmet to put it on.He opened the door to pick up an extra helmet. He picked it up and gave it to Tamtam.- Here! he said. It's dangerous to ride without a helmet, as you can either be injured or die. Therefore, I ask you to put on your helmet before we drive. That's very important.- Thank you, Byumaki! said Tamtam, receiving the helmet to put on.When Byumaki had closed the door on the moped, Tamtam put on his helmet, and Byumaki started the moped to unlock it. He pulled his foot up as he and Tamtam got on the moped to drive away from the department store.- Ready? shouted Byumaki. Hold me, so you don't fly off!- You forgot your helmet! said Tamtam, noticing how Byumaki had forgotten his helmet.- Yeah, that's right! I mustn't forget that! said Byumaki, laughing embarrassed.He put on his helmet, and Tamtam held him around his waist until Byumaki began to drive away. Then he drove away from the department store with Tamtam behind him.As they drove through the road past the trees, they were on their way to the Suikisen, and suddenly they saw four peacocks, only males, coming flying around in the middle of the road. They screamed in confusion.- What's the matter now? Byumaki wondered, looking at them anxiously. Why are they flying around in the middle of the road?He stopped with the moped, which frightened Tamtam, and he was afraid to fly out.- Careful, Byumaki! he shouted hysterically. I don't want to fly out! You know that!- Sorry, Tamtam! said Byumaki, understanding his fear. That wasn't the intention. I have to stop abruptly, because the peacocks are in the middle of the road.He got off the moped, took off his helmet and went to the peacocks to calm them down.He went to the peacocks and asked them to calm down.- Hello there, boys! he shouted. Why are you rushing around screaming? It's dangerous to be here!A couple of cars in a row came up and stopped there. The drivers saw how the peacocks remained anxious, and the peacocks didn't know where to go. Byumaki, who had already come here, asked them to calm down.- There! Calm down! he urged. Where are you from? I've said it's dangerous to be here. The cars are there, and they can drive on you if you don't move.He pointed to the cars with his hand.The drivers, who were the men with a woman and a boy in company in one of the cars and an older girl in the other, still saw what was going on. They turned off the engine and immediately got out of the cars.- Aren't they from the zoo in Suikisen over there? one of the men wondered, pointing to Suikisen with his hand. Then they must be from the zoo.Byumaki heard what he said.- Yes, I think so, he replied. I haven't been to the zoo lately. The last time I was there was when I was a little boy. Tamtam, he said, turning to Tamtam, do you know the peacocks?Tamtam asked him to come here, and Byumaki did as he was told.- Wouldn't you turn off the engine? Tamtam wondered. I can't leave the moped when the engine is on.- Yeah, that's right! I would do that, said Byumaki, turning off the engine of the moped. There! Now you can get off.Tamtam got off the moped when Byumaki had turned off the engine. He took off his helmet and looked closely at the peacocks when he realized he recognized them.- Yes, that's right, he said. Of course they're from the zoo. My dad works there, and I'm going to calm them down.He went to the peacocks and asked them to calm down. And it helped. The peacocks realized that they recognized him, and they turned and looked at him with a scream.- Hello there, dear little darlings! he greeted. Have you lost your way? I don't know where you have been, but I will take you home immediately.He asked them to move, hoping to ask them to line up along the side of the road.- Come here, boys! he urged, and the peacocks listened to him as they followed his advice.As he began to walk along the side of the road, Byumaki asked motorists to hop in the cars. The men did as they were told, and they jumped into the cars immediately to start driving. Byumaki gestured with his arms, and the men nodded and started driving.- Thank you! shouted one of them.- No problem! shouted Byumaki. Good luck with the trip!He waved to the men and the other passengers, and all five waved back. The cars drove away - and there were not only two but also five cars that stood before.When the cars had stopped a few minutes earlier, three more cars followed them.The cars had driven away, and Tamtam shouted at Byumaki:- Just as good to drive past us, huh? You're driving away, but wait for me there, please!- Okay! shouted Byumaki as he put the helmet in the door that Tamtam had been wearing when they came here.He put on his helmet again and started the engine to start the moped. And when it was all over, he began to drive, and he drove past Tamtam who went with the peacocks following behind him.- See you later! he shouted, waving at him.- We'll do that! shouted Tamtam, waving back.When Byumaki arrived in the parking lot, he went with the moped to a bicycle parking lot to park it among bicycles. He parked it at the bike rack and turned off the engine when he locked it with the key. He took off his helmet and put it in the door to close. When he had done so, he locked the door so that no one would open it to steal the helmets.He went to the zoo and saw how a man in his 40s looked sad and disappointed. He had a stubby beard and wore a light gray t-shirt and just plain jeans and shoes. He wasn't wearing work clothes, Byumaki understood.- Hello there! he shouted with a bus whistle. I heard how the peacocks disappeared from this zoo! Is it true?The man standing by the toilet stall turned and looked at him.- Y-yes! That's right! he stammered with a shout. Who are you?Byumaki walked closer to him and cleared his throat.- My name is Byumaki Kuchiki, he introduced himself, and I'm turned into a gyara. I never want to hurt someone like you.The man realized that he was telling the truth. He scratched his hair and cleared his throat as well.- Uh... Yes, that's right! I get it! he said with a crooked smile. I'm Caleb. I noticed that four of our peacocks disappeared without a trace, and it seemed as if someone had deliberately scared them away.- Tamtam will come with them as soon as possible, Byumaki pointed out and looked elsewhere. He knows where he's going somewhere.- John? said the man named Caleb surprised. Is he coming with them?- Yes, he does, replied Byumaki. We met outside the department store in Turikin, and we decided to have a moped ride. That's until we came to a road to this city where the peacocks were.Caleb left the toilet booth.- Yes, John was forced to be on his way to the department store thanks to his girl buddy who wanted to shop, he said. I don't know why she would ask him to act, but it's actually stupid to get him to do it. He doesn't like to shop. I have to blame the girl who did that to him.After twenty minutes, Tamtam came here with the peacocks to him and Byumaki, and he had told him that he would never again meet the girl who wanted to shop too often again, and he had decided to go ahead and find new friends like Byumaki.Byumaki, of course, had begun to like him, as other girls such as Zora Yuna and Penelope, the shuran. Tamtam said he had a love interest in boys only, which shocked him, but it did nothing. He liked him anyway.- Look over there! exclaimed Caleb as he watched the peacocks get closer. There you are! Where have you been? My colleagues and I have been worried about you. It seems that someone has scared you away. But no one has done that, huh?He looked at Tamtam and Byumaki.- Guys, I'm very glad you found them somewhere outside our city. What would I have done without them? What would the others have done without them? What if the females get rid of their partners?Byumaki pounded his back.- They certainly don't, Caleb, he said, smiling. Tamtam was the one who knew them when we came to them. Right, Tamtam?He turned his head to Tamtam, and Tamtam was able to nod.- Yes, I did, he said.He, Byumaki and Caleb went together when they took the peacocks with them to a farm where four peahens were. They left the males to them, and the males went to the females, and in the end all eight became together again and never forgot each other again.Tamtam turned and looked at Byumaki.- This is my father, Caleb, he said and introduced Caleb who was his father.- I know, said Byumaki, we have already presented before.He looked at Caleb.- He's your son, right? he said. He's about the same age as me. That's what he's told me about you.- Of course he is! Caleb said with a wide smile. He's my son.He held Tamtam, and they both laughed. Byumaki did the same. The peacocks, which were both males and females, gave a cry, and it was heard throughout the zoo.
Taiyoukei-Gai De - chapter 2323. The excavator helpsThe robot, which was an excavator, accompanied Espio, Florina and Iodina to the spaceship, where Quackerjack, Megavolt and Sulphere followed them with the water hose and the sprayer.When everyone arrived at the spaceship, Silica said:- How good you're here! So it's time to dig in and turn it into soil, right?- The ground is the soil, Silica, said Iodina. Since it has been so hard that it was difficult to sow the grass seeds, it's likely to do so now. Without an excavator, we can't sow the grass seeds at all.- Yes, exactly! exclaimed Silica, lighting up. Now I get it! So it's time, huh? I just said that.She smiled, and Iodina pounded her shoulder.- You're funny, you, she said with an amusing smile.The excavator was about to start digging when Iodina asked it to listen to her.- Listen now, buddy! she began. Before you begin, I want you to listen to me.The excavator turned its head towards her and listened carefully to her.- When the ground is hard, Iodina continued, feel it, and then dig. When you have finished digging the ground, then we see that it is a soil. Then it's easier to sow the seeds. When we have done that, Sulphere and the two earths water until the grass begins to grow. Do you understand?The excavator nodded in agreement, and it started as she said.When all the ground had been dug, all eight saw that it was a soil, and Iodina began to sow as quickly as possible. When she had done that, Sulphere started watering the earth with the hose when she had snapped her fingers to get the water to start.Tikal saw how the plant had started to grow until it had become a young tree.- Hey, look! she shouted, pointing to the young tree. The tree has grown up now! Do you see that?All eight turned around and saw how the tree had grown.- Yeah, there you see! exclaimed Quackerjack. That's beautiful!- Do you think so? Iodina wondered with a proud smile.- Yes, I think so, Espio replied and smiled. It will be a beautiful tree anyway.- I think so too, said Tikal and looked happy.- Fine! said Megavolt.- There you see! in Sulphere. I think you and I have done a good job. Not true?- Well then, said Iodina, nodding. I think so. Should we continue, do you think?She looked at the excavator nodding in response and continued to dig other hard ground.After ten minutes, it started to get tired and decided to take a break before it could continue. Iodina took the opportunity to sow even more seeds on the ground, and then Sulphere watered the soil with the hose.After five minutes, the excavator was able to continue digging on the remaining ground, and then Iodina sowed the seeds, and finally Sulphere watered the soil. Both breathed.- So, it feels neither hot nor cold, Quackerjack pointed out and felt how cool it was. Just cool. Can you tell me how many degrees it's out here, Florina?He looked at Florina, and Florina nodded.- Eighteen, if I'm not mistaken, she replied. We elements neither freezes nor sweats.- Not?! said Megavolt, looking at her in surprise. Not like other people on earth do?Florina shook her head.- No, I don't think so, she said. You see, we elements are aliens that resemble humans. In addition to we elements that live on this planet, there are other aliens that resemble animals and robots. Sometimes there are dangerous robots to beware of. But in fact, I don't think they're with us. Not even in that technology where we've been.She looked up at the sky, but she didn't look happy when the grey clouds blocked the sunlight.- So, please! she moaned.- What is it now? Silica wondered, looking at her anxiously.- I'm convinced that it's Urania who blocks the sunlight, Florina pointed out.- Who's Urania? Quackerjack wondered and didn't know who Urania was.- My cousin, Florina replied and looked worried. They threatens us with their terrible forces to destroy the sunlight.Then a wind element came here with the flying grey cloud where they were sitting. They were dressed in a silvery suit without sleeves and had a silvery fluffy hair in a lock that resembled a cotton candy. They were neither a man nor a woman, and they looked angry when they came here.Florina stared at them with a fear.- Urania! she exclaimed.- Urania? repeated Sulphere, looking at her.She turned her head to the element named Urania.- How dare you let the sun shine through the clouds? they roared. I want it to be destroyed!- No! said Florina. It should not be destroyed! The sun can't die, that's why.- Why not? Urania asked, looking threatening. Of course it can die! Stay away from it!The clouds that turned grey huddled together, and the turquoise fog returned. Espio, Tikal, Quackerjack, Megavolt, the four elements and the robot gasped and stared in horror at it.- Oh, no! Not again! exclaimed Megavolt.- Not the fog now again! moaned Quackerjack and facepalmed.
New Day - chapter 25Chapter 25The police cars arrived outside the karate school, and the police again arrested Masashi and the boys who were suspected of an attempt to blow up a building. Who carried the tear gases and made them fall on the three? Well - Ginekuto and Dakki did it. Ginekuto had managed to film the three and reported them to the police, and he thought to warn Yazo and Seppo about it tomorrow.- They got what they deserved, he said when he saw Masashi and the boys being taken away by the police.- Yeah, as long as they don't continue like this, I hope, said Dakki who sat on his shoulder. I had warned you about them. Didn't I have it?- Yes, said Ginekuto and smiled. You had it.In the morning, he told Yazo and Seppo about the incident that happened at both the industry and the karate school where the boys committed a lot of crimes, and he had shown the film to them about them. Yazo seemed puzzled when he heard that.- Is it true? he asked. Did you see how they did it?- Yes, look here! said Ginekuto and pressed the button to show the display.He pressed the display, and he searched for a photo he had posted, and finally found it and showed it to Yazo and Seppo.- Here it is! he said. You see how they did.Yazo and Seppo saw what the guys looked like. When they saw their face and faces, they realized that Ginekuto was right.- You're right, said Yazo. That must be Masashi and the company! Are they arrested now?- Yes, they are, Ginekuto replied. Dakki and I discovered them. I managed to stop them with the help of Dakki. And we did a great job!He gave a thumbs up with a smile.- Think you did a good job, Yazo said, pounding his shoulder. Well done! Did Dakki sleep over with you last night?- Yep! He did, Ginekuto replied. I cycled there to his home and left him this morning, and he thanked me for the ride and the overnight stay.- It was nicely done, Yazo said and smiled.- Who's Dakki? Seppo wondered.- A little pixie, Yazo replied. I don't think you have met him yet. You'll get to see him.- Yeah. You get to know anyone, Ginekuto said and smiled.- I understand, said Seppo and grinned.The boys had picked up Dakki when they were going to cycle to Pyuso's mother named Kaguya, and Yazo had introduced his half-brother to Dakki. After all, they came to a high-rise building with the note that Yazo was holding in his hand. Asami had told before, and Chanya had already written the note on any street.Now everyone knew that Kaguya lived there. When they had parked their bikes among other bikes and locked them, they went to an entrance where the intercom was located. They searched for Kaguya's name - and finally found it, and Yazo pressed the button.- Time to say hello, he said and started whistling in four seconds.Some beeps were heard on the intercom, and a voice said:- Yeah, hello?The voice came from a woman who sounded familiar. It was Pyuso's mother, Kaguya.The boys recognized her, but they didn't know before where she lived somewhere. But they had found the right path anyway.- Hey, Kaguya! It's Yazo and the company, Yazo said. May we come in and talk a little?- Of course it goes well! said Kaguya's voice. I'm letting you go.The call ended, and the door was unlocked when it was possible to enter.Yazo began to open the door, and he and the three entered through it and let it close itself.They were going to the fourth floor, according to the name on the intercom. They were waiting for the elevator when Yazo had pressed the button, and after several seconds the elevator came down here, and the door was unlocked. They opened the door and went through it into the elevator. Then the door closed itself, and Yazo pressed one of the buttons with the four on top.Now that they had taken the elevator to the fourth floor, they came out of it and looked around.- Where are we? Dakki wondered and looked around.- We're on the fourth floor, Ginekuto replied. We'll see where Kaguya lives somewhere.Then Seppo saw the name of the door he recognized.- There's the door! he said, pointing to it.- Then we go there to it, said Yazo and went out to it first.Ginekuto with Dakki on his shoulder and Seppo followed him when they had left the elevator whose door closed itself. When all four arrived, Yazo rang the doorbell. It took seven seconds before the door was unlocked and opened - and then it was done, and a middle-aged woman stood holding the door handle. She had a reddish-brown curly hair with a tiara on it with a bow on and was wearing a floral dress.- Hey! she greeted happily. It's you who have come with the craft, I see! Do you want to talk about something interesting?- Of course we have! Yazo replied, bowing. We have something important to tell you about. You're Kaguya?- Come in! said the woman and walked away. Yes, I'm Kaguya. Pyusos mother.All four followed her in, and then the door behind them was closed and locked.

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Garry's Mod SFM
She's sleeping so nice... by LordBuwaroElexion

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Frederika And Margarett Kiss by alcatras45
[SFM] Pardon Me! by TheLisa120
[SFM] Booth vs Drakon by TheLisa120
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Diamond painting - Flowers by Gallerica
Diamond painting - Hidden face by Gallerica
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Mickey Mouse and his friends by Gallerica
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Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 limited 1995! by LordBuwaroElexion
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Skyrim 8 by TheLisa120
Clay-animation by BryPK
Dark Energy and Chaos by WhiteBoneDemon
Photo Manipulation
Armored Spider-Man - Wall Crawler III by DashingTonyDrake
Erotic Drawings Mature Arts

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Mess on the table  DA safe by Flakyrapesfaceplz
Car Pics
Hearts: Ace (Love) by WhiteBoneDemon
Rockstar Games Fan Art's and Pics
The Great Sun... by LordBuwaroElexion
Telltale games Fan Art's and Pics
Jeff the Killer in the mirror by Ichthys25
Valve Games Fan Art's and Pics
L4D I Love Horses by birdofyore









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