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Hello everyone!

I have just recently released my new game called Slowdive on Gamejolt!
It is a game where you play as the last remnant of a dead civilization going on a journey to rediscover lost memories and the place you once called home. In this project I was trying to combine exploration and puzzle elements, but the main aspect was to create certain atmosphere, which would give player the feeling of isolation and sadness. Themes I was interested in were: Longing, homesickness, nostalgia.
The main story line is complex and subtle, it's mostly driven by symbolism and collectable memories.

Another thing is that this is an early build and the game is still in development.
New content to be added in the future. The reason behind this, is that I was developing this game since autumn, and it grew bigger than I had anticipated, which was slowly eating my motivation, and I thought that I will never finish it.. I am very interested to hear all sort of opinions about the game and ways to improve it, this would help me a lot!

Thank you!

You can find the game here:…
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По-любому саачаю твои игры когда вернусь домой.
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Спасибо! :)
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Не верится просто, что я в этой части целый год уже проебланил. Как пацаны 2 года служили я вообще не могу представить.
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Держись, удачи тебе!
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8 дней осталось :D
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