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Sad Bum Pigeon

By 1gga
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Interesting how you paint poop anywhere in your dolan comics but not for this image of a bird which is an actual shitter.
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That is an interesting observation, but let me to provide my own version about the issue. First of all humans are very hypocritical towards these birds, they call them flying rats or pests but in comparison humanity is the biggest vermin on the planet, pigeons dont leak oil, cause wars or guess whose fault is it that all kind of trash is flying in space? These birds are just doing what they are capable of, but people with such given opportunities and intellect choose to do all kind of useless crap and think high of themselves. So i used to work in fast food restaurant once and i had much more sympathy for these shitter birds who were feeding on trash left on the street by civilized customers. Pigeons are just silly and simple birds who look funny when they move, i will always like them ;)
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Danke for insight Master.