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Dec 15, 2007, 12:41:33 PM
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I love winter :3
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Dawn - My story (Sorry for my "bad" English, because it's not my native language).

Author: STIVEN SMITH (Nickname)

THE night slowly gives way to day, in the city of dawn again. Outside the window, the old, the apartment early birds sang. Everything presaged a good day, even from the radio, played a great song ("Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine"), the idyll was interrupted, the phone call. Slowly getting up from the bed, the man went to the phone and picked up the phone, he brought it to his right ear and yawning, asked.

- Oh, who's that?

A woman's voice from the tube, said.

- Tony, did not recognize me, I'm Sara, I hope you remember what Peter told us!

- Yes, I did not forget Sarah. - Looking out the window, the man said.

- Well, then everything is in place, most importantly do not be late, Peter said that there is rarely buses, okay, see you! - Quickly she said and hung up.

- Oh sure. - Slightly inhibited, the man said, hung up and looked at his watch, which showed eight forty-seven, he went to the kitchen. What would pour himself a cup of coffee. When he was finished, it was already nine and a half hours.

- Damn, you need to hurry. - For myself, the man said, and began to gather his things for a few minutes, holding his gaze in the photograph, where was he and his best friend Peter.

- Yeah man, you know how to relax. - With a smile, he said, and walked out, their apartments.

- Hey, Tony, how are you? - Asked the woman ran up to him.

- Wendy Normal, except that, at all, not enough sleep, how are you. - The man said, straightening the clock on his left hand.

- Well, I can not believe we're still able to get together and go to rest, to be honest, already tired of this city routine. - Immediately the woman said, pointing out that the city already sick of it.

- Yes, you're right, I myself would like to breathe fresh air, and not the exhaust! - Sharply, the man agreed and glanced at the horizon, in a fraction of which could see the smoke coming out of old factory pipe. Only they want to continue the conversation, as it rode the bus.

- I ask you to. - Said Tony, missing Wendy forward.

- Thank you! - Answered Wendy and went to the bus, and behind her and Tony. For some time, they were silent and looked at the bus window, watching boring and bleak landscapes, the old town, which has been impregnated with poisonous air and breathe it, it is that smoke ... After a while, Tony asked Wendy.

- How long do we go?

- I do not know, Tony, but Peter said that we can only see the sunset. - She answered and turned to the window, behind which were the mountains and they were becoming more and more.

- How do you? - Suddenly Wendy asked.

- It's okay, just this city is too dirty and fast. - Tony told her lazily gesturing with his hands.

- Clearly, you do not worry about it, it is not much and you will breathe fresh air! - Wendy cheer him. And Tony, at this moment, smiled, and his face covered with a hat, tried to sleep. Sleep came slowly but surely, and my head is spinning thinking about how it will be fine to breathe fresh, intoxicating air. The sharp jump, the bus stopped all thoughts and dream, which has positively acted on Tony. But he woke up, the bus jolted again.

- What the hell! - Almost cried Tony.

- What happened? - Wendy asked him.

- Nothing, just like that strongly shakes. - Tony told her.

- Well, yes, you're right, Peter could have warned that the road is not the most pleasant. - Perturbed, Wendy replied. A few minutes later, the bus stopped shaking and the driver turned on the radio, from which came the voice of a news anchor. He talked about what is possible in the near future the weather deteriorate.

- "Do not worry, dear listeners, the storm will not come to the city and we were told it was not dangerous, see you soon, you had Tom Eddson and a summary of the weather in the coming twenty-four hours."

At this point, to Wendy and Tony found some trouble, but it was quickly replaced by the realization that Peter is likely aware of this situation and know what to do. However, peace did not allow the thought of the missing climbers, who often came out in such weather. After that, the driver turned the radio off and on the bus again was silence. Outside the window was not large, soft snow. Against the backdrop of majestic mountains. Bad thoughts retreated and all that were on the bus, little by little, enjoyed this landscape, but even inside felt the cold, he was outside the window ... Over time, not a lot of snow subsided and the distance became manifest, the old hotel. Who wore the same old name. The bus slowly drove up and stopped, the driver did not drown out the engine and for the first time, for the whole journey, he uttered a few words, which are not distinguished by originality.

- Here we are, "Pine - Cry" the best hotel in this place, do not forget your luggage. - Said the driver, and as soon as everything came out, immediately left.

- Well, let's go. - Wendy said, with a smile, looking at Tony.

- Yeah, I hope Peter has prepared everything. - Tony told her, looking at the old hotel, it is apparent that it is similar.

- Hi folks, how to get there! - Zadornov said Sarah.

- Yes, hello, is not bad, although we shook. - With a slight sadness, Tony said.

- Yeah, it was and is, but now everything is fine. - Confirmed, Wendy, Tony words, Sarah answered.

- Well, how do you place, is not it beautiful, only mountains, snow, this hotel and high spirits! - At this time, it was Peter who frightened everyone with his appearance. No one answered, among them was silence, then, Peter encouraged all to go to the hotel, along talking about this place ...

- Yes, the people, as if "by Stephen King," Oooo, the place was built on an old Indian settlement.

Peter knew that this was not the case.

- But it's all fairy tales, the most important thing is inside the hotel, there's just incredibly beautiful and elegant! - He continued.

- There's even stopped myself Lincoln, incredible is not it? - All he said.

- Yes, very interesting, the main thing that the weather is not worse. - Said Tony, Peter hinting that it was time to finish the stories.

- Yes, everything will be fine! - He replied Peter.

- And how can we deal with heating? - Wendy asked him.

- Everything is established, the same hotel, albeit old. - Peter told her.

- There are incredibly beautiful, Peter, how did you came up with this idea? - Enthusiastically, Sarah said.

- I just know how to arrange holidays, it's my job, because I have signed a contract with the sun! - Jokingly Peter answered her, taking the keys away.

- That's our pass, you go, all you can! - Like a street actor, Peter beckoned his friends. All of them went to the chief, the hall and saw the beauty that was there very much. It was a wide room, with thick columns, which served as a support. They were hung pictures in the middle, the high ceiling was a huge chandelier, windows were big on this, there was very light in the morning, you can watch the sunrise. Undoubtedly, a great place to relax.

- It looks poorly. - Suddenly, Tony said, breaking the silence.

- You just do not understand art. - Immediately Sarah said.

- As always. - Confirm, Wendy, her words.

- Yes, yes, I did not before, the last time you think how to survive, you're not always going. - Tony answered them, stressing that it is not the last time in a better position. At this point, Peter came over and patted Tony on the shoulder, saying at the same time.

- The main thing that you got to us and we will be able, fun, spend time here as before!

This makes me miss the good old days of sledding :)  The season is here again
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What a perfect moment
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So pretty. Has been featured on my front page
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Really nice. Wish I could get such perspectives for my own photos.
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I adore winter. Everything is just pure and desolate. The artsty side of me loves the balance, the gamer side of me is reminded of mountain climbing in Skyrim chasing down a dragon or two :P
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Magical place! :D
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too bad its a tiny pic, itd look good as a wallpaper
Lovely picture. Just keep up on a good job! I like the snow but I don't like winter because it's just freezing and wet. I most catch colds in every winter.
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Wonderful place!!!!
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good work nice winter image.
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I seriously want to step into this picture and die
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Hello. :wave:

Your lovely work has been featured here: [link]

Thank you. :heart:
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You are featured in my journal [link] :)
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This is probably my favorite picture ever now, I love snow so much. I like the grain in the picture and the position of the hills, the whole scene is just beautiful and perfect.
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thank u kind sir!
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