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[ai adopt] cloud wolf



💫 FOR SALE - post to claim —— only 1 person can own each adopt

✨ price: 1 $USD or € euro

💫 [ payments accepted: paypal - cashapp - kofi - deviantart points (125 pt = $1) ] 💫

✨ DEFECTS: PM for free "defect" fixes.

💫 By purchasing any of our adopts, you agree to all of our rules & TOS, which states that if you resell your adopt for profit (more than you purchased), your adopt will be revoked & resold.


🤝 Easy Adoption:

  1. Choose your favorite design

  2. Choose how to pay: DA (points or purchase), paypal, cashapp, or kofi -- USD or euro

  3. Click "buy" (for DA purchase) -- Comment on the adopt or send a note (for non-DA purchases)

  4. You download your new image (if you have issues downloading, just let us know and we'll send directly to you!)

  5. You send us a note letting us know of any AI-defect fixing or changes you would like done (small fixes are free!)



✨Isn't AI evil and bad?

--- Not always! I trained an AI on my (& my partner's) artworks only, so there's nothing stolen or shady about it. We gave the AI permission to scan our personal art galleries, & we are professional digital illustrators/artists with a combined experience of over 30 years.

✨ I bought an adopt for points, & it gives me an error when I try to download the image?

--- DA seems to be glitchy for some reason; if you get this error, just comment on the adopt (or PM us) to let us know, and we can upload it to stash for you.

✨ Why are the edges of the character cut off on the canvas?

--- Because an AI robot generated the image, and AI robots are not very smart. You can PM us to have the missing parts fixed - when you purchase an adopt from us, the "ai defect fixing" is included in the price for small and simple fixes.

✨ Why are parts of the image looking deformed?

--- Because an AI robot generated the image, and AI robots are not very smart. You can PM us to have the deformed parts fixed - when you purchase an adopt from us, the "ai defect fixing" is included in the price.

✨ Why are some adopts more expensive than others?

--- Since each adopt comes with a free "AI clean-up service", where we (as illustrators) fix any details that are missing or deformed, the pricing is based on the amount of work/time it's going to take us to do any work like drawing the parts in that got clipped off the sides.

✨ Why would anyone buy these?

--- A lot of folks are looking to join an online community like a fandom, but don't always have the money due to being young or personal circumstances or just a general sense of conviction towards a specific budget. A custom character design with a reference sheet is typically $50+, so $1-10 for the same service allows many more people to join communities with their own character design. AI Adopts make an excellent starting point for anyone interested in art without all the hassle & extra costs of commissioning somebody for it. Of course, you can always just use the AI yourself and generate your own images for free!

✨ What do I do with my adopt?

--- Once you own a design, you are able to draw/write about the character as well as use them as a mascot/logo/vtuber/video game character for commercial use, sell/trade/gift the character, or whatever you want to! The possibilities are truly endless, as we grant you all rights to the image and the character(s) in the image: personal rights, commercial rights, and character rights. This makes them your property and you're the only person with intellectual ownership of them in terms of copyright.

✨ What do you use to generate/fix these images?

--- We mostly work with Bing AI (from Microsoft), but occasionally use others like ImagineAI, Dall-e/Craiyon, and DA's Dreamup. As far as fixes go, Fox & Wolf have different preferences for programs, but generally speaking it's a combination of PaintToolSai, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Huion drawing tablets, and various websites to enhance the image quality such as Enhance.io

✨Why is there a difference between the cash price & points price?

--- Please be aware that with some purchases thru DA/points, there will be a $1 upcharge since DA adds fees & a 1-week wait-time. (A $1 adopt gets us .51 unfortunately.)


[ 🌟 AI Adopts - Where Fandoms Come to Life 🌟 ]

Embrace the future with AI Adopts - adoptable digital characters born from AI and handcrafted by artists. Each design is a blend of AI ingenuity and human artistry, ensuring a truly original design which allows for full customization, unlike anything you can find elsewhere.

🌈 Wide Variety: Our focus is on allowing many people, regardless of budget, to be able to join fandoms like furries & video game/show franchises. Whether you're a content creator looking for a unique mascot, find the perfect match for your style and personality at an affordable price!

🌟 Endless Possibilities: If you have a specific idea in mind, we also offer Custom Adopts! Check out our Commissions section under Shop to learn more.

✨ Embrace innovation. Embrace creativity. Embrace the magic of AI Adopts today! Visit our gallery and bring your digital dreams to life. ✨

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