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To celebrate Made in the A.M. And because a new better icon would be nice... I am holding a contest!
Contest: Draw an icon for 1DFanArtCentral, whoever's I and some other judges like the most , will become the new icon! If we really like yours but don't choose you as the icon, I'm sure I can feature you here for a while~!

1. Must be PG or G, this is an icon remember
2. Must have all four one direction boys and the name of the group(if you don't want to draw the boys, photo manipulation sand text art is totally cool)
3. Don't steal anyone's art, and make sure to credit if you use references or photos for a manip.
4. Have fun!! (I'm so cheesy...)
5. To enter comment below with the word ANGEL, and make a journal advertising this contest, or tag at least 5 people!

Due Date: Entries must be submitted by Dec. 23
Results: Results should be posted by Christmas.
If more time is needed please let me or a judge know.

Judges: Ok, so far it's just me. If you'd like to become a judge comment below with the words BETWEEN US and tag 2 people, or make a journal entry about this contest.
Judges Rules:
1. You can't enter the contest.. Sorry
2. If I request you as a judge you don't have to tag anyone or make a journal. But it would be cool...
3. Don't judge someone based off of your like/dislike for someone
4. Enjoy yourselves! I hope we get a lot of fun entries!

To become a judge please submit before Dec. 10th. Thank you!

Entries: ANGEL

Judges So Far:

Completed Entries:
:iconsixproductions: 1DFanArtCentral Icon Contest submission by SiXProductions
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Thxs~! Would you like to judge or enter?
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Ok cool! I'll put you up there
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angel :meow:
(I don't really know anyone to tag that isn''t already in this group... >A>''')
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Angel judge pls :)
I might make a journal later
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Cool I'll put you up there! 
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angel :) i'll give it a shot.
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Thank you so much! >~<
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Thank you so much! >~<
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