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Triaxiality Map - Large Room - Posted


~ Triaxiality - A Multi-Player Map
 For Sol Contingency: Proving Grounds

 Is a custom map for the community fan based Sol Contingency project.
 Map created by: homeyduh a mapper with previous mapping talent!

This map is currently being fine tuned for consideration in
 the fan made community content portion of the game, as you
 can see attention to detail is very cool - while overall map
 structure may change, the visuals will be very similar to
 what you see here, showing many of UDK's special FX! :D

 A small well done map with a uniquely 6DoF layout, allowing for
 more vertical action between online Sol Contingency players! :nod:

 Map posted by: 1DeViLiShDuDe
 homeyduh is being considered for
 joining the SolC Dev Team too! :woohoo:

 Current map license: CC NC ND
 Don't forget to watch the map demo on FB & YT
 FB: Triaxiality fan map showcase by homeyduh!
 YT: Fan map showcase: 'Triaxiality' by homeyduh!
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