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I like to make tiling game textures among other types of digital art, namely fractals & 3D models.
Enjoy your stay! :D


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A New Breed of Pilot by 1DeViLiShDuDe

A new breed of alien pilot:

as entered the ranks of the Galactic Space Wars, taughting redundant parts for thought processes and vision systems(basically a brain with no body), with shock resistant hardened exterior shells to withstand antipersonnel munitions.

They're fast & agile zero-g space pilots, with instantaneous movement capabilities - where a single thought is an attack and avoidance maneuver rolled into one, which can be a hard target to zero in on!
The Eclipse - Posted by 1DeViLiShDuDe

Excerpt from Sol Contingency Forums:

Vertigo Fox: SolC Development Lead
Posted» Wed Apr 08, 2015 7:47 am

-The proving grounds multiplayer demo will probably be out in 1-2 months, and after you guys have something solid to play we'll start to focus our attention on the singleplayer game.
-I don't know if we are going to support Linux, I know we'd like to support as many operating systems as we can so if we can then we will.
-We have no plans for microtransations or macrotransactions. :D
-The proving grounds demo won't, everyone will be on a level playing field. Although it's not up to me, I'd like to look into the advantages of skill trees and weapon unlocks in a multiplayer setting because when I just think about it I can really only think of disadvantages for game balancing and an even steeper entry curve than Descent already has.
In the singleplayer game, of course all the weapons aren't going to be available to you from the beginning and I would like to see more things than just weapons getting unlocked over the course of the campaign.

Sylvester_Ink: Posted » Wed Apr 08, 2015 8:03 am
Vertigo Fox wrote:
-I don't know if we are going to support Linux, I know we'd like to support as many operating systems as we can so if we can then we will.
For goodness sake, please do! Some us haven't used Windows in years. I'll double my planned donation. Heck, I'll even help test the Linux version! (And I HATE testing unfinished games.)

1/2Hawk: SolC Development Lead
Posted» Wed Apr 08, 2015 8:24 am

Hang tight for a set of video updates coming down the pipes to see where we are with PG and maybe a peek at what's coming up in the VR space. We've been in final testing here lately, getting the balance right and we have lots of new stuff to show off, but are trying to be conscientious of D:Us crowd funding campaign winding down. Would hate for folks to think that an update right now in the closing hrs was some attempt to undercut their support. Anyways, I think folks will get a better sense of how close we are to an initial release when we get MP gameplay footage out. Linux support for PG is a hurdle probably not worth jumping until we finish a port to an engine that supports it better. As Fox mentioned, right or wrong we're not in it for the money - would rather be playing with y'all.

Soon we'll all be able to see what to expect from Proving Grounds! :D

New Sol Contingency Media - March 2015

Thu Mar 12, 2015, 12:48 AM

First Shot for the Proving Grounds HUD!

Proving-Grounds Beta-HUD - Posted by 1DeViLiShDuDe
Our game's heads-up display as built for Proving Grounds. No cockpit in the demo, but the HUD will hopefully please your eyes nonetheless!

Seb just finished these babies last night. Those are your weapons of choice for quick kills!


PG-Dumbfire and Seeker-Missles by 1DeViLiShDuDe

That's right Max,

These here are Vostok Shipyards' introductory line of anti-materiel self-propelled ordnance: the Type-4L1 Dumbfire Missile and the Type-N4 Seeker Missile.

These puppies have neither the fancy bells and whistles from the softskins at Hawk Dynamics nor the complicated staging from the eggheads at Tyrrex Heavy Industries; nope, these puppies keep it old school: 100% raw firepower enclosed in a titanium shell. And they come in two flavors; the flavor that finds your enemy like a hungry bear, and the flavor that just goes in a straight line for maximum kinetic penetration.

The инженеры at Vostok Shipyards have made their people proud by once again developing the gold-standard of basic ordnance as the bang-for-buck of these two models is undeniable. As such, they have been requisitioned by just about any operation and can be thus found just about anywhere your missions might take you.


Vostok Shipyards by 1DeViLiShDuDe

Hawk Dynamics by 1DeViLiShDuDe

Stealth Hulk by 1DeViLiShDuDe

All the dev's on the SolC project team have been busy lately, like Seb's new
'Stealth Hulk' bot concept - which is to say the least one mean lookin bot!☺
What's up everybody!
Took a break from my work on the Eclipse last night because I had this guy bouncing around my head and I had to lay him down.

I am pretty happy with the results and I think it's an interesting idea for a possible all-new enemy so I figured I'd share it with you all. Also because I thought I'd ask for your input in how you would imagine that this guy behaves, his AI, his tactics? How about his "history"? Is he a top-secret military experiment that got infected? How does he hunt you in the mines?

Curious about the thoughts and ideas this image inspires, please do share :)



Holo Hulk by 1DeViLiShDuDe

And more of ½Hawk's DM-Neptune map, with his 'Holo Hulk' display area! :D

Excerpted from: Sol Contingency Forums / New SolC Media

Proving Grounds MP Demo Map Editor

Thu Mar 5, 2015, 4:28 PM
Sctli Logo 550 by 1DeViLiShDuDe

DL from Epic:
~ The demo will use the May 2014 UDK Editor:

MD5 Hash    afa27633be3773863d3b13a4c76968f8

or DL from with 2 mirrors.
May 2014 UDK Beta


Mike F.
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