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This week I'm going to issue a challenge.  Let me say this first though: you will not finish this challenge in a week.  You probably won't finish it in a month.  There is a very good chance that this challenge could take you close to a year or more to complete.

That said, here's the challenge:

Not everyone is good at everything.  There are writers that can't draw(like me), drawers that can't paint, painters that can't take pictures, photographers that can't write poetry, and so on into oblivion.  I'm sure each of you has an art that you wish you could do, but are afraid to try because you can't compare with the masters.  My challenge is this: take whatever art you wish to master and throw yourself at it.  Forget about "How To" books and articles; they can't help you.  Instead, just start with the basics.

If you wish to be a writer, then write.  Write about the events in your day.  Describe the sun, the moon, the sky.  Tell me about the simple ant and his fight for survival.  Write about the facts.  Write about your secret wishes.  Write about the things that could never be.  Tell me of your sweetest dreams and worst nightmares.

If you wish to be a drawer, then draw.  Draw your friends.  Draw your pets.  Draw the trees in your backyard.  Draw things the way they are, then draw them the way you see them.  Draw the world in a perfect way, or draw it with all its many flaws.  Draw the beautiful and the hideous.

If you wish to be a photographer, then take pictures.  Take pictures of your family.  Take pictures of yourself.  Take pictures of the odd lawn gnome in your front yard.  Take pictures like portraits, or take pictures at strange angles.  Capture an image in a way no one has ever thought of doing before.

I think you get the idea.  If you do accept this challenge, leave me a link to your stuff in the comments.  I'd love to see what you're capable of and give advice where I can.

And for those who are doubtful about this, I'm doing it too.  As soon as I get my scanner to work I'll post what I have so you can all get a good laugh and possibly boost your confidence just a bit.  So join me.  It'll be hard, but if you really want this the rewards are worth the pain.
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Took me awhile, but I finally found a challenge for this. Gaining some proficiency in drawing my fave Anime shows, starting with YuGiOh. If I can, I will pursue DuRaRaRa, and Sailor Moon. However, my best odds of pushing my comfort zone to success will be focusing on one at a time, and I chose YuGiOh! :~} :rose: