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Hello everyone.

I'll go direct to the point, all the iTunes skins on my gallery will NOT be updated.
I know, is sad.

The main reason for this decision is that iTunes interface changed a lot. Some things are smaller, others are bigger, etc. I would have a lot of work adapting all of them to the new look.

I will make new skins for it of course, but I'm not sure if will be possible to create something like Silent Night, since I haven't found a way to change some of iTunes colors. Also, changing a single color can affect different places, so there might be a conflict of colors in a dark skin.

Don't expect any release soon though, I'm working on other stuff at the moment..
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You've done such a wonderful job with the previous renditions of Silent Night. Although I have complete confidence that you have the ability to adapt it for the new iTunes it's understandable that it's a hassle. Thanks anyway. :)
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Well, that was expected and understandable. Hopefully we can see some new skins for iTunes 11 soon.
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Aww that sucks but I understand what your saying they did change it a lot so that would be a lot of work. So it's not the end of the world :la: I would be happy if Apple would just bring back the option to change the background back to gray or black.
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I was never an iTunes fan due to the fact that I coulnd't change the colors freely like Win Media Player. Once I bought an iPod I had to [sadly] digest iTunes. Then I discovered your work and as soon as I installed it, I feel in love. The white/grey design was always pissing me off until Silent Night came to my life. Since that day I NEVER updated my iTunes, until I saw you updating the skin. iTunes 11 looks so UGLY and bright that I'm glad I rejected the update button.

It saddens me that the new iTunes design has completely shun off this great skin.

Either way, I'm grateful that you took the time to keep the design updated till now.
So thank you for the awesome design and hard work. :salute:
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This is the only reason why I still use iTunes versus other superior media players! It really should be brought back. Do a kickstarter!
Though that change's so difficult, I'm waiting patiently without updating to iTunes 11.
I think your work is great.
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Just change the fucking White to Black please. Thanks.
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just stop fucking using fucking Apple and get fucking Linux
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The hell is Linux
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It's an Operating System, pretty popular with devs.
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We shall wait patiently, thanks for all your great work thus far!
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*sigh* Back to the basic theme I guess. For now at least.

Your work is amazing and I'll definitely be keeping an eye on you for future work. :)
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Thanks for the update! Sorry to hear that, I haven't really looked into how the parts of iTunes 11 fit together yet, but I believe it's a mess. I've been using it for all those years (since version 4.0 to Windows I think), and I've been waiting ever since for a really good and optimized version, and we get iTunes 11, which sucks. Nah, I think it's time to abandon iTunes - I just wish I knew it would turn out like this a few years ago. :(

I wonder what's next... Songbird? MediaMonkey? Foobar?

Thank you for everything you've been sharing with the community. :)
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Found this problem. I had a concept that would look gorgeous on 10.x, but 11 is so minimal, I can't do anything with it. :(
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I will wait - big compliments for all your work!
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thanks davi, we all appreciate the work you did.
and I'm pretty sure that, whatever comes next, will be just as great as before.
take care!
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its so sad, but i'll be waiting for your new create skin :D
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Thanks for keeping the silent night skin up to date till this point. Your work has been amazing and I appreciate all the time it must have taken!
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Apple just keeps making their stuff harder to mod.
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I loved all your previous skins, so to me, whatever you come up with, I'll be greatly looking forward to it!!!
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