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Silent Night iTunes 10 Windows

Silent Night for iTunes 10.7 (Windows)
Attention: This skin will not be updated to iTunes 11 due to the interface changes, installing it on a version other than 10.7 will break your iTunes.


I'm not the original creator of this skin, all credit goes to: DaHLiA-7…

:macos: Mac version:…
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

• Updates
15/09/2012- Updated to iTunes 10.7
25/03/2012- Updated to iTunes 10.6
19/10/2011- Updated to iTunes 10.5
04/08/2011- Updated to iTunes 10.4
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

• Package include:
Silent Night iTunes.exe
Silent Night iTunes (Hidden Menu).exe
Revert to Default.exe
Old Traffic Lights.exe [preview]
iTunes Taskbar Player (iTunesMiniPlayer.dll) (32 & 64-bit)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

To make Windows fonts look smooth like in Linux/OS X use this:…
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the link is down as of 2021-10-01, seems to be privacy locked. remember dl'ing this a year ago just fine

anyone who sees this and happens to have the files, could you reupload to and post it here? :blushes:

apologies, but I tried to access the link again and it is still giving me the same permission error. i'd have to guess you are able to access the file because you have permission or are the owner.

actually looking further into the issue, I believe this was caused by a permanent change done to google drive last month, now it seems you have to manually whitelist users to access specific files. i'd suggest transferring over to a mega link or another alternative if it's possible.

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Sorry, I didn't knew about that. I removed the security update please try again

no worries. it works perfectly now, thank you so much!

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I absolutely love this skin and I can't use iTunes without it (yes, I'm still on the 10.7 version, I love the cover flow option).

You probably won't be able to help me but I've got nothing to lose asking: I recently had to reset my computer to Win 10. The iTunes 10.7 setup works just fine, but once I use the exe for the skin, I can't start iTunes again as there are "files missing". Do you know where it could come from?

Thanks again for your beautiful work I've been using for years now!

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Never mind, went back to Win 7 and it works now. Again, fantastic work! Thanks!:hug:

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any newer version for 12.9 ?
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Thank you for keeping this going!
I would kill small woodland creatures to get this theme for iTunes !!!!
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Hi! Please, help me. How to change Sidebar and BG color? I didn't find this files in iTunesResources.dll. :(
It deleted all my titles
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works for 10? :?
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version 10.7 is no longer available? How come?
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nvm I am blind. Best version of Itunes anyways with the cover flow.
can you update the link please
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Link updated ;)
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Thank you for continuing to make this available (esp for 10.7). I've had to restore my laptops at times or (as one does) buy new ones over the years, and it is fantastic bring able to get this dark iTunes skin each time. 
Could you perhaps change the white sidebar and white title bar and make them a little darker like a grey/dark grey with white letters?
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This theme will not be updated.
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*Windows Vista, 32bit


First, this is a wonderful skin you (and DaHLiA) made... I'm drawn to the fact that someone actually made the GRID in Windows iTunes dark too. Thanks for putting in the effort to skin the otherwise grey/boring application. THANKS YALL.

Second, there are some issues with the skin--I'm not sure if they are skinning errors or bugs by iTunes itself (iTunes 10.7):

1. When viewing the album art (when you click to enlarge artwork for a track which opens a mini window) the window's border does not match the player's skin unless the song is playing [See Image 1 and Image 2]
2. When you click to enlarge artwork for a track, the image is scaled--meaning if you right-click on the image and selected 'Actual Size' or 'Double Size' etc, the image will default after done looking at it & you will have to reselect 'Actual Size'. This may be an issue with iTunes 10 though. [See Image 3 and Image 4]

**--**The following notes are for anyone who can address them and aren't directed at anyone in particular**--**

Third, do you know how to make square album artwork when viewing in Grid View? When I'm in Grid View, the artwork for 'Artists' is rounded, which I hate. However, the artwork for 'Albums' is squared. How do you make the album artwork squared? There was a user here on DeviantArt who successfully squared the album artwork, but their account is deactivated--Nuclear Blasshole. I have no way of contacting them. There was also another user on a MacThemes forum who achieved squared corners, but the thread is deleted (I still have the link to this). [See Image 5 and Image 6]

And no, I do not want to use the new view option combining elements from Grid View/List View that comes with iTunes 10+'s unorganized and silly. I don't know what Apple was thinking.

Fourth, do you know how to remove the album art from the Grid View? Once you select an artist from the Grid View and you are brought to the Artist's albums--is there a way to remove this artwork AND to remove the column (both options I'm asking separately)? The column says "Album by Artist". It's pointless and inflexible. The album information is to the right of it at all times and looks awkward. [See Image 7]

I'm not too tech savvy, but if anyone can guide me through them, let me know. I'm desperate to have my iTunes be agreeable. I'm actually still using iTunes 9.2.... mainly because the album art & columns were not screwed with by Apple. But the grid in the Silent Night Version for iTunes 9 is all white and the other spaces are grey--it is not ALL dark like this one.

Thank yall for taking the time to read this. Any help is appreciated!!! I've been looking so long for solutions. Have a good one!

Image 1…
Image 2…
Image 3…
Image 4…
Image 5…
Image 6…
Image 7…
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1- iTunes bug, the player is using the Windows frame instead of the custom skin, can't fix that.

2- iTunes bug (or feature?)

3- You can try to replace the images that are used for the Artists tab grid.

4- You can drag the column to hide the album info and right click in the album cover to make it smaller. I don't remember if was possible to remove the column altogether, have you looked in the view options?
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