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Y-wing Bomber

By 1darthvader
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The heavy assault bomber of the Rebel Alliance...the Y-wing
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Beautifully rendered! Faved it!
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Hmm, My favorite ship!
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Looks right out of the movie!
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just like looking over your shoulder portside and seeing your wingman covering your aft. So real, great work! I really love Y-wings by the way
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"It moves like a sleepy hutt" "But it can take a beating" I take this over the X-wing anyday.

Nice it actually looks like you took an actual picture of one if it was real.
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Wallpaperized. :D
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Awesome picture!!!
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Dunne care what anyone says - the Y-Wing is the fighter!

Am a big Y-wing fan
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I never understand one thing on this starship.
Why was it bare?
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I always thought of the Y-wing as the A-10 Thunderbolt of the Star Wars universe, not much good against an enemy fighter but if you're an Imperial unfortunate enough to be on the ground it'll be the last thing you ever see.
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Very nice rendering of a Y-Wing in flight. I like the choice of the clouds below and moon above the subject. Also I like the use of the often overlooked Y-Wing. It's the SBD of the Star Wars universe. Thanks.
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Until now, I've admired a lot of masterpieces on this website, but this one is the most beautiful I've never seen. And even though the BLT-A4 Y-Wing is not a very good starfighter, it's my favourite rebel space ship.
In two words: Absolutely perfect
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You almost brought a tear to my eye, thank you ever so much, I do what it takes to make my fans happy.
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Is that an actual physical model you made there?
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