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Red Wing-Revisited

By 1darthvader
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A small group of fighters patrol the orbit of a planet under control of the Rebel Alliance aware of Imperial activity in the solar system.

The poster has been augmented and resized 1920x1200

Hope you like the changes.
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Wow that is brilliant 
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Beautiful work mate! :D
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why do I love your artwork so much?
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They're ALL red 5! Wedge Clones attack!
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yeah but red 5 was Luke!
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i think your right! :confused:
CheesycheeseoCheese's avatar
Luke said at the Battle of Yavin

Red 5 Standing By.
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no i meant i think you right about WEDGE being red2!
i alredy knew about luke being red5!!
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Can't hate that angle.
Not for a second...
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this is my new wallpaper
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This is an awesome shot!
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Amazing painting... one slight oversight I noticed though?! You have 2 "Red 5's" squadron call sign's were displayed by the stripes on the wings ( i.e. Red leader 1 stripe, Red two 2, etc. etc.).. but I'm anal like that!! ;p still an amazing piece!
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I really love it! Nice work =)
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Love the perspective.
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This will make an EXCELLENT desktop Darth ;)
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Great cos thats what It is intended for, I started doing these because I was fed up having somebody elses wallapaper on my desktop. Glad you like it, enjoy.
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Thats what I like to hear.Keep it up Darth :stormtrooper:
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Omg that's about too good! :omg:

What software do you use?
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