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Poor Zayn by Jackiecx Poor Zayn :iconjackiecx:Jackiecx 13 27
Birthday Present (ZaynXNiallXDanny)
“But you guys said you would be back by now!” Danny protested from the bedroom of his two story house. Running a hand through his shaved head, he whined. “Can’t you fly down or something? I really miss you both.”
From the laptop on Danny’s bed, Niall sighed sadly as Zayn reclined back in his seat. “I know babe, but we have a couple of extra dates that we have to do. It’s so busy, we really miss you too.” His soothingly beautiful Irish voice haunted Danny’s ears, forcing him to close his eyes and sigh sadly.
“Yeah love, if we could, you would, you know that. Australia is just so far.” Zayn quipped, looking over at them. “I mean, we spend our savings to get down there last year.”
Danny nodded, smiling at the memory. “It was worth it though.” Niall and Zayn both shared a look and nodded. “Sorry love, it’s management's fault we can’t.”
“Tell the management to shove
:iconsonicscrewdriverdd3:SonicScrewdriverDD3 14 1
Lips Of An Angel
It was a late and lonely night at the Tomlinson home. Louis was currently doing paperwork on his desk, his personal phone with his own number next to him. His fiance Eleanor was in the other room, their bedroom, watching tv.
Suddenly, Louis's phone rang and picked it up, because he knew he was on the other end.
Honey why are you calling me so late?
It's kinda hard to talk right now
Honey why are you crying, is everything okay?
I gotta whisper cause I can't be too loud

"Hi Lou." Niall's sweet voice said though the phone.
"Hello Niall."
"*sniffle* How-How are you?"
"Ni, have you been crying? Did he do something?"
"We had a fight. Why are you whispering?"
"I have to."
Well, my girl's in the next room
Sometimes I wish she was you
I guess we never really moved on

"But why?"
"El's in the bedroom next door, if she hears me, I'm doomed."
"Oh okay, I wish I could see you."
"I know, I do too, sometimes I wish El was you, just for a little bit."
"Never really moved on, did you?"
:iconsonicscrewdriverdd3:SonicScrewdriverDD3 21 1
California Dreaming by SakurionRiel California Dreaming :iconsakurionriel:SakurionRiel 35 12 LWWY 1D Zip up Hoodie by Crazy4SasuNaru LWWY 1D Zip up Hoodie :iconcrazy4sasunaru:Crazy4SasuNaru 35 5
He's Mine C2: Something Different
Dear Diary,
As i sit here writing in you, i have to tell you about what has happened today because it's just too awesome to keep to myself and i've sworn myself to secrecy.
Okay, so when i went back to school to start Year 10, i had no idea that today would be the start of something which would change my life forever. I was in HSG and my best friend Jorden leans over to me and says:
"Have you heard the news, one of your hot cousins bandmates have gone missing from their Australian tour and they can't find him, everyone says it's the blonde one."
I knew he could only be talking about Harry's band, my cousin Harry Styles and his boy band which was becoming very popular lately around the world with teenagers, plus he was gay and i knew he faniced Harry most then most girls did.
What was their name again, i know Harry told me,One..., One..., One Direction! that's it.
"Really? The blonde ones name is Niall, right?" I asked lamely, i usually played them on the radio
:iconsonicscrewdriverdd3:SonicScrewdriverDD3 15 2
Moonlight Inspired Niall by SonicScrewdriverDD3 Moonlight Inspired Niall :iconsonicscrewdriverdd3:SonicScrewdriverDD3 33 4
Harry + Louis (Romeo and Juliet) Character Sheet
Harry Styles as Harry Styles (Romeo), besexual son of Styles and Lady Styles
Louis Tomlinson as Louis Tomlinson (Juliet), gay son of Tomlinson and Lady Tomlinson
Zayn Malik as Zayn Tomlinson (Tybalt), cousin of Louis and Harry's enemy
Niall Horan as Niall Styles (Benvolio), Harry's cousin
Liam Payne as Liam Payne (Mercutio), Harry's best friend
Eleanor Calder as Countess Eleanor (Paris), a rich woman who wants Louis's hand in marriage
Danielle Peazer as Danielle (Rosline), Harry's love interest before he met Louis
Simon Cowell as Friar Cowell (Friar Lawrence), the priest who marries Harry and Louis and comes up with a plan for them to be together again.
:iconsonicscrewdriverdd3:SonicScrewdriverDD3 24 3
Ziall Horlik Bromance Tee 1D by Crazy4SasuNaru Ziall Horlik Bromance Tee 1D :iconcrazy4sasunaru:Crazy4SasuNaru 34 38 Pink Directioner Hoodie 1D by Crazy4SasuNaru Pink Directioner Hoodie 1D :iconcrazy4sasunaru:Crazy4SasuNaru 55 30 She's My Boo And She's My Hazza 1D Shirts by Crazy4SasuNaru She's My Boo And She's My Hazza 1D Shirts :iconcrazy4sasunaru:Crazy4SasuNaru 47 26 Harry Styles Drawing by Crazy4SasuNaru Harry Styles Drawing :iconcrazy4sasunaru:Crazy4SasuNaru 35 4 Nothing's fine I'm Torn Custom 1D Shirt by Crazy4SasuNaru Nothing's fine I'm Torn Custom 1D Shirt :iconcrazy4sasunaru:Crazy4SasuNaru 57 22
:heart: You look like your from ANOTHER WORLD and that's WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL , i don't think i could love you MORE THAN THIS. It's GOTTA BE YOU cause you got that ONE THING that I WANT, I WISH i could SAVE YOU TONIGHT because you STOLE MY HEART. Whatever you do don't tell me that your TAKEN; i'd rather you TELL ME A LIE.  Everyone makes the SAME MISTAKES but with you i want to be UP ALL NIGHT. STAND UP and together we can enjoy some great MOMENTS. Please say yes, don't you dare say NA NA NA! I love EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU!! :heart:
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