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It's almost a year now since I've disappeared! I've finally got my new computer and now internet. I totally forgot about DA. But I Figured new computer, new account. Besides I got a LOT of time to think and there's been so much crap I ran away from, but now I forgive all the assholes to me and you're behind me and out of my mind. Now I'm not exactly sure what I'll Do, but I don't have a page yet I might get one or walk away again (this time by choice) But is has been a blast here. Thank you all my faithful friends and if you want me to make another account we shall see. AHHH FEELS GOOD FREE!!!
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favs bui;ding up in my inbox but i always and i mean ALWAYS thank or at leaat try to so for everyone who faved my stuff THANKS SOOO MUCH it seriously means alot! sorry i haven't been on like barely my sis told ya i'm so angry! garsh but at least it's like only less than two weeks til i get a tablet! know any good kind?
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tagged by :iconfictionalmind:
1. Do you like being on DA?
it was such a thrill at first and i thought everyone were complete angels (nicest things i'e ever met) NEVERMIND...

2. How long do you think you'll stay on DA?
if i'm sure i don't want to anymore i'll just stay away not deactivate so a while i guess...

3. If your a chipmunk fan, (or part of any fandom) do think you'll be one for your whole life?
oh i can't imagine life without them! yes! yes! YES!!!
4. Is it easier to talk to people older then you, younger then you or the same age
i'm a pretty akward person.... but i know younger is DEFINATLY not it! (online much easier) i guess same age you kno it's much easier to relate to
5. What is one thing that you feel very strongly about?
my individuality - you see i'm an identical twin (MCM my sis!) and people say it's IMPOSSIBLE to tell us apart but everywhere we go we're either calledthe wrong name or just "twin" and hat seriously pisses us off! i rather the wrong name! but twin? hell no! (better stop i'm making myself angry ^^;
my hair- i's puffy frizzy mess and for years i've been made fun of (still going strong too :()

6. What is the one book (or movie) that you think everyone needs to read or watch?
Ice Age 4 they have a really cute molehog named Louis! :squee:
and Ratitoui it's an oldish movie but for those who haven't seen it you should i love the French theme! and it just gets me in the mood to cook!
7.  Do you consider yourself "a shopper" or "a saver"
i'm a girl...that should anwer it :XD: lol kidding!
i've tried to be a savor but my dad keeps taking my money plus i find too many things i like...:D
8. What's your favorite genre (type) of music?
stuff like on the radio station Q93 (i have no idea how to type a radio station name) pop and that electronic pop stuff also R&B and a bit of country and rap
9. What's your favorite Holiday?
Christmas and New Years for the breaks! and the cozy season feeling and eggnog i look forward to eggnog :XD:
10. What's your favorite Season?
fall it's so pretty! and i love the nice cool breeze it's the perfect season for me no need for a tank top or over coat juuust riiight

11. What's your favorite OC and why?
mine? well they're all in catigories so there might be a few...
my chipmunk Spark the Swagmunk - because i love the style and his name! plus he's highly huggable :XD: and in my opinion alot of people make theirs just like the originals but Spark is actually the calmest and Theodore type is not in the middle it's Spark cuz he doesn't really like fights and he just wants to chill with is bros :lol: he's actually an Alvin/Theodore type
Lucky G. Bunny - once again i love his design (new AND old!) he's absolutly the cutest rabbit i have! plus i put the most amount of me in his personality: hyper funny talented jealous paranoid unregonized (wat is that spelled right?)
Fly Raccoon- cuz he's a ninja raccoon duh :P
Cherri - cuz she's me! :XD: and everything about me! she's my favorite color and my two favorite animals: chipmunk and rabbit also likes everything i do (no durr she's me :P) and i can use her in imaginations and say it's me hehehhheee...
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i'd like to do a pic of a bunch of Brittany-based chipmunk ocs (kinda got this from my ol' pal magic-creative-mind)
well anywho

comment on this journel with a link to your girlyette munk thing and she wil be in apic with others including my Fabette Flare

i'm just really in the mood that's all....:D

EDIT: it's carton version just so you know BUT you can still show me a CGI one i'm good with transformin them!

also it won't be the same outfit i like designing and i wanted to give the all supr pretty outfits!!!

so far these gorgous girls are in it but there's always room for more!

Flare the Fabette (c) 1cartoonlovinfreak12 ME!
Kay the Fireette (c) magic-creative-mind
Vienna the Daggerette (c) :devViennaandtheDaggeerettez:
Trina the Gutterette (c) :devViennaandtheDaggerettez:
Kourtney the Gutterette (c) :devViennaandtheDaggerttez:
Brianne the Chipette (c) :devBriannaNtheDudettez:

thanks for letting me draw your girls! hope you love the results!
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spies spies they're everywhere! people are out to get me! nuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! :nuu::nuu::nuu: don't bother me! i'm just a little pink rabbit i'm too young and pretty to die from annoyence i don't deserve this! let me be let me be! just leave me alone and let me draw chipmunks!!! DX
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