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honey bun in the sun

not many no honey bunny so let me explain:
she's a very very old forgotten looney tunes character bugs bunny's formal girlfriend but for some unknown reason replaced by lola bunny she has never been on tv only commic books which can be found on ebay and amazon and more info on just type in her cute little name
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Great work :D

I think they should bring Honey Bunny back. She provided a perfect counterbalance for Bugs Bunny's crazy nature... not like Lola Bunny from TLTS who is even crazier than he is...
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Oh thank you!

Yeah, you're right about that.

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even tho i luv lola bunny and im a fan of her honey is cool too but i hate the new lola they missed her up -_- the new (boring nothing like the good old loony tunes ) show is called the loony tune show it on cartoon network idk if it still on i wont be surprised if they took the show out xP
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ikr right BRING BACK HE OLD SHOW! i've watched the show b4 it's ok but 2 diffent lola has completly changed yosemite sam doesn't even threaten bugs or even has a gun he's actually supose 2 b 1 of the idiots in the show so is daffy he used 2 be wantting fame and bin beta than bugs and even b4 that he was screwball daffy crazy hyper an funny an it ain't rght 4 them 2 b livin in civilization a house hmmmmmmmmmm not rite 4 bugs an he is my all time fav oc in the world an 2 others out there 2 i fear 4 him that his popularity will go down it's already plumiting on youtube I'M SO SCARED!
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yeah i no and i miss the old looneys and i also miss lola she came out in coomics aswell idk how amny but i read 2 of them with her in it have u seen baby looney tunes i think the show was cute i liked it i seen every day when iwas 5 or 6 or thro there i hope they take out the show it can make poeple like the loony tunes less my mom and dad are starting not to like them and they were crazy for them
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exactly my ponit but i'll stay loyal 2 bugs they can't 4get the old show jus can't
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ur icon soooooooooo cute can't stop starin at it aha aha! RUN BRITT RUN! LET'S C... :iconalvittanyallday:
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lol RUN BUGS RUN!!! RUN BUGS RUN!!! :la::icon1cartoonlovinfreak12:
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lol if u did ur icon an then mineitwoul look like bug ischasin brittany :iconalvittanyallday: :icon1cartoonlovinfreak12:
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i love honey and always loved this pic looks just like her it for some reason looks like she is saying NAH! cuteness and that drink looks mm mm refreshing TRUSTY MUNK
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