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It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms C18
This story is inspired by the artistic works of Brittin Roberts

It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms
Part 18
I’m going to come clean with you guys and maybe a lot of what I write ‒ cryptic or quite literal ‒ will begin to make a lot more sense. Sigh… There was a girl in my life, I’ll leave her name out for now, that I knew ever since elementary school. Living in a small county, I wound up in the same middle and high school with her as well. We met, by chance, on the school bus day one, since I was sitting by myself at the time. I don’t know why but she sat next to me and talked and talked, me not really saying much but listening nevertheless. Looking back at it now a decade plus removed, it’s almost funny to think I may have not ever have known her had I been more social on my first day
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Crash and Spyro, A Friendship Across Lifetimes SP4
Bonus Chapter 4: Friendships, Burdens, and Heroes Across Lifetimes
“I find it hard to bear the responsibilities on my shoulders. All this power I have to use yet it’s useless… where it truly matters.”
“What do you mean by that, Rosalina? Aren’t you supposed to be some kind of… goddess?”
“The terms gods and goddesses are misleading. Those labels would lead you to believe that I am omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent in this omniverse. But none of those are true. I mealy sit back and watch reality… unfold. Real power is action, choices, decisions. The experience of life is real power. And there’s so much of it. One sentient being themselves is a universe of possibilities, and there can be billions of them on one planet; a planet among quintillions of others in an infinite multiverse, so many of which are life bearing. Each of those sentient beings only experience an infinitesimal fractio
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Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shapeshifter C8
Chapter 8: What We Mean to Each Other
The role of the Chronicler is to observe and record. He is thousands of years old, and possesses immeasurable wisdom and knowledge given his time watching history transpire. He is the chosen Dragon to watch over the Books of Time, which have recorded almost every part of history and every dragon has a book dedicated to their lives. With such a vast collection of information, what normally peaks this wise sage’s curiosity are the gaps in information. For as much as he knows about time and history, the small details that have avoided his gaze are what interests him; keep him going in the millenniums of isolation. Such is the case of three dragons in particular, each of whom had, have, and will have a profound impact on the history of all dragons and by extension the history of the whole planet, past and present: Spyro, Malefor,... and Cynder.
But of course time travel always mucks things up. It tends to make a me
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Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shapeshifter C7
Chapter 7: A Best Friend Forever Forgone
Looking at Crash was disheartening. What made him special, approachable, kind, caring, an amazing friend and even better brother for Coco all disappeared as his mind and will was taken from him. Now he looked like every other enemy Spyro’s faced. Rage in his eyes, horrible intent on his mind. Looking at him made Spyro seethe with rage, because Crash earlier nobily spared Spyro from this fate of succumbing to Emily’s mind controlling spell.
“Crash, look this isn’t you. You can’t give in to whatever this witch has done to you. You’re stronger than her, you are better than her, and you would never hurt or hate or your own sister or me.”
“How would you know if he’s better than me?” Emily said behind Crash with genuine amusement. “How would you know anything about me dragon? I bet you never lost your parents, or had the gods themselves scheme to have you
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It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms C17
This story is inspired by the artistic works of Brittin Roberts

It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms
Part 17
This story contains a lot of fantasy, but do keep in mind it's ground in reality. That tough reality when you have to face the loss of loved ones. And also don't forget this story is dedicated to an amazing, wonderful artist who I think is fantastic. The poetry before the story this chapter is instead a shoutout for you 8-Bit-Britt.
That beeping noise, the one which beforehand was annoying Sonic’s amazing dream, finally was given some context as he awoke from his “out of body experience.” I met Rock, again, sort of in my dream. Man, what were we talking about? That question was also accompanied by the inability to really explain what exactly that reverie was moments ago or how "real" it was, and also what actually happe
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Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shapeshifter C6
Chapter 6: The Magical Shapeshifter
“What is this? Who are you three creatures?”
Crash, Spyro, and Coco stood at the opposite end of the small clearing in the dense woods of N Sanity Island where Emily had Anvi captured. The dark, purple robe and hood hid most of Emily’s face well. However, the hooded enchantress could clearly see the two orange creatures and purple winged dragon before here.
“We’re here to stop you! And free that girl from your clutches!” Coco exclaimed most likely distraught at the visible pain and misery Anvi was in right now.
Emily hadn't seen anything like the bunch before her in her life she thought. The two orange ones had to be two of those creatures spawned by the mysterious madman: Cortex. It was common knowledge to both the Bahaguins and the Buddakan tribes alike that a strange wizard took hold of the third island in the N Sanity Archipelago and spawned man-animal abominations loyal to his c
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Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shapeshifter C5
Chapter 5: The Daughter and the Demon

Understand. Recognize what plagues you. Then choose. It will make you happy, and complete the both of you.

What Alisha said to Spyro last night when he went to comfort her over her daughter missing was bothering Spyro to no end. What did she mean? Alisha apparently can sense the future (or however her analogy of rivers and time went), and as such she must cryptically referring to my future. And as such she is warning me about a decision that will plague me. But what does her foresight have to do with, well, Crash? Is she somehow implying that he’s the one I need to “understand”? Alisha didn’t mention his name when talking to me, maybe she meant Elora? It had to be; but... what if?
For most of the time I’ve known Crash, he and I have gotten along very well. And in the weeks our friendship has developed it’s become different than any I’ve had previously with say the likes of Hunter, B
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It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms C16
This story is inspired by the artistic works of Brittin Roberts

It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms
Part 16
But eventually a greater peace will accept me. It’s scary at first, but it instead is a true calm euphoria I don’t think mortal men and women are supposed to feel until their time is truly up. And it’s not lonely. Everyone… everyone… is there. Even if they haven’t died yet or even have been born yet. That’s the secret to what I guess is best described as heaven. It’s omnipresent.
Dizziness. A haze. Blacked out.
They were… his, friends and family. And they were nearby. Yet their voices were distorted and far away, for Sonic couldn’t focus enough to understand them anyway. Those far away screams were all he heard before unconsciousness claimed him. Sonic was a fighter and tr
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Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shapeshifter C4
Chapter 4: Past, Present, and Future Deceit
Does knowledge of the future give you the ability to change it? Can knowing that pain, death, and tragedy are on the horizon give you the ability to stop it. If not, then what’s the point of being able to see the future other than to being a willing factor in causing those destined events to unfold? This is what Alisha realized when she found out who kidnaped her daughter today.
Forty-two years ago: What does it mean to take the mantel of a god? It means to bear the burden of your people’s faith, hopes, and prayers. This is what Alisha did in becoming her people’s goddess of life. It was a great honor and a greater responsibility. To live up to gods of past and maintain the standard for gods of future. Her inauguration at the age of eighteen would also be when a new god of time was indoctrinated, Tempus. Together they climbed up to the top of Sunset Vista, a monument built by her
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It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms C15
This story is inspired by the artistic works of Brittin Roberts

It Comes in Many Shapes and Forms
Part 15

You question these confusing feelings, feelings that have never felt so intense before in your time alive. Maybe it is not my place to interfere, but as a gesture of good faith I leave you with this advice. Passions of the heart unlike the decisions of the mind cannot be decided by mere rationality. They cannot be deliberated, only acted upon, for these feelings of the self are the impulses of the soul blind to the ambiguities which cloud the mind. Quite simply: Understand. Recognize what plagues you. Then choose. When you do it will make you happy beyond compare and complete the both of you.

Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shape Shifter. Excerpt from chapter 3: Passions of the Heart
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Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shapeshifter C3
Chapter 3: Passions of the Heart
The vibration of Crash’s phone interrupted what as a happy yet tense moment for Spyro. He for the most part wasn’t particularly sure why it was but Crash was more and more starting to dominate his train of thought. Maybe it was because of what he did for me: saving Elora’s life.
Crash, well, all he could do was spin. It was his trademark versatile move, and yet despite his limited repertoire so to speak he still put others above himself despite any danger and always managed to come out on top. The way he defended Elora from Ripto when he and Cortex were up to no good, even through great pain was one of the bravest things I’ve ever seen. He was hurt badly that day but he didn’t care. He stood his ground against that unholy mage and because of his valor one of my longtime best friends is still alive today. I can never thank him enough for that.
Crash pulled out a white remote shaped rectangular
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Crash, Spyro, and The Magical Shapeshifter C2
Chapter 2: A Missing Child
To even the enlightened and the divine there were things not even these pious beings could live without. A red, orange, and green textured fruit rested within the contour of a goddess’ hand; its ripe and fragrant aroma sensible even without the epicuticular wax of the skin broken by the first bite. The taste and the texture of this tasteful treat was matched in flavor only by the beautiful blossoming leaves of the deciduous wumpa tree itself. Native only to the archipelago of N Sanity Islands, this wild ancestor of the apple family was just another remarkable product of the gorgeous world Alisha resided over.
One bite into the savory inner flesh and Alisha inhaled in pure reaction to better savor the flavor. “Devine” she thought quietly to herself with her eyes closed, only a faint pleasant smile to hint as to how much she was enjoying this fruit of Wumpa Island. Several yards to her right, a few native villag
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 7 18
Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shapeshifter
Written by 1ByteRak :iconmarcusrak:, illustrated and coauthored by EmmaSmudge :iconemmasmudge:
Crash, Spyro, and the Magical Shapeshifter

Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins...
The weather in the Dragon Realms, when sunny and bright always gave the place a palpable sense of serene tranquility. The grassy plains and the calm breeze along with a calming temperature made the home of the Dragons something special. It was also half the reason Crash enjoyed coming here; his friend just had an awesome home.
Though a pressing concern did have an elder worried. It hadn’t rained in an abnormal amount of time, and as such Ignitus, Guardian of Fire, was beginning to worry the accompanying heat could result in droughts and famine if it didn’t precipitate soon.
Hearing a shuffle of feet approach, Spyro gingerly woke from his slumber, only for his eyes to be ha
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Valentines Day Across Dimensions Part 2
To 8-Bit-Britt :icon8-bit-britt:, From 1ByteRak :iconmarcusrak:. 
H (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) P (Alphabets) P (Alphabets) Y (Alphabets)         V (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) L Alphabets (Words) N Alphabets (Words) T (Alphabets)              <
:icon1byterak:1ByteRak 14 15
Valentines Day Across Dimensions
To 8-Bit-Britt :icon8-bit-britt:, From 1ByteRak :iconmarcusrak:. 
H (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) P (Alphabets) P (Alphabets) Y (Alphabets)         V (Alphabets) A (Alphabets) L Alphabets (Words) N Alphabets (Words) T (Alphabets)              <
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Crash Bandicoot OC
Marcusrak (Crash Bandicoot) by EmmaSmudge
by EmmaSmudge
I have a bandicoot-sona, I think? Well anyways it's me. Yo Emma you were too nice at this point.

Sonic OC: Chew
To MarcusRak by EmilyBandicoot1234
by EmilyBandicoot1234
Seriously this was done sarcastically, but you know what I'm game. Everyone should have a Sonic OC.

Fanfiction is something new to me, a hobby of sorts which started last year. I relate to video games I think in a very unique way, for I care a lot about their story and their lore. But I don't obsess over it as much as I like to see how I would change it. I also like Crossovers. So I'm attempting to unite Mario, Link, Starfox, Metroid, Kirby, Sonic, Mega Man, Crash, and Spyro into the same omniverse via a four part Story arc called The Gaming Omniverse. I think It will be different than you expect. I also am attempting to unite Crash, Spyro, Klonoa, Rayman, Ratchet, Jak, and Sly Cooper in another four part story arc called Playstation Allstars. I've got my work cut out for me, as well as some other side stories to keep me occupied.

Writing is Fighting.
What it means to be a writer,
Is to have what it takes to be a fighter.
But your opposition isn't any critic,
It is instead your will to write prolific.

Me, 2016

Current Story Arcs and Stories

The Gaming Omniverse Saga
  1. Crash and Spyro, A Friendship Across Lifetimes (complete)
  2. Sonic and Megaman, Burden of Heroes (in progress)
  3. Nintendoverse, Heroes Unite (upcoming)
  4. The Smash Brothers (upcoming)
  5. The Pokemon War (upcoming)
  6. The Heroes of the Multiverse (upcoming)
  7. Omniverse, The Final Destination (upcoming)

The Playstation Multiverse Storyline
  1. A Dragon out of Time, A Crash and Spyro Story (complete)
  2. Klonoa and Rayman, Daydreamers and Nightmare Fighters (upcoming)
  3. Ratchet, Jack, and Sly; Heroes on the Move (upcoming)
  4. Playstation Legends, Heroes of the Multiverse (upcoming)

Standalone Stories

I have not submitted a chapter in so long, and I've been trying to do so a lot of times this month but I either just suffer writer's block or give up or procrastinate. But I have actually written some things. And I'm going to dump them here.

Star! You got any questions about anything, context, reasoning, motivation, whatever, let me know in the comments (cause like who even reads  journal posts, right?) Star!
Also, about three people should instantly recognize what's going on here...

An Adopted Father's day

Elora was sitting down resting by a waterfall waiting for her dear friend the Professor to arrive in Summer Falls via a portal arc nearby. Today by any means was a special day. Her real father, though only in her life briefly, was a major reason why Elora took such an active role in seeing all of Avalar prosper. It was people like the Professor and so many others that all deserved to see their children grow up with a family that loves them. Elora never had that for long enough, and her father passed along time ago fighting to realize the dream his daughter got to see come to fruition. 

And now so many years removed, without a biological father to call her own, she still had the Professor. A little crazy, maybe a tad senile, smarter than she could conceive, and also the next best thing to the fond but fading memories of her first fallen hero, her father.

The portal in front of her began to hum a low but mystical tune as the space underneath it illuminated with the fuzzy appearance of where the portal originated. The sandy beaches of the Professor’s Island (or Agent 9’s island, the two still couldn’t settle on an actual name for the place) along with a rather impressive laboratory located further inland. The small figure of a mole with glasses and a white trench coat then soon emerged from underneath the portal arc, traveling hundreds of miles in an instant.

“Good afternoon Professor. Welcome back to Avalar.”

“Why yes. It’s been quite the while since I’ve made a return to the Seasonal Plains of Avalar. Three months, two days, and umm… eight-ish hours I believe.”

“Too long Professor, too long.” Elora said shaking her head back and forth playfully at the detailed recollection of exactly how long the Professor has been absent, but also happily as she knelt down to be the same height as her diminutive surrogate father. “Happy father’s day.” She whispered that into the Professor’s ear as she embraced him, the contact reminding the scientist the true purpose of his visit.

“Oh… why thank you Elora. It’s days like this where sometimes I wonder if I should’ve dedicated my life solely to the sciences. Knowledge can be tempting mistress, but she isn’t bearing any kids any time soon.”

“Don’t worry Prof., you did the best you could. And I think I turned out alright.”

“An astute observation. And you say you aren’t a genius.”

“Takes one to know one.”

“Ah yes. Oh! Speaking of family, Hunter will be here shortly. He and Bianca had a pit stop at Bianca’s home in the grasslands. Though Bianca doesn’t have any living close relatives the town she grew up in is still special to her… you know, before the whole Sorceress endeavor. Anyway, they’ll be here. I think Sheila and Rapunzel may show up soon. James was on the fence about coming, Bentley and Bartholomew had ‘brother bonding’ to do, and Agent 9 and I aren’t speaking!” 

“Oh boy, what did he do this time?”

“Oh that blasted simian, he borrowed one of my security defense weapons and nearly blew up my laboratory! Because of the birds he says! Oh I swear sometimes that helmet of his is on too tight!”

“Don’t worry Professor, I’m sure you two will come to a resolution at some point. You know you’re in a way his father too, you know. Today of all days you can’t not speak with him.”

“Hmm… I guess you’re right. Though Nine still owes me plutonium. That stuff doesn’t grow on trees you know!”

“Professor,” Elora asked seriously accompanied with a change in tone, “Spyro’s… coming right?”

The Professor’s mild anger dissipated and was replaced with a soft smile. “Well of course. Any opportunity he can get to see the old gang back together he wouldn’t miss! Why, did you hear otherwise that he might not show?”

“No… [sighs] It’s just, after… actually, never mind.”

The Professor squinted his eyes at a dispositioned Elora and knew what was up. It was an awkward topic, but hopefully it wouldn’t ruin today. “I don’t know how it was possible, or exactly really what happened. But Crash survived that ‘Trial’ inches from death, and I guess he and Spyro finally realized what was between them for nearly half a year. It’s beautiful, I think. But also, a shame, too.” 

Elora looked at the Professor confused and shocked. “What do you mean, ‘a shame’?”

“Well, I may be slowly losing my eyesight due to my age and constantly upping my prescription lenses, but I’m not blind yet. You and Spyro had such a thing that so nearly became a beautiful thing. My little girl, with a purple dragon of legend. Hugh… this is probably a really awkward conversation, and I never claimed to be good with err… ‘lovey stuff,’ but my dear Elora, there’s always still time. You’re not my little girl anymore, but I hope I can still give you advice, for whatever it’s worth. The world’s… like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: You may know where you’re going or how fast you’re moving, but you won’t ever know both, yet you have faith the math still works out.”

The Professor always had the weirdest most non-understandable way of explaining things, though it also usually never failed to cheer her up. Elora… was at least thinking about it. About what could have been had a fate not intervened. But Spyro was happy, so she was too. 

That’s what friends do, right? They know that forever after isn’t always a guarantee, and are still there if it wasn’t meant to be. Friendship is still something as meaningful as parenting, siblings, and couple’s glee. And someday, she’ll have all three.

“I have no idea what you just said. But somehow it still helped. I guess it’s just the effort that counts.”

“Ah! See. Uncertainty it is! Let’s find out together, then, what the future has in store! Starting with setting up for this party. You know I got in touch with Crash’s sister Coco, and even just five minutes with her got me thinking of useful things to tinker and build. Like just how exactly Crash fits that bazooka in his pants. Well tada!” The explosion of items in all sorts of directions, chairs, ribbons, banners, napkins, chairs, tables, bottles, containers of food, and of course Agent 9 of all things, had Elora scream and duck for cover before daring to unshielded her face from the previous onslaught of hurling debris. Panting due to the fading adrenaline rush, she responded frazzled. 

“What… was that!”

“Umm…. Uncertainty. No, it’s a design flaw, I got all this stuff in, but I guess getting it all out neatly will still need some work.”

“Hey!” Agent 9 said loudly after he was done rubbing his head. “You know I was in there for four hours! You don’t know what it’s like Professor! I nearly went crazy! Well… crazier than usual… you get the point!”

“Oh so that’s where you went! No wonder you weren’t helping pack. Oh geez I’m sorry Nine.”

“Well, I guess that makes us… even for this morning. I’m sorry about that too.”

“Even Steven’s huh? Okay Monkey you’ve got a deal.”

“Awesome!” Agent 9 finally turned to gage his surroundings and then noticed Elora was literally five feet from him. “Man am I glad to see you, umm…” Nine then frantically looked around his peripheries before letting out an “aha!” “Hey ugh, Professor, could you give us a moment?”

“Well I guess I can start organizing all this junk.”

“Cool.” Now facing Elora, Nine began to whisper. “Hey, could you sign this card? It’s for the Professor. But first, take a gander at the picture I found in earlier. I couldn’t find any plutonium for the Professor today, but I think that picture right there is the next best thing.”

Elora opened the gift card and looked at the picture inside which Agent 9 was referring to, only to cover her mouth with her hand as soon after small tears began to fade from her eyes. “Agent Nine… where did you get this? [Pauses] When was this taken?”

“Ah, you see. I always remembered that when the Professor talked about how he he first met me, he mentioned he was an expedition to find a reliable way to find and track those green power orbs Spyro ended up doing all the work to find before he ripped Ripto a new one. Your father and dear friend to the Professor was also there, as part of the platoon discharged to protect the area. It was the first time in a while that their paths crossed in a while, and although their reunion was soon interrupted by a firefight that left an infant me, well… needing cybernetic implants, there was a good time had nevertheless. That photo was taken while your mom was pregnant with you, and when the Professor first accidently discovered me as an abandoned orphan. You can tell from the picture that your father and the Professor really were the best of friends.”

Elora at this point was crying harder. This picture, was taken years before her father died in the war, and months before her mother died. Elora never met her, never saw her mother and father together, or even saw her father and the Professor together. But here it was… a moment of a forgotten time captured in a still image. “It’s… how did you find this?”

“About two weeks ago I returned to my home village, reconstruction of the place nearly complete and the scars of battles past all but gone. It was a great time, got to meet so many monkeys and what not. But a particular photo hanging in a bar I went to happened to have a particularly interesting photo framed on a wall. I would have missed it had I not gotten into a fight with that dude that awfully looked a lot like a rhino. But some apologies and a few drinks with the bar owner had me discover he was the one who took that picture. Sure enough I also was able to convince the nice old man to let me keep the pic… since my back kind of broke the frame it was previously in.”

“Nine… this… this is an amazing. It’s the most thoughtful thing… It’s…” At this point Elora was having a hard time keeping her sobbing quite as not to draw attention from the still neighboring Professor whom this picture was supposed to be a surprise for. She had to turn around and calm herself down, and again was face to face with Agent 9.

“I was hoping, when you signed the card, that you do so as daughter instead of your name. Cause you know, ‘sis’, that strange man over there has had a huge impact on both our lives. And I think this year we can show our appreciation of it together as a family.”

Now crying tears of joy, Elora went in for the hug to Agent Nine’s surprise. “I will brother. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Now let’s make this the best father’s day ever.”

“Oh I have a feeling that’s going to be for certain.”

Sappy Cryro Trails of Love Redux Thingy-mober

Spyro then saw Crash slowly and carefully bend his arms. He was alive! The white translucent barrier which had kept Spyro out of the ring dissipated, and he rushed over towards his injured friend. Inexplicably, one final time, he was able to get to his feet, limping while doing so. Crash made it two slow, careful, steps before collapsing to his hands and knees, but he saw Spyro approaching tears flying from his eyes, and Crash in spite of the overwhelming pain throughout his entire body mustered a smile in between pants of breath. Spyro closed the gap between him and his orange friend collapsed on the ground without losing pace and leapt too impatient for anything less then to embrace Crash immediately, the trauma of watching him suffer and be beaten moments from death making him never want to leave Crash’s side again. Spyro’s weight and momentum knocked Crash onto his back and thus he grimaced in added pain. Spyro apologetically then got off of him and looked at Crash’s meek eyes and soft smile happily, confused, and saddened all at the same time. He was breathing heavily and struggling to stay awake. But he with what little strength he had left tried to leaned upwards from the ground to the best of his ability until Spyro helped him lean upright with his right forearm. Spyro did so carefully and gently, nervous of hurting Crash yet ecstatic and relieved to be near him again. Talking why crying slightly, Spyro stuttered through his tears and overwhelming fear and anxiety seizing his body.

“Why Crash... why didn’t you give up? How... how did you know you would win? Why did you choose to stay here instead of return home?”

Crash resting gingerly in Spyro's embrace hurt worse than ever before yet happy as ever could be, met his friend's gaze and answered all of his questions without breaking eye contact. “Ya- ou.”

Spyro was surprised by his answer. Spyro knew it was the answer before he asked. It was confusing, yet unlike any time before it only brought unbridled joy. “Crash I... I love you.”

"Me tu."

Spyro was frozen in a smile as he continued to cry, the words from his best friend beginning and forever solidifying the love for one another in either's hearts: a treasure they both could share. Crash now supporting himself wrapped his arms around Spyro and held him close, tears now forming in his eyes not related to the pain enveloping all of his body; a smile forming wider as he cried in joy. Crash and Spyro had never hugged before, yet as soon as it happened Spyro knew this is what he had yearned for ever since that day above Sumer Forest's castle and he rested his head on Crash's should as he did the same with him. Their embrace lasted for what seemed like forever, the warmth causing a sensation they both would savor and remember indefinitely, until Crash let go and Spyro did as well. Spyro then unhindered by any hesitance kissed Crash on the cheek, and Crash smiled his brightest smile ever since he met Spyro.

A Frigid Fate: Love after Life

Death is a reality we all must face,
The finality of a rewarding well lived life.
And always before that end we seek one final embrace,
With the soul in our absence will suffer terrible strife.

Love needs an eternity to be lived through properly.
When it is found soulmates have won life’s greatest lottery.
A spiritual duet together singing lyrics spectacular.
Feelings of surreal euphoric bliss unparalleled in caliber.

This is why we have faith that love can transcend death.
Otherwise what’s the point of taking another breath?
Because there is nothing in life that has greater weight,
Than the warm embrace between me and my soulmate.

Chapter 1: Fearing the Worst

Tossing and turning, restless from a premonition; a bad omen was looming, trembling in trepidation.

A sharp gasp propelled the nightmare ridden dragon awake from his slumber, constant pants for air and a panicked look miring his thoughts. Awake now he had to calm and comfort himself, lie and say it was only a dream, one of which he couldn’t clearly recount the details to yet still was haunting all the same. Strenuous repetition of soothing breaths and reassuring thoughts allowed him to slowly relax now wide awake, his grip on his bedsheets loosening and retracting from teared cloth. Spyro feared the worst.

Not again. Not another nightmare… As with the other’s before they foretold the fate to be of his already fallen friend, causing another night’s sleep to be lost to these fighting reveries. And the worst part was they felt so real right before being scared awake. The notion unsettled him, before Spyro finally noticed that he was shivering. The sinking feeling of helplessness originating from his deep subconscious fears and worries burdened his heart, and this feeling felt like it had a physical analog: a freezing cold. But at the same time the chill was real enough, yet different from actual low temperatures around. The cold was a palpable presence. Looking around, Spyro finally was free from his worries to remember that this cold ‒ along with being a remainder of his life’s greatest loss ‒ meant that same spirit was here, his frozen fate made more clearly evident by the shivering he endures permanently in the afterlife like a scar. A permanent reminder of how Crash died.


He usually didn’t appear visible right away. The drop in temperature was the first sign of his presence, followed by his thoughts echoing in Spyro’s mind which sounded just like the shivering last words he heard Crash utter. There could be joy or happiness in Crash’s tone, but in Spyro’s head it always felt like it was an elegant façade. Yet what was always true was Crash’s concern for Spyro’s wellbeing. Not even the afterlife could rob Crash of his compassion for his family and others alike. That concern and carrying, Spyro reassuringly saw in the worried expression on the now translucent, frequently intangible, friend’s face. Sometimes he looked just like a blue angel.

“It’s… I’m fine. Really… just a bad dream.”

Spyro technically was for all intensive purposes alone in this darkness of his room, with only the faintest of shimmering light glimmering in from the moonlight. But defiant to that notion Crash offered a little extra glow, enough for Spyro to know he wasn’t completely in the dark; that fate hadn’t taken everything from him just yet.

<Another nightmare? They’re about me, right?>

Of course he knew. Even when he couldn’t speak Crash always “knew”. That was what was so special about him.  He became your best friend without words just because he knew you and his soft smile reassured that everything was going to be better; that you were indeed perfect for him because he knew it to be so without even needing to converse. That this cruel world couldn’t stamp out the best in you. How wrong that turned out to be. Trying real hard to hold back forming tears for literally facing his greatest guilt, Spyro took a moment to compose himself and responded.

“It’s nothing. I just, sometimes… [breathes] have trouble getting over this, that’s all. But you’re here still. That I’m grateful for.”

Crash took this moment to “sit down” beside Spyro, allowing a stare between the two of them to last before sharing his thoughts once more. <I’ll be here, for you… always. You know right?> He asked that question accompanied by a head tilt which implored for a response: for Spyro to admit that he believed Crash’s promise. Though Spyro could hear Crash’s thoughts which were translated to words conveniently (it’s how minds worked after all), being with Crash didn’t really feel different than when he was still alive. He barely could pronounce a syllable then but Spyro always knew what he meant, what needed to be said. Spiritual translation seemed redundant.

Their stare continued, and Spyro caved and gave Crash a brief smile. Despite the fear tonight, At least having Crash’s presence still meant the world. That, Spyro could be happy for. Content with Spyro’s response, Crash wrapped his arm around Spyro and held it out in a way that was to suggest he actually had one arm over his back. Being “tangible” and mimicking still being “alive” were hard but not impossible for Crash. And it felt real enough to Spyro. It was just good enough of a lie for Spyro to not return to his depressing thoughts and instead enjoy his friends company. Then their heads made contact. For just a second, one split second, Spyro could feel fur. Whether it was his mind playing tricks on him by feeling a false sensation, or maybe just for a moment before his consciousness ruined it he felt his friend once again. That one brief moment, they were together again.

But then Crash retracted suddenly, his arm phasing through Spyro in the process, it feeling cold all where it did. He then had his arms crossed with his hands underneath his armpits as he started shivering violently. A cold so traumatic it could only be felt in freezing subzero temperatures to which almost no one could survive in.

“Crash!” In these attacks it was hard for Crash to respond. He was concentrating with all his will to keep his core, his hands, and body warm. And in that fight against the elements he was in pain, struggling to survive even though he was already gone. And that was the worst part. Crash was stuck in the moment he died, the cold spells returning to reclaim a life that was already was gone. And it broke Spyro’s heart every time because it was a blatant reminder of the actual time he died, and that even in the afterlife their wasn’t closure. Death wasn’t even the end of the suffering for the both of them: A frigid fate. And there was nothing Spyro could do now except watch and fell even more guilt, shame, depression, and regret.

It took a lot of concentration to maintain form. Sometimes Crash would struggle to remain sensible and visible to Spyro upon the onset of cold spells. It would feel like he was drifting away, again lost in the whiteout of a cold blizzard, and finding Spyro again would be a long search. But fortunately this night he was able after a minute to tame the chills ravaging him. Spyro looked absolutely terrible and guilt ridden at the incident, Crash knowing these episodes just remind Spyro of what happened over and over. But at least he was still here. <It’s okay. I’m good now. I’m still here. Promise.>

“Crash… I believe you. That, you’ll still be here for me no matter how hard it may be. That you will endure this to stay here. And… thank you for that. I was lucky to know you. Still… lucky to know you.”

<Seeing you happy… is the only reason I need.>

This time their embrace was a hug. Maybe Spyro couldn’t feel it but the presence in his mind wasn’t fake. He and Crash were still close, if not physically than spiritually: his frozen guardian angel.

Crash then started to fade, his ability to hang out and maintain his presence always ending unjustly after heartwarming moments. Spyro felt it and his attitude turned for the worst again knowing that these moments would always just be fleeting ones, but Crash offered his condolence and his strength with a gesture that Spyro couldn’t even begin to remember how much he missed until it happened. It was a gentle kiss to the cheek. A reminder that they were once soulmates. And unlike with any other contact before, it was as warm and real as it should have been. Right up until Crash was gone again. Finally, a somber tear escaped Spyro’s eye.


The morning wasn’t any better. It wasn’t just nightmares that haunted Spyro it was memories. Constantly replaying in his head, sometimes making him wonder if, had he done things differently, could Crash still be alive? Was this his fault? The unsureness only burdened his grieving heart.

Today he and Crash were supposed to “hang out”. Crash was so sure that even in the afterlife he could still be with his family and Spyro. That despite the episodes of cold attacks and constant disappearing and long searches he has to do to come back, Crash could still be around. It was so, so hard watching Crash struggle for both Spyro and Coco alike. But Crash claimed he could do this. Because he wasn’t fully gone just yet, and that meant he could still be here for those who loved and needed him.

What would it be like, being friends with an apparition? Could we still have a normal friendship, could it still be like if he was still alive? Would we smile, laugh, be jovial, and look into each other’s eyes and not be burdened with the current reality? Was it still possible to have him in my life if he didn’t have one? I guess only time could tell if Crash could uphold his promise. So Spyro waited as the sun kept rising over the horizon. Crash said that during the daytime cold spells wouldn’t spring up anywhere near as frequently as during the night, which sounded like it made sense. But at the same time it was only sixty something degrees last night.

Feeling like the temperature dropped all of a sudden, Spyro then allowed himself to relax. “Welcome back to the living Crash.”

<Glad to be back.>

Spyro wasn’t actually sure what really happened whenever Crash disappeared. He could hear the explanation for what Crash was experiencing through the thoughts Crash shared, but often times it was more of an emotional and visual description versus words. It just seemed out of his comprehension. Yet would knowing bring him any comfort, or make Spyro feel worse. Maybe he should just be content with ignorance, and not dwell on whether it was a painful process.

“Okay, I want to take you to someplace special today. A place I think you’ll like and something that will hit close to home. You didn’t get a whole breath of my home world upon your visit. It’s time I showed you its amazing tourist attractions.” Crash simply responded with an excited smile verses telepathic thoughts, akin to how he would have alive. It allowed Spyro to relax, return a smile of his own, and begin to forget the tragedy of his friend’s current corporeality. It allowed Spyro to pretend things were normal before they never could be again. “Now come on, we’ve got a portal to get to!”

And with that Spyro was out the door running, excited for the first time in awhile, things this morning going better than he could have hopped in only the first minute of it. Maybe he had been so anxious for so long that this this ecstatic, vibrant Spyro was just waiting to burst out. Crash could feel it. Spyro was allowing himself subconsciously to be happy just like Crash knew him while alive. Awesome. Hopefully I can do this for him: make him happy and not worry about me. He deserves a break from his guilt.

“Common, pick it up! Move those legs of yours or hover faster or whatever!” A sense of adventure always made Spyro happy. Exploring, getting out, and seeing new things were always a rush. In his youth he did so to save the world, enjoying every place he got to visit and the locals he got to meet. Just running, gliding, and flying, these simple things just made his life better. Although never before did he ever really get to share these joys with someone else. Doing so now made it even better. “Almost there… and… Ha! You know, rushing through levels was always your thing. But you can’t beat a supercharge!”


“That’s what I said. But let me tell you there’s nothing better than speeding off with barely any control. You can get to some neat places if you do. And here we are at a portal just like I promised. I think you’re going to like this place Crash. Meet you on the other side.” This time Crash responded with a smile that featured some teeth to either side. He was happy, which in turn made Spyro internally feel so much relief. A great burden fleeing him, growing euphoria finally returning. Spyro then trotted through the portal, it always feeling like he was flying while in transit from one location to another.

Now at their still undisclosed location, Spyro had to wait for Crash to appear. Portals for him didn’t seem to work, he would go through them but just past through the mystical archways unmoved. So he’d had to disappear and then reappear alongside who he was accompanying. It sucked, because it meant Crash had to struggle to reappear from “the blizzard”. But Crash said he was willing to do so, and maybe his method of transit wasn’t all bad, since apparently he could hop dimensions too to be with this family back on N Sanity Island. The seconds passed by as Spyro waited, the lapse in time slowly causing him to worry. Is he going to make it Spyro wondered as the seconds grew to just about a minute. He began to worry, but was fortunately given a great reprieve when the temperature dropped and had his scales tense a bit. He made it. Though Crash looked… paler or just little bit more transparent. It had Spyro worrying until he heard Crash’s thoughts once more.

<Okay. I can’t wait. What’s the surprise?>

Worries forgone, Spyro responded with a cheeky grin. “It’s just up ahead. Go on and take a look, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.” The marsupial looked to Spyro’s eyes, a blush nearly forming on his frozen complexion and slightly puzzled face. But he had no reason to doubt his friend. Crash nodded with anticipation and moved towards sunlight in the distance as he and Spyro behind him passed into the opening of a blue hallway A few more feet and there it was. The vista before him causing Crash’s jaw to drop just slightly with growing awe and joy. What lay before the spirit was a white beach smoothed by sparkling, cresting water and rocky walls that jutted up to the purple horizon, their surfaces decorated with dangling violet flowers continuing to the surrounding trees elegantly. Torches marked off several branching pathways and lined a strip of sand along the coast with dancing orange flames. It was all too familiar to Crash's beloved N. Sanity island home like Spyro promised, but much more artistically landscaped. The view was . . . absolutely stunning.

“I had a gut feeling you’d like this place” Spyro said now to Crash’s side boasting a confident smirk. His voice garnering the spirits attention which allowed Spyro to double confirm Crash’s joy. “Welcome to Luau Island.”

<It’s beautiful. Thank you. For showing me.>

“Your welcome. Now come on, we have more to see. But first let’s start off in the ocean. Might be some gems to collect. I know, I know, we’re on ‘vacation.’ But it’s kind of what I do, guilty as charged. Plus you won’t need any scuba gear.”

A chuckle escaped Crash’s mouth, before his face said he was in. Hovering alongside Spyro, he dove into the depths soon after Spyro did, except he didn’t make a splash. A successful search of gems later had them exchange the precious stones for ice cream.

“No they don’t have Wumpa flavored, just get vanilla, trust me it’s worth it. Wait a minute, you can’t eat! Why are you making me spend more? Ugh, you’re like a child, aren’t you?” Spyro obviously was messing with Crash given his tone, and that made Crash blush and rub the back of his head guilty. Meanwhile the vendor was utterly confused as to who Spyro was talking to but held his obvious confusion in to be polite. Spyro after all was well known all over the world. “Umm…” Spyro then said in acknowledgment of the awkward display, “a vanilla and a chocolate please.”

Struggling a bit to get the vanilla cone into his not so prehensile front paws while balancing on his back two legs, Spyro did retrieve the vanilla topped waffle cone from the ice cream pig and then carefully turned to Crash next to him. “Here you go, don’t drop this.” It was on both of their minds, could Crash actually keep himself tangible for long enough. It was a concerted effort on Crash’s part to do so, a struggle of will unlike a living person. But sure enough he got the cone into his right hand, it appearing to float to the unsuspecting vendor. “What the?” he questioned in awe, as Spyro then carefully retrieved his chocolate cone and left an exorbitant tip with the gem he bought his cones with. That immediately got the pig’s mind off of the two floating ice cream cones as he almost began to cry at the staggering sized gem before him.

Meanwhile Crash had both cones in either hand and he and Spyro made their way back to the beachfront. Crash held Spyro’s cone with his outstretched arm to make it easier for Spyro to eat, Spyro himself not really embarrassed since, well, no-one else if watching could notice, and better yet he didn’t care either way. Though for Crash the ordeal was beginning to be a struggle. He was grimacing in concentration as just holding both cones, the one Spyro was almost done with and his own which he hadn’t touched yet was becoming really hard to do so for long. Spyro then took one last massive bite to finish off the remaining bottom of his cone, he literally biting through some of Crash’s hand in the process.  He did so playfully knowing it wouldn’t hurt Crash, but then the other cone in Crash’s other hand fell to the sand below.

“Hey Crash, you alight? I didn’t think I would hurt you. I didn’t, right? If I did I’m sorry.”

<No… It… just slipped.>

Spyro could feel in Crash’s thoughts that he was exhausted. Which was strange because he didn’t need to exert energy at all, he was a spirit after all. But that’s when Spyro noticed that his mind had come up with the wrong connotation of exhausted. It wasn’t physical exhaustion. Crash’s soul was weak. “Crash…” Spyro then asked with a lot of concern, it showing in the reflections of his purple eyes. Crash’s breath could be seen like if he were standing outside in the cold as he tried to gather his strength. Finding it soon enough, he then reassured a worried Spyro. <I’m… good.>

Taking Crash’s word for it just barely, Spyro looked at the sand for a moment contemplating just how true Crash’s statement was, before his peripheral vision had him spot a dinosaur with a camera taking pictures of tourists on the beach. He was making his way towards the two of them after concluding his business with the couple he just photographed. “Hey Crash, let’s get our picture taken. Come on.”

Crash delayed in looking at Spyro, seemingly resting with his eyes closed, before a few seconds later he floated up from the sand and shook his head up and down singling he was in. He and Spyro then made their way to the cameradinosaur, Spyro waving with his left forearm that he wanted a photograph. “Can we get one picture? How much would that cost?”

The dinosaur looked at Spyro confused, wondering why he would want a picture with him? Spyro realizing why the dinosaur looked befuddled cleared up the confusion. “I mean a picture of me. Oh, and try anything funny and I roast you.”

Raising both of his tiny arms up in submission (he was a changed dinosaur since the last time Spyro was here), he got in position with his camera ready to flash. Spyro got into position, with Crash making his way over to Spyro’s side, trying to conceal his exhaustion with a bright smile. The flash then went off and a black Polaroid slid out from the camera. The dinosaur handed it to Spyro, and then gestured with his shaking hand that the photo was free.

“Oh, well that’s nice of him? Capturing memories for free here on the beach, wouldn’t you agree?” Spyro said as he flapped the still developing picture side to side so it would develop faster. Crash nodded his head up in down in agreement, at least relieved Spyro wasn’t worried about him anymore, not that he should be, Crash lied to himself. Done airing the picture, Spyro flipped it over in his hand to see the developed picture, only to notice Crash was missing. “Oh… I was afraid of this but still held out hope. Good thing it was free pic though, isn’t that right? Crash…”

Spyro finally noticed how transparent Crash was, different than he normally appeared. His exhaustion from earlier was still written all over Crash hard to see face. Today had been a very long time with Crash still present. Is he… Is Crash pushing himself to remain by his side? This made Spyro then feel guilty once more, which Crash noticed. <Hey, I’m fine, trust me. Today’s been great. Let’s… go back to N Sanity Island. I’m sure… Crunch and Coco miss me.>

“Agreed. I don’t want to take you from them for too long.”

<They understand.>

“I know, but they need you, too.”

Crash still looked weak, he also sounded like it in Spyro’s mind. His smile wasn’t vibrant; it appeared forced. Knowing Crash this well allowed Spyro to notice and tell the difference. Crash couldn’t hide it from Spyro that he was tired. Am I hurting him asking him to be with me for so long? Is it selfish of me to need Crash here if it hurts him? I don’t want to let him go… ever. He’s by the good grace of Fate still here after death and I can be with him. I can’t… lose him again. I can’t watch him die again. I don’t know if I can live with myself if he disappeared forever. My happiness, my soul, it’s tied with him now. My happiness is his, his pain is mine. I didn’t have enough of him in life; I can’t bear to lose him in death.

Yep. I'm going to play a Sonic game for the first time in my life tonight. Let's hope it goes well. I'll also tell you if the game sucks or not later alright.

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