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Michael Jackson in His Element

I just finished this one last night round 2am 3/27/10. It took kinda long to finish, but I'm proud of how it came out. Just doing these pictures for therapy. Still missing me some Mikey.

The real size of this picture is 30" long by 22" wide.
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His jacket! The belt! Amazing. Ya got mad skills.
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The belt is like perfect. This is basically as good as a photograph.
I hope you're able to use your talents in a career (if you aren't already).
Sorry I haven't been on this site in a while. But I'm on Facebook and my page is called "Michael Jackson Was SO Misunderstood & The Media Lies Too Much" and it pays tribute to Michael and his innocence. Join if you want to…
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The only thing I can say is if you like graphite pencil, t's the best. And Bristol board type paper is great for blending in for shading. And stumps are those packed tight paper looking pencil things for blending and shading. But the only reason why my work looks almost real is because I use the grid method. I look at a picture I find, I use my ruler by making equal sized boxes all over the picture. I measure the picture on the paper and transfer the size to a big blank Bristol paper sheet, and I start drawing boxes on that blank paper and draw every single detail from the picture onto the blank paper. It's all by using your eyes. It's hard to explain, but it takes long when it comes to the detail, but the end product is great. That's why I think it's funny when people think it's a real photo because the grid method does make your artwork look real.
erin-hippie-everly's avatar
it's so fantastic... :heart:
i'm in awe... you create one of the best MJ drawings i've ever seen!
fantastic >............................................................................
I cant find words to express right now
well done god bless you
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wow, this is beautiful! Michael looks so lovely :love:
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The level of detail you achieved on his clothing is amazing. :faint:
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wowie...I can't even dream of doing anithing like this!You are....amazing.I'm speechless right now..<3
Garanta's avatar
Argh I can't imagine how long his belt would've took :wow:
The whole picture took 2 weeks to finish, but the belt took half of the week. I couldn't wait til I was done when I was working on that belt. But I was very very happy when it was finished.
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Wooow!! It's amazing!!
CezLeo's avatar
You are SO good!:clap: I feel like total novice looking at your work.
Amazing, really good work ! :)
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OMG!!! It's amazing!!!
The detail and the shading... WOW! :clap:
Thanks, this one took the longest for me, but I'm glad you like it.
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You're welcome! I love it. :D
I can see how much hard work you put into it! :clap:
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the nose could be better designed, I have this picture and know how is the nose! God bless you!
Yeah, nobodys perfect on drawing certain things, but I'm happy that the rest of it still looks like him. Take care
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but the design was optimal, nor would I do such a thing! for your information I do not draw very well, Apsaras have 4 of the visual education or design, Go escaped me, my teacher says it gives me a 5 at the end of the year! I do not know, no!
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