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The Interwar period

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Map of Europe during between the years 1919-1939, the Interwar period.

Pre-WW1 is up next :)
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Very clear and detailed map!
For some reason, I think that the borders of Germany and Poland on this map are "better" than the current borders.
Perhaps it is because the borders of Pomerania and Silesia have been more or less equal for almost a millennium before the Soviets ethnically purged them of ethnic Germans after Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allies.
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Cool Map Style.

If there were no Versaille, there were never beena Hitler or a second World War.
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very beautiful map but italo-french border is wrongSweating a little... 
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Very nice map, just some remarks to a couple of overlooked details:

1. Byelorussian SSR: there were two enlargements of the territory of the BSSR (instead of just one depicted in your map): one in 1924 when the most part of Eastern Belarus was transferred from the RSFSR to the BSSRand another in 1926 when area around Homel and Rechyca in the south-east of the Republic followed. Yes, and the BSSR was founded in 1919 and not 1920. Explanatory map: archives.gov.by/download/map1.…

2. Ukrainian SSR: just a translation from Wikipedia:

During the existence of the Ukrainian SSR, with respect to the original boundaries of 30.12.1922 year of her were assigned:

the RSFSR:
1919: The four northern district of the province of Chernigov
1924 Taganrog and Mines with part of adjacent lands to the north of them
in the left-bank part of the MSSR modern Transnistria and the territory of modern Moldova (1940)
of Czechoslovakia village Lekarovtse with the neighborhood (1946)
of Poland Ustrzyki city with the neighborhood (1951)
The structure of the USSR over the years included:

of the RSFSR:
1920: Priazovskaya part of the Don Cossack region (part of the territory, including the cities of Mines and Taganrog, returned to the USSR in 1924)
1923 Don village Luhansk Oblast, RSFSR and the surrounding area (Center for Contemporary Stanichno Luhansk region Lugansk region)
1925: Putivl district (without Krupetskii parish) Krenichanskaya town Graivoronsky County and two incomplete Graivoronsky parish and county, Belgorod, Kursk province
1926 Semyonovskaya Novozybkov county town of Gomel province, Trinity County town Valuisky Voronezh province, part of the Donetsk district of the North-Caucasian region (east of modern Stanichno Luhansk region Lugansk region)
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What font did you use for this?
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Century Gothic.

(5 years later)
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Awesome ! Just one question, for the Sanjak of Alexandretta, u wrote that it was handed back to Germany in 1935 ? Was it not given to Turkey just before the war ?
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If you ever feel like it, one of these of the Napoleonic Wars would be divine.
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pretty, very clear map
you make too XIX age... Definitely make XVIII (first half, is more interesting ;) )
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It's amazing what 4 years of war could do.
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Looks great, as always!

One minor comment: the territory claimed by Lithuania included Gardin and went west through the Suwalki region as well. Also, it followed the river Nemunas above Gardin/Grodno before going north. Not all of it is "Vilnius Region" per se (that one ends at Nemunas in the west), but the Suwalki triangle was also claimed. This is a good representation: [link] . The blue and purple areas were also claimed by Lithuania.
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Thank you. The Vilnius border is fixed now, and the Suwalki area added.
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Blomma, amazing, both this one and the cold war one. Also, what texture did use for the map?
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None. There are no textures on it.
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